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Another woman has come forward with sex allegations against R&B singer R. Kelly.

Jehonda Pace, now 24, was 16-years-old when she had a sexual relationship with R. Kelly. She first met Kelly in 2008 during his child pornography trials in Chicago. In 2009 the Grammy award winning singer invited Pace to his house.

At no point between the time the met and the time she went to his house did Kelly ask her age according to the New York Daily.

During their 8-month relationship, Pace accuses the singer of mentally and physically abusing her. In July of 2009, Pace says she told R. Kelly that she was 16 to which he told her to lie and say that she was 19 so that she was legal.

While living with him, Pace states that she had to follow a set of rules. She could only wear baggy clothes and had to ask for permission to eat, shower and use the bathroom.

The situation became violent in 2010 when Kelly caught Pace texting her friends. In an interview with Buzzfeed, she said, “I was slapped and I was choked and I was spit on.”

Pace is now coming forward like others in the midst of the recent allegations and investigations on R. Kelly.

(Source: New York Daily & Buzzfeed)

( Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos)

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13 thoughts on “Another Woman Comes Forward In R. Kelly Sex Allegations

  1. byeuvixen on said:

    Why is it that all the women were young girls he could manipulate? He’s still messing with young girls, why can’t he take on a woman? HE CAN’T HANDLE ONE!!

  2. byeuvixen on said:

    Drea was his wife but she also stated that as far as publicly nobody was to know he was married. He told her to keep that a secret and she did!

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Okay, didn’t Robert have a wife and kids during this time period she’s claiming? I think his wife’s name is Drea or something like that. NOT that I would defend him in ANY way, but it just seems kinds of strange. Although I know what I saw in the video and it wasn’t his brother, it was his stank, dirty dog ass, I also don’t like people to “railroad” or jump on the bandwagon, just because you say it, don’t make it so. I guess we got to wait for more evidence.

  4. Sharon Stuckey on said:

    They wants money they no what R KELLY about just another bill Cosby case and some people just being a hater he can’t do no more then they let him

    • Keandra on said:

      I agree with you. How are you 16 and your parents let you move in with this or any man? If you can make moves like this it seems you were a hard head and thought you were grown in the first place. This seem like another case of a female looking for a sugar daddy and fame.

  5. Why hasn’t R. Kelly been charged with STATUTORY RAPE?
    His sexual perversions with woman who are minors equals just that.

    Where are these young ladies fathers?
    They must not be in their lives. If they were, maybe these young girls would have more SELF-ESTEEM than they do.

    The African American community needs to STOP giving R. Kelly a free pass.

    He may be coming for your child next!!!!!
    He is nothing but a damn PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lock his sick ass up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That is up to the DA and that is the angle they should have taken back then. Even if a witness does not want to testify, the STATE can still take it over and be for example “Florida v/s R Kelly”. This is why when people talk about settlements being hush money. WRONG (to do that would be a FELONY which is called “Bribery”). People settle for different reasons even when they are innocent and if someone is guilty, a settlement still does NOT stop the criminal trial or that person who got the settlement from testify if they feel it is true.

  6. During this time, R Kelly did have child porn on his computer and photos but it was thrown out due to illegally search. And girl on the tape did not testify against him and she looked older on the tape and there was no way in court to prove she was underage or to verify it. That was why R Kelly walk. His defense was weak (trying to say it was his brother which was never proven and his brother said it was not him but it was R Kelly). Due to the ILLEGAL search and that evidence not coming in, that was why R Kelly WALKED. In his case, R Kelly GOT AWAY WITH IT. This is why people need to learn to listen to evidence and testimony to know if someone is innocent or guilty.

    • What I mean by “listening to evidence to know if someone is innocent or guilty” is that just because someone gets a “not guilty” verdict does not mean they are innocence; and just because someone gets a guilty verdict does not mean they are guilty; and YES many people who do get “NOT guilty” verdicts are INNOCENT and many people who get guilty verdicts are guilty. Again, we have to listen to the testimony, the cross examine, and the witnesses and judge ALL CASES on a case by case bases. When I hear people talking about R Kelly, I say he GOT OFF based on the evidence and testimony and what was thrown out due to Illegal search; but when I hear people talking about Michael, MJ was INNOCENT people were PROVEN liars even admitted they LIED ON Stand for money about MJ including the accused even the 1993 case were proven to be a lies IN COURT. George Zimmerman, GOT OFF for murder; you see my point.

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