Laz Alonso On Playing John Conyers In The Film ‘Detroit’


Detroit opens nationwide today. When asked about the film Alonso said, “I think this film is perfect for the times. Unfortunately, it’s very appropriate for what’s been happening in the last 24 months.”

The Algiers Motel Incident is referred to as a rebellion instead of a riot. Alonso explains that, “riot gives us a criminal behavior mentality. A rebellion is when people stand up because they feel like their rights aren’t being heard.”

In the film, Laz plays congressman John Conyers and says, “It is eerie how much we look like each other.”

When asked if it’s difficult being at the front of the film, as John Conyers, but not there for the heat of the incident he said, “he did not actually participate in the Algiers Motel scene. He was behind the scenes talking with President Kennedy, trying to prevent it from happening in the city again.”

Sybil said she talks for a living and that she had no words walking out of the theatre. Truly a stirring movie worth seeing.

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