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In Episode 3, “The Kind of Man You Are,” we find James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) still behind bars, while the prosecution is doing everything they can to make sure he stays there.

The episode opens with three of St. Patrick’s close acquaintances being rounded up and led to the police station for questioning. Julio (J. R. Ramirez), Dre (Rotimi) and Keisha (La La Anthony) all meet individually with prosecutors who try to obtain as much information as they can on James to further implicate him in the murder of Agent Greg Knox (Andy Bean).

While Julio meets with Cooper Saxe, (Shane Johnson) Dre is over in another interrogation room being questioned by Mike Sandoval (David Fumero) who asks questions about St. Patrick’s character, how they became acquaintances and his dealings with Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora.)

While Saxe and Sandoval both come up short with their interrogations, it was Keisha’s interview with ASA Angela Valdez (Lela Loren) that could potentially pose the problem and throw a monkey wrench in St. Patrick’s defense.

Valdez takes a difference approach when questioning Keisha than Saxe and Sandoval. All of her questions center around the failing marriage of Ghost and Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and its timeline. Though Keisha thought she was handling the interview like a “G”, having her girl’s back and not posing a threat to St. Patrick’s case, the information that she gives does more harm than good.

It allows Valdez to establish the dissolution of Ghost and Tasha’s marriage as prior to Knox’s death, which could potentially allow the prosecution to break spousal privilege and have Tasha testify against Ghost.

Meanwhile, Ghost’s defense attorney, Proctor, (Jerry Ferrara) is cooking up some ideas of his own to assist in his case. He brings on an additional attorney, Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Silver), a man who’s made a name for himself by successfully handling federal capital punishment cases, to sit second chair. He may have a great rep in the courtroom but not with his new client Ghost, who doesn’t trust him. The feeling is mutual on Silver’s end who can see right through BS and thinks he’s guilty.

Despite the lack of trust between Silver and Ghost, he did manage to locate a key piece of evidence that turns out to be crucial for Ghost’s defense. After St. Patrick reveals he was wrongfully pulled over by Agent Knox on the night of his death, Proctor instructs Silver to find any evidence that corroborates the story and he does.

A video of the traffic stop exists although Knox didn’t document it officially, its submitted to the court. The video shows that Ghost was wrongfully pulled over and roughed up that night by Knox which presents evidence of how his DNA ended up under Knox’s fingernails.

The prosecution’s prior knowledge of the illegal traffic stop and its omission from discovery gives Proctor the opportunity to file a motion to dismiss the DNA. It works! Motion granted – DNA dismissed.

But don’t go throwing a victory party for Ghost just yet. He still has a lot going on both on the inside and outside.

On the inside, he has inmate Tony Teresi (William Sadler) to deal with, who’s been doing some digging on St. Patrick and now knows who both Ghost and Tommy are. He blackmails Ghost, demanding twenty thousand dollars a week be hand delivered to his home by no one else but Tommy. Hmmmm…wonder what his interest in Tommy could be? With all the pressure of being exposed and blackmailed, Ghost asks Proctor to some digging of his own and find out all he can about Teresi.

Then there’s ASA Valdez who comes to the jail to present a bulls^&*t plea deal offer to snitch on Tommy, in return for a lesser sentence. She tries to convince him by throwing his family in his face and threatening to put Tasha on the stand to testify against him. But it doesn’t work. Ghost is many things, but he’s no snitch.

While he’s trying to beat his case, his kids are struggling, too. Raina (Donshea Hopkins) and Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) continue to impact Ghost’s life from the outside in ways he can’t even imagine.

Tariq is going overboard on bad decisions. At this point, he could benefit from a big “ass whippin” or a “big ass hug.” Either of the two would suffice in this case, since he can’t seem to detach himself from Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) who now has him providing passwords and alarm codes to his friends’ homes so that Kanan can rob them.

When Tariq confronts a fellow student who was taunting Raina with an online story about their father and leaves school early, she’s follows him out the door.  That results in a crying Raina having her picture taken by a lurking photographer. That photo ends up on the front page of the newspaper, and right into the hands of her father behind bars.

There’s also the matter of the disorganized drug organization that’s slowly unraveling at the hands of Tommy, Julio and Dre, who all appear to have their own agenda. With the heat from the Feds surrounding them, Julio decides that running drugs through the club doesn’t make the most sense at this point and orders Dre to shut it down.

But, since Dre made his own deal with the Devil (Kanan) he can’t afford to shut down the cover-up bottle service that brings in the money to keep Kanan off his back, so he secretly continues the drug trafficking. He also puts a bug in Tommy’s ear that Julio could be a snitch since he was in with Saxe a lot longer than he was in with Sandoval.

And then there is Homeland Security agent Bailey Markham (Lee Tergesen) Bailey was working with Agent Knox to discover who the mole in Knox’s office could be. Though Sandoval helped folks believe Knox was the mole, Markham knows that it wasn’t him. He’s  convinced that the mole is Valdez and vows to clear Greg’s name.

The only problem is Markham has surveillance audio from his investigation that implicates Ghost and Tommy in Ruiz’ murder.  Markham is taking meetings with anyone who is willing to listen to the recordings.

This week’s Kill List: 1. Tariq 2. Bailey Markham 3 .Keisha 4. Julio

Quotable: “We both know when you want something your family doesn’t matter. No one matters but you.” Angela Valdez to Ghost.

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