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Queen Sugar Ep. 203 Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/ ©2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment

Episode 3 of Queen Sugar “What Do I Care For Morning” opens up on Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) and Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) chillin’ in a motel after what must have been some steamy makeup sex. Yaaaas. They are reunited and it feels so good. Everyone who watches Queen Sugar is rooting for these two, and it’s wonderful to see them back in love. But their reunion is temporary – Hollywood’s got to get back on the rig.

Nova (Rutina Wesley) is traveling to Atlanta for a conference on mass incarceration. On a panel hosted by noted real-life professor, Dr. Jelani Cobb, Nova meets an epidemiologist played by Alimi Ballard, who although he doesn’t agree with everything she’s saying, manages to impress her by how skillfully he states his points. After all the white men Nova’s been hooking up with, maybe she’s into a more melanin-friendly man? Hmm, time will tell.

Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) is focused on the farm and the soybeans he wants to grow, although Charley doesn’t approve. In frustration, he shows his parole officer the handwritten will his father wrote giving him ownership of the farm. (Shouldn’t he be more careful with that?!)  His parole officer thinks it will hold up, but Ralph Angel is unsure. There’s a showdown coming between him and the sisters, so get ready. In the meantime, he’s gotten approved for the micro-loan, but still needs Charley to sign off.

There are more problems than the siblings not seeing eye to eye, though. The Landrys are sending drones to spy on the farm. What?! RA finds this out when one drops onto the land after Blue (Ethan Hutchinson) chases after it. ARE THEY SPYING ON OUR BABY? Yes, I said “our” baby because if you watch Queen Sugar, you know that Blue has been adopted by the entire Black community. And we would go to war for that precious baby.

Needless to say, Blue’s daddy ain’t feeling it either and he heads to the Landrys to give them a good talking to. When Young Landry comes out his face sideways talking ’bout how Blue shouldn’t be playing alone, RA rightly yoked him up. Please know, I wanted to jump through the TV and do the same.

Charley’s got her own problems. Micah (Nicholas Ashe) is still traumatized by either what happened in the jail or just being in jail. I think he just got his Negro wakeup call and also, for a privileged kid like Micah who life has given soft landings so far, he was likely shocked to realize that he, too, could be profiled and treated like any other Black man.

Davis (Timon Kyle Durrett) wants to share custody. Although it seems reasonable, he hasn’t exactly been a model father, so Charley’s not feeling it. When she finds out that Micah never told his father he wanted his parents to share custody, she’s furious and rightly so. But surprise, surprise, Davis knows all about the forged loan papers. He’s not as mad as most would be, since Charley probably did that kind of thing when she was handling his business. But it is his money and they are in the midst of a divorce so he threatens to tell all. Charley’s not fazed, though. She’s not giving up full custody.

While Nova and Dr. DuBois are throwing off sparks in Atlanta, Hollywood and Vi are loving on each other in a hotel. And Hollywood is serious about making things right. So serious, in fact, that he wants to quit the rig. Now as much Vi is happy to have her man back, I’m sure she was thinking what I was thinking: ‘Um, what you gon’ do with no job?’

Back at the farm, Ralph Angel hears some noises outside while he and Blue are asleep. How sweet are these two together? He runs out with a rifle to confront the latest intruders. How sexy is a man with a rifle prepared to defend his home and family? He thinks they’re just thieves but guess what? It’s Henry Lee, (Terence Rosemore) a family friend, who’s stealing seed cane for the Landrys cause he’s having some financial troubles.

Charley wants to call the law on poor Henry Lee, but Ralph Angel believes in second chances. Lord, these two. For now, Ralph Angel’s way prevails and the siblings pay a little visit to the Landrys where Ralph Angel looks all sexy backing up his sister, even though they don’t always agree. Did we mention how sexy it is to have a man have your back?

Things are good at Aunt Vi’s now that the lovers are home – so good that Charley and Micah decide they need to find some place else to stay. Charley overhears Ralph Angel encouraging Micah after his jail stint and after seeing him play with Blue, has a change of heart. She’ll sign for the micro-loan. That goodwill extends to Davis, who she decides she’ll give a chance to mess up, I mean, become a better man and father. Hmmm, can he be redeemed? We’ll see. So far, RA hasn’t pulled out that handwritten will, but we know it’s coming, probably the next time he and Charley disagree over something big.

Oh how we wish these Queen Sugar episodes were two hours long! At least we get 16 episodes this year. Sometimes, just seeing how beautifully lit and gorgeous every shot of this show is and how beautiful all the characters on it look, I feel so full. And that’s what keeps us all coming back for the Bordelons.

Questions: When will RA pull out that will? What’s up with Remy and Darla, both absent from this episode? I see cloudy skies ahead for Aunt Vi and Hollywood with Hollywood deciding to quit the rig. Will Nova find some real love…with a brotha? And will Davis ever get some act-right? Tune in next week.

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