3/14/17- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with the newest star of WGN America’s Underground, Aisha Hinds, to talk about her role as Harriet Tubman and how important a slave narrative will always be to African-Americans.

What do you say to people who criticize slave films/series?

“It’s understandable. We’re inundated with imagery that continues to feel like we’re being demoralized. What I try to tell people is listen, we don’t have the luxury to say we don’t want to watch another slave movie. If we want to understand, then it’s important to watch as much and celebrate as much,” Hinds said.

Click the link below to hear the entire interview. Missed the first episode of Underground? Click here to get caught up before Wednesday’s episode.


Do you agree with Aisha’s statements?


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2 thoughts on “Aisha Hinds On ‘Underground’: ‘We Have No Choice But To Support’ Projects About Slavery

  1. I watch Underground and I think it is one of the best shows on tv. It’s not just a story about down touting slaves. It’s a show that shows how brave and smart they were. It gives the viewers a different side of slavery. How they fought back against their owners.

  2. Check no! I am glad the show is employing people. But what MORE can be learned from American slavery? What morality, values, hidden esoteric life-altering knowledge has YET to gleaned from constantly berating folks with the stories and imagery of American slavery? Unless there were superheroes or some science fiction such as Steamfunk, which took that era and created pulp fiction, what do blacks in America have to gain? Jewish people who gained an economic foothold in this country have the adoration of millions because of the Holocaust. American slavery and CONSTANTLY bloviate about the same does not financially benefit Americans.

    I refuse to watch and I won’t support the show. I know how THAT series ends.

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