Just in time for International Women’s Day and not long after causing negative stir, Nike seems to have connected with the Muslim community successfully with their latest retail creation. The athletic wear giant has announced the launch of Pro Hijab, making a big milestone in sports attire for women.

The creation of the product comes not too long after figure skater Zahra Lari, who is also Muslim and from the United Arab Emirates, tested the product along with other women athletes who wear hijabs. The material is light stretchy and is made to accommodate athletic movement so that it doesn’t become untucked. The headwear will come in the colors grey, black and opaque(obsidian).

So far, the reception has been positive, as people took to Twitter to express their content and excitement on the new hijab.

Wakka Flaka even let us know how he felt:

What are your thoughts on the new hijab?


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