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Actress Octavia Spencer epitomizes what it means to be a late bloomer. She’s flown under the radar for years, and until just recently, her name wasn’t all that recognizable to the casual moviegoer.

In fact, for a while, Spencer was primarily known for her co-starring role in “The Help,” which featured a scene in which she delivered a homemade pie consisting of her own fecal matter to her former, and extremely bigoted, white employer.

These days, she’s rapidly approaching the apex of her profession, starring in several films that have gone on to win numerous awards and generate millions of dollars.

In recent months, Spencer’s been riding one hell of a streak — her performance in the smash hit movie “Hidden Figures,” which also stars spicy on-screen siren Taraji P Henson and newcomer Janelle Monae, has earned her another Oscar nomination for best supporting actress, as well as a boost of prestige in an industry that predominately caters to Caucasian performers.

Spencer’s latest role portrays her as God in the upcoming drama “The Shack.”

Hardened by the despair of losing his youngest daughter to a kidnapping, the main character in this film (played by British actor Sam Worthington) spirals into a haze of self-pity until he’s comforted by Spencer and two other spirits, forming the proverbial holy trinity.

Not surprisingly, except for Morgan Freeman, eyebrows have been raised in regard to Spencer’s casting to play a role that’s usually reserved for bearded, long-haired males who reside on the opposite end of the color spectrum.

The controversy surrounding this decision has been increasingly fierce and extremely swift. However, like a consummate professional, Spencer has taken it all in stride, and she hopes to continue smashing racial and gender barriers in Hollywood as her career progresses.

During a recent roundtable interview, the seasoned actress spoke candidly about spirituality, religion, colorism in entertainment, and she also touched on the animus brewing as a result of her being chosen to play the man (or woman) upstairs.

In the video above, EUR speaks with Spencer about her role as God in “The Shack” and takes on her haters.

Watch the trailer for “The Shack”:

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