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ESPN anchor Sage Steele recently told a Christian forum that the worst racism she experiences comes from those within her own race.

Christian sports figures, such as Steele, NFL tight end Benjamin Watson and former NFL Coach Tony Dungy, spoke at the Under Our Skin forum at The Crossing Church in Tampa, Florida to “discuss the intersection of race and faith in America today,” reports The Daily Wire.

Steele, who is biracial and married to a white man, served as moderator for the forum. She told the panel: “There are times that I believe that we, as African-Americans, can be hypocritical, and that is to not look ourselves in the mirror when we are saying certain things and blaming other groups for one thing when we are doing the exact same thing.”

“The worst racism that I have received [as a biracial woman married to white man], and I mean thousands and thousands over the years, is from black people, who in my mind thought would be the most accepting because there has been that experience,” the anchor explained. “But even as recent as the last couple of weeks, the words that I have had thrown at me I can’t repeat here and it’s 99 percent from people with my skin color. But if a white person said those words to me, what would happen?”

Last month, Steele was roasted online for criticizing the “not my president” protesters gathered at airports, saying the picketers were ironically delaying flights of immigrants, whom they claimed they were fighting for. Steele, 44, said she was dragged immediately by other black people.

“How do we [as Christians] address this honestly with each other and our communities? Because to me, if we don’t start with ourselves in any issue, how can we point our fingers at somebody else?” Steele said.

Dungy also weighed in on the matter.

The former Colts coach suggested parents need to set the standard for their children if we want to heal the divide.

“We have to start with ourselves and our families,” he said. “We have got to teach our kids that there is a way you treat people. It doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, rich, poor, educated, uneducated. There is a certain level [of respect] because that is what we do, because that is what Christ says we should do.”

Dungy added, “We can’t expect everybody else play by certain rules and we don’t. We can’t expect to treat people wrongly and not expect people to treat us wrongly. I think it’s got to start with us in our families and spread out.”

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154 thoughts on “ESPN’s Sage Steel: ‘Worst Racism I’ve Received Comes From Black People’

  1. A white person tired of any person who still uses their skin color as an excuse. on said:

    I’m going to start a website called whiteamericaweb. No, wait…that would be racist.

  2. First of all, Sage Steele is mixed. Not black. The hatred is coming from one if the races she’s apart of. I’m mixed race as well and any racism or prejudice I got can from black people. I know a lot of the outward hate is a result if their own internalized racism that too many like to excuse. Using the one drop rule is an example if self hate as well

    • Sage Steele is black because she looks black! If a mixed person doesn’t look black appearance wise, than they can be considered not black or considered mixed. But Sage Steele looks black as hell, i wouldn’t have known she was mixed without her telling everyone and bringing it to everyone’s attention. I believe she made this whole article up to make it known that she is mixed to try and separate herself from blacks. But it wont work because she just looks black. This article is her equivalent to screaming “everyone i’m mixed” as a way to separate herself, too bad she just looks black though! She’s over here acting like shes a Meghan Markle or something lmao! Anyway, there is nothing wrong with being black, black is beautiful!

      • Nelson Hernandez on said:

        What nonsense. She is saying it because blacks are the most racist demographic out there today. You’ve just proved my point with your post. As a multi-cultural person (bi-racial is the wrong word as there is only one race) who is also half black (ethiopian) I look more hispanic. Does that make Steele blacker than me because she has features that you approve of? It’s always black people who make the worst comments to use. This is a fact!

  3. Chuck Anderson on said:

    We need Jesus to learn to love each other. Each race is very different whether we like it or not but Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. I’m tellin you if we look to Him we’ll figure this stuff out and be ok.

  4. Tonkobill on said:

    Can someone please explain to me why Asians and Indians are so successful in America and don’t make up the majority of violent crimes, if all whites are so racist that we are obsessed with keeping minorities down? Please. I have never ever EVER in my entire “white proveledged” life heard ANYONE of my race say one damn thing about minorities at all, let alone something racist. I’ve been in recruiting and hiring for multiple companies and NEVER got a hint of anyone purposefully not hiring blacks. We don’t think about race and we don’t care about race. We don’t feel a common bond with other white people enough to even act like a group together who would block other races. Stop telling us we are racist, unless you want us to actually become that way. If Asians could be put in concentration camps and have all their property taken away and STILL raise their children right, do well in school, and not feel they are “targeted by police,” what is the black excuse????

    • African American Woman on said:

      Because talking about the successes of other ethnic groups means we’d have to admit we are failing ourselves and too many of us just ain’t gonna do that. The insanely stupid part about blaming the white man for everything from the weather to the lack of black puppets on Sesame Street serves no purpose except to keep us in the hole we been in since the 60’s. You’ll be able to recognize the perpetual victim by their constant whining about how the white man is holding them down, if you don’t commiserate with their pathetic complaining, you’re a coon, etc. They complain about how much the white man hates them yet whine about how little he’s doing for them. The ones of us who accepted that slavery ended in 1863, have gone on to be the masters of our own destinies…note: masters not massa. What’s even more moronic is that the so-called “black leaders” who encourage this fatalistic BS are rich! They don’t buy the BS they sold you!

    • This country was built off the backs of AA Slaves. Asians, Indians, Arabians and others come to this country and are given education, training, grants, and interest free business loans to start businesses. To top it off they pay no taxes for years and when it’s time to pay taxes register the business in another family member name. White folks work together behind closed doors to keep AA out.

      • Girl Asians Indians and Arabs are more educated that whites. They are well educated at young ages in their homelands. Thats why they come here and own the gas station. While that getto street black is going in to buy 220z beer paying the kid behind the counter who is running the register for their parents(learning business)while doing his/her homework. Black people think being educated is NOT kool not street. Meanwhile all other races are making money and owning businesses, including selling and making BLACK hair care products. Shoot black can’t even make/sell their own hair care products. That ain’t the white mans fault. its the black mans fault.

    • Will Shetterly on said:

      “Follow the money” is always good advice. The richest ethnic groups in America are the ones that had the most money when they first came here. That’s why Jewish and Indian Americans make more money than white Christian Americans.

      This also explains police killings: The groups that are most likely to be killed are the poorest, beginning with American Indians.

  5. Lynette Ryzewicz on said:

    Doesn’t anyone see PEOPLE as PEOPLE anymore??? I don’t care if people are black, white, indian, whatever…everyone has the right to be treated with respect. Why is that such a difficult concept??? It upsets me that we are supposed to be the “supreme species” however we have no intelligence when it comes to common sense!

  6. rich on said:

    I have to agree since I moved to Florida from Chicago I’ve met more and seen more racism come from blacks than I ever have from whites. It’s so bad herriche that my views are being shaken. I never seen anything like it. I get treated far worse by black people here than I ever have from anyone else.

    • I’ve experienced the same. Every hateful, vile, evil nasty and despicable thing that has ever been done to me was done by someone of my own race. Black people. If I had a reason to hate anyone, it would be people of my own race. But, fortunately, even though my skin is black, I’m not a black person. I treat people as individuals. I don’t form opinions of a whole race of people because of what a few do, no matter their race. If I did, I would hate black people. Miraculously, I don’t.

      • Me too…A black guy says something sexually nasty to me and I say” White men don’t disrespect me like that” the black guy says “its cause they scarred” or ” I know you can take it.” That is the most ignorant excuse I have ever heard for poor behavior!!! So I conclude, that street ghetto blacks have a MONKEY brain.

    • I am a country girl raised in the valleys of the Appalachian Mountains, my ancestors were African Mexican Cherokee Indian and English I take a lot of pride And knowing that all my ancestors played a part in building America. I am also proud to say that my family was known to always take in any child that wasn’t wanted. I was raised not to have a racist bone in my body, and had never experienced any racism around myself. I have lived in Europe I have also lived in Turkey. I moved to Miami Beach Florida over 10 years ago and for this entire time people are racist to me on a daily basis. I have been called Cracker and honky so many times I can’t even begin to count. I work as a front desk agent at a hotel I’ve had drinks thrown on me I’ve had people spit at me and I’ve had three black women tried to attack me at one time. I have a country accent and I guess that makes an excuse for their behavior. I’m really baffled and very sad over this I just can’t understand it. I’m being judged by my accent exactly what people don’t want to be judged for the color of their skin the way they act the way they talk the way they look. so I don’t want anyone out there saying that black people can’t be racist I didn’t think so but they have proven me wrong. racism goes both ways it goes always unfortunately in our society.

  7. Whites want blacks for sex, slaves, and money for themselves; men of different races do not want black men to date women of other cultures but they want to mess with black women; they are rude, racist, redneck, wicked, hateful bitches; white men kill black women for wanting to reverse to black race; white women lie on black men and have them put in jail for crimes which have not been committed and white women want to take away good black men because they do not want to see black women to be with successful black men.

    • Queen Dragoncake on said:

      Really? I always thought of African Americans as the same race as me: HUMAN. You must be living a miserable life, having an attitude like that. I promise you that the majority of white people don’t care what skin color someone is. You’re thinking of a small pocket called “neo-nazis”, which might as well be their own species 😛

    • KeepsItReal on said:

      shon – You clearly are a hateful racist miserable person. You are racially intolerant of white people. You just proved what Sage Steel said was true. You hate white people just of the color of their skin, what’s the called when white people do that?
      I will never understand why you sit on your white daddy’s lap and ask for more yet bash all white people? Democraps were and are the party of slavery and Jim Crow. White liberals never make things better in your community. White liberals don’t let black people own firearms in several major cities in America, white liberals treat you horribly and you thank them by voting Democrap over and over again, what’s wrong with you?

      Most white people that are not racist are not democraps and those white people want you and all other blacks in America to succeed but you refuse to be a man and man up. In your mind any black that speaks well is a sellout any black that graduates Fromm school is a sellout and any black black at goes to college is acting white and any black that has a job is acting white, any black that has a wife and treats her right and has kids and actually is in their life is a sellout and acts white……… you see nothing wrong with that because white liberals own you and your mind to this day. Isn’t it time for you to get off of the Democrap plantation son !?!

      Most non-democrap white people don’t care what you do/ don’t do as long as you don’t harm them or their family, isn’t that the same exact thing you want as well!?! Most non-democrap white people want you to be successful and have a job and house and car and family or single life or anything you want as long as you don’t mess with them, isn’t that what you want?

      • WOW, why do blacks only see racism from a white standpoint, and why do white people only see racism as a liberal thing? Everybody is trying to prove their innocence when the truth is we are ALL guilty of being human…..wonderfully and notoriously flawed!

    • Natan leal on said:

      You are the dumbest person i have ever found on comments, all you said was complete and utter BS with no evidence or source to prove it, you are a literal piece of crap that blames others for your own failures, by your behavior in life i see why you fail so much in life.

    • Man you have a monkey brain. I have been treated like a dog by black men and a queen by the white man.” Explain that!? I would much rather sit down to a dinner or a drink with whites that a bunch of blacks folks cause for sure a fight and some bullets are gone start flying. Also, explain why the white man will pay for my meal or drink but I have to pickup the black guy from his moms house cause he ain’t got no car, drive him to the restaurant and pay for his food all while his wearing socks and flip flops and athletic clothes and he is not even playing a sport.

  8. Craig on said:

    Dentist in Portugal (I am white) made me wait 3 months to have my tooth reated while in pain and then called and cancelled the appointment with no way to reschedulem for unknown reason. This is a second dentist to do this in Portugal. Most or at least half of Portuguese are like this. Very xenophobic and extremely selfish.

    • Tyrone on said:

      My neighbor who is white had a black doctor do the same thing in Atlanta. Blacks in Atlanta are among the most despicable, racist people in this country. Not all of them but there are some real sickos in that town.

  9. Nicola on said:

    Thank you for proving everything said on this article was bullshit. Most racist people are outside the black race as they are the ones who believe they are more “superior”. Race superiority is a disease and it caused so many innocent lives to killed through genocide. Your a silly excuse for a human being if you honestly believe in race supremecy.What if a black person said, if it wasn’t for white people innocent children wouldn’t be killed in school? I’m sure you would be screaming RACISTT!!

    • Natan leal on said:

      Nicola Thank you for proving everything said on this comment, you just proved your IQ is under 20, you blame other people for you own problems, you give no respect, you victimise yourself every 5 minutes.. Want people to solve problems for you? Want people to give you respect? Want people to feel sorry because you can’t get a job without qualifications? Go cry you little baby, because you don’t have the mentality of an adult, go solve your own crap and stop blaming others for it.

    • They are more superior!!!. When you go buy your black hair care products from non black establishments that proof. black can’t even make or produce their own hair care products. When you go into the corner store to buy that cigar for your weed and a middle eastern kid stops doing his homework and rings you up at the register that’s proof. When young black males kill each other and no one tells the cops who did it, tha’ts proof. When you bobbn your head to today’s hip hop music(sucks) that celebrates killing a black boy, that’s proof. Most blacks in the hood can’t read or write, thats proof. Black people love killing and fighting each other, that’s proof. American inner city Blacks are the worst people on the planet.

  10. All you black people do is complain, riot,steal and make more babies that you cannot support. We wouldn’t need prisons if it wasn’t for you. If you don’t like it hear go to Africa better yet leave anyway. White lives will always matter more. If anyone disagrees with me go visit the prisons and watch the news. Most crimes are committed by the BLACK race.

    • Kirstena on said:

      No ones life matters more than anyone else’s. To be quite frank, we are made up of the same atoms. Our DNA is almost identical. Hate is an ugly thing Nancy. I think there is racism from everyone, yes it is more synonymous with white people being racist toward black but it happens both ways through out many cultures . It is a lack of understanding or people afraid of something they are unfamiliar with. How do we get around this, educate one another, listen, teach, friendly debates. Black lives Matter is important because they matter just as much as white lives, females lives, males lives, Asian, Native American etc. My point is we all deserve love and respect. Even at are lowest, because we come from the same, we are the same. We are one. Peace and love, Nancy, peace and love ❤️

      • James Postick on said:

        I’m glad you think this way but I just don’t think there is hope getting through to a race that only knows hate. My white family and friends don’t want to think of black people any different than Koreans or Germans but it comes down to how does that race treat you? I’ve been beat up by 5 black guys at once just for walking down the street and being white. That happens to white people more than u think. But that’s not a hate crime right? Black people are very hateful towards whites that had nothing to do with slavery. I grew up to live everyone but sad to say I watch myself around black people and lock my doors in black neighborhoods because of how I’ve been treated by them. Prove me wrong black Americans prove me wrong

    • Nicola on said:

      Thank you for proving everything said on this article was bullshit. Most racist people are outside the black race as they are the ones who believe they are more “superior”. Race superiority is a disease and it caused so many innocent lives to killed through genocide. Your a silly excuse for a human being if you honestly believe in race supremecy.What if a black person said, if it wasn’t for white people innocent children wouldn’t be killed in school? I’m sure you would be screaming RACISTT!!

      • James Postick on said:

        So Nicola. Only white kids bring guns to school. Way more young black kids were killed by guns than white people in 2017. Agree crazy white kids seem to do mass shootings but black kids die every day by black peoples in the city. I live in Baltimore. It’s no joke here. I see blacks kill blacks everyday. It seems they are so hateful they can’t live with whites or blacks. And if black lives matter in which they do why do blacks kill blacks waaaaaay more than whites kill blacks? It’s terrible. It just seems it’s a thought process in blacks that they need to change. Blacks need to be more civilized and prove themselves just as all races have to prove themselves. And white people dont even think of what race you are. White people for the most treat people and like people who are nice. Blacks are sooo into the whole I’m black and proud thing. I’m white im not allowed to be proud I’m white that’d be racist

  11. Esco Cheung on said:

    I’m Asian but I have to agree with Sage. Most racism I’ve experienced is from black people as well. I’ve experienced it from every other race even sometimes in my own, but mainly it’s black people that stereotype and blatantly say stuff like “ching chong chang”, talk about my eyes, ask me if my dick is small (idk why they’re so obsessed with my dick size), and ask me if I know Kung Fu. I know these aren’t things people normally ask each other and it’s very rude and quite honestly after 15+ years enduring it it’s annoying af. Oh and black guys grill the fuck out of you if you date a black girl. I thought somebody was going to hit me eventually. Yet they are consistently dating outside their race. smh.

    Hispanics come in second as to who’s been the most racist. White people are last. I’ve actually had white people stick up for me when someone would say racist shit to me. I’ve had Black people do the same but very very rare compared to Whites..

    • Nicola on said:

      What’s funny is that if you just read the comments on this article proves you to be wrong. Here you have people calling black people “monkeys” “savage” etc. Similar to what they used to call black people when white supremecy was a big thing back in the 1800s. I have never heard a black person belittling white people to animals or Ive never heard a black person say “go back to Europe” to a white person? So how come when white and other races say it to black people it’s not racism and it’s okay? Lol

      • James Postick on said:

        Nicola. Please. Go to Baltimore as a skinny nice white guy and you’re lucky not go get mobbed to buy drugs. That’s stereotype that all whites are there to buy drugs. It would be like me living in the suburbs calling the police because a black man is in my neighborhood he must be stealing something. I’d never do that nor would 90^ of the whites I know. Blacks are welcome anywhere but white peoples are definitely not welcome in black communities if I’m not buying drugs. There is racism on both sides. We get blamed for the ghettos being trashed! White people didn’t trash them. They were new at one time. And burning down your own neighborhood to protest against white police officers just doesn’t make sense. Why burn down a store you shop st? Why make your neighborhood look like shit? And then black people say look at my neighborhood white people dont live like this! Yeah we don’t burn down things and trash where we live and where our kids live. Guys forgive and forget. Everyone has the same opportunities now. There are dirt poor whites blacks Chinese Mexican and it’s up to you to change it. Live in a trashed neighborhood then clean it up. Don’t trash it more. Treat people the way you’d like.

    • Nicola on said:

      & I don’t understand how you will call black women racist as well. I constantly see black girls online throwing themselves into arguments with trolls, trying to defend Muslims and Asians against racism. In my honest opinion I don’t even know why they do that because if they went to India or any Arab country they would be seen as “untouchables” beaten and probably even enslaved just for being black…

    • Yeah, I agree. I mean I have other race groups that were not African Americans telling offensive things and being rude at me but majority of them were African Americans. I had so many episodes with girls lol they would often mock and glare at me for no reason 🤷‍♀️ It definitely wasn’t a friendly glare. One of the episodes, I was getting food at Wendy’s for my sis and I asked this employee, who was an African American girl, for a honey mustard and she literally asked me back why do I even need mustard bc i wasn’t even getting chicken nuggets. Then she closed windows as she was asking her other employe “why does she even need a mustard” but I could obviously hear it and she knew it too. I know she wasn’t being mean bc I was Asian but just mean that way in general but I wish she treated me in nicer way 🙄

      • You may or may not know, but there is a set of rules for Black people and a set of rules for white people in the workplace and in Black neighborhoods. Like restaurants only give you certain condiments if you buy certain items. They are only allowed to give a certain amount of condiments. So don’t just blame Black employees when we all know there two sets of rules and there are some rude employees in all race of people

  12. Majority of the Black men are racists. Worst one is the African christian men. They don’t like or respect their own girls. Problem with AFRICAN one is they ae born in poverty and hates others.

      • All WP are Racist and you are absolutely right about Black Boys I said Boys because they are not Men

      • Tyrone on said:

        About 700 people in this airport agree with you feli. They are so miserable and hateful and fat. They know they are screwed for life, all the black men with money go after white women. Who can blame them.

    • True. African Christian men are perplexing. Did you hear the preacher at Aretha Franklins funeral rant on and on about A woman can’t raise a man. Well she is doing a good job to me cause most black men are nowhere to be found in the families they create. So who is raising the kids, the females that they leave behind. We have alot of black males making money in pro sports without fathers in their lives. So he just proved that the black man can’t raise a man.

  13. I honestly believe that there are far more black bigots than white bigots I am a white man married to a black woman we have been together for 19 years now.

    During these 19 years there has been about a million times that black people have told flat out LIES about me in an attempt to get us arguing trying to cause trouble between us INCLUDING her own RACIST family. When we first got together I heard that I was referred to as THAT WHITE MAN and apparently I was involved with a murder that I got off on a technicality or something also they said that I have a big family from a couple of towns over and that my family was prejudice WRONG my parents bought a house planning on moving there but never moved in because my parents ended up moving out of state for a job transfer but they must’ve found out about the house and went on from there with the lies I don’t even know anyone that lives in that town let alone having a big racist family that lives there.

    I loved her mother and I looked out for her, she’s a single senior citizen woman that never married (imagine that Gee I wonder why) for 13 years I would go over her house and fix things put floors in or whatever needed done I would wash her car if I cooked I’d take her a plate of food over and at Christmas time I’d decorate her house with the blow up santa Christmas lights the whole 9 , my wife’s so. Lived with her and I heard my wife talking to her about her yard being a mess he wouldn’t cut the grass or anything I mean why would he be was only in his late 20s not one male in that family would lift a finger so I sent my friend over that had a landscaping business to cut her lawn trim bushes and clean up her yard.

    A few years ago we moved out of state so her mother must’ve figured out that I was no longer any use for her so she got on Facebook and posted on my page about what a cruel person I am and that I’m prejudice and a lot of other things I called her after calling her restricted because she wouldn’t answer I confronted her and went over each comment and asked her on what basis she felt these things and the racist remark she couldn’t answer she just said she suspects it wtf ever it really hurt my feelings to be honest I felt used and insulted it doesn’t bother me now it just pisses me off I completely cut them all off I just got sick n tired of the bs to be honest I really don’t like being around a lot of black people anymore not because I don’t like them but it’s more like ok now I wonder what bs is going to be said now I just don’t like drama n fighting I wasn’t raised like that my parents are not racist people when I was growing up my dad had friends of a lot of backgrounds over the house all of the time his one best friend was black and he was kinda like an uncle or family,,, I know right now there’s someone black reading this saying oh here we go again another white guy saying he has black friends,,, just look on social media there’s always tons of black people saying hateful things against whites and I also see people I went to school with and worked with commenting and I never knew they felt that way about white people I don’t know what is so hard about just being normal and liking others and respecting people no matter what color they are everyone is an individual you shouldn’t put everyone into a group together and judge them now going back to what I said earlier about me thinking that so many black people are RACIST I don’t know but that’s just my experience it just seems like most blacks just simply don’t like white people

    • Tyrone on said:

      Good post Goomba. I’ve had several black girlfriends and once had to put up with the same trash from her despicable, racist black family. Blacks need to take a very long hard look at themselves but they are too busy blaming whitey for all their problems.

    • Tyrone on said:

      Well said Goomba. I’ve had several black girlfriends and once had to deal with the same trash. It was from her despicable, racist black family. The double standard was always in full force with those idiots. I don’t understand why blacks can’t just be normal adults instead of being so hateful and murderous.

  14. Had Enough on said:

    Personally, I think ALL you blacks would be soooo much happier back in Da Muddaland. There you could run naked, chimping out and ooking all day long without being encumbered by the White Man’s silly, antiquated laws and concept of civilized behavior. Then maybe the rest of us could enjoy some peace for a change.

  15. Sage is right on said:

    Americanize, are you Tariq Nasheed by chance? I am really sick to death of you bojangling, buckdancing black men running around online calling BW Bedwenches. You have no right. And yeah, BM are a PRIME example of black intraracism. BM are extremely racist towards their own race of women. I’m sick of it. Anyone can tell you that BM sit online night and day spreading racist stereotypes about BW.

    • Sage is right on said:

      Notice how AMBER runs around on here yelling “Blacks cannot be racist!!” And she willfully ignores the black man that comes on and calls black women “Bedwenches”. This is how it is in the so-called blk community.

      You’ve got a bunch of black men running wild out here, blaming white MEN (never white women.Please notice that) for everything and practicing racism against BW everywhere including mass media (Kodak Black, Kevin Hart,Trick Daddy, Gilbert Arenas, and on and on).

      Black women like AMBER say nothing and thereby encourage the suffering of other BW while helping to sustain white supremacy herself.Amber, anytime you don’t hold BM accountable for their actions you help support their current state in society, which is ON THE BOTTOM!! Stop it!

      • Honey, you do NOT know me. Clearly, you NEVER have read ALL that I have spoken about plus I do not NOT live my life on this board. And yes, I stand by what I say, BLACKS CAN NOT BE RACIST. WE can be prejudice NOT Racist. We have NEVER nor can we OPPRESS NO ONE SYSTEMTIC regardless if you like it or not. Are blacks perfect? NO and we do have issue that we need to work out DUE TO RACISM and what has been passed down to us. Sage is NOT right. Also, Sage is one of those BIRACIAL people who used blacks when it benefits her. And I STAND BY MY COMMENTS. If you do not like it, do NOT read them. And for the record, I studied and have a Bachelor degree in social science in Sociology.

      • OMG some of you people are the most stupidest people I’ve ever read

        sorry to break it to you but yes us blacks can be RACIST wtf says we can’t be

        you do know prejudice and racist is pretty much same thing

        if you hating on race or culture guess
        what your FUCKING RACIST!!!

        and it’s true black people be hating on each other all time

        all about that light skin mf or hating cz they dating outside they race

        and usually it’s if it’s white man dating black women idk how many I see arguing to

        its not just black thing it’s all races here there I see in Mexican , white hell Japanese get mad over Chinese lol

        go figure lol

        but really don’t come around with DUMBASS SHIT blacks can’t be racist

        any Fucking human being can be racist period

      • African American Woman on said:

        That dumb idea that black people can’t be racist is a cop out and an excuse to justify being just that-racist. Being black which means, just by virtue, I spend alot of time with other black people and hear things that we only say amongst ourselves. I can attest that there are some hateful, spiteful and ugly-spirited black folks out here, including some of my family members. The one thing they all have in common is that they are EXTREMELY MISERABLE! Hatred of others that have done nothing to you personally is a pathological illness and it only serves as a cover for the self-hatred, low self-esteem and unworthiness the hater/racist feels towards themselves. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of people I know and meet on a daily basis are kind, thoughtful, friendly folks who are just living their lives. I enjoy diversity and enjoy meeting PEOPLE…all people and I treat all people with respect and humanity. Anyone can be a racist…the only qualifications are irrational fear, low self-esteem, self-loathing and and a pathological inability to take responsibility for one’s self.

  16. dfdafadfda on said:

    She hates herself… that’s so obvious. It’s pathetic, if you disagree then answer this, why is she a follower of the white religion known as christianity which has historically been used to further enslave and destroy blacks? Time for blacks to realize Christianity is not your friend it’s a tool that’s been used against you since the first time your ancestors came in contact with the white man.

    • That is true; Christianity is a white man’s religion which is a manmade belief used to oppress, to control, to brainwash, and to mentally enslave people. White devil is the real enemy that most blacks cannot see for themselves. Most Christians are lost in the real world because they have been told sweet lies all their lives and have lived in fantasy like children; most religious people are docile to slave masters; they have been given the Holy Bible in King James Version which is a book of fairy tales to chain people.

  17. You cannot judge a person based upon his looks but only by what is in his heart. Think about it. There is good and bad people in all races. In truth, race is a arbitrary anyways. There is only one race… the human race. Love brings a person happiness while hate eats away at his inner self.

    • If there is a problem with any community, regardless what it is, then we need to help them not curse them. But the reason why the african american community is experiencing all these problems is because 72 percent of all african american babies are born out of wedlock. This has been completely proven. Study after study has shown that when a child lacks his father and is growing up in a single mother household the chance of him having problems skyrockets. This site did a good job showing a lot of the statistics:

      With love…

    • Not true. When I see a black man in the corner store wearing flip flops and socks with a nappy head in athletic clothes and he don’t even play sports. That n**a is a broka azz uneducated loser.

  18. Liza Calias on said:

    I am so tired & disgusted with professional victim blacks and their ignorant bs. Always some bs excuse why it’s not their fault, doesn’t matter what it is. Ask a blk do you smoke? They say yes, because big tobacco comps put more ads up in black hoods because their racist devils forcing us to smoke. Do you drink? Yes because big alcohol comps build liquor stores on every block forcing us to drink. Did you have a kid at 13 & drop out of school? Yes, because white devils poke holes in all condoms sold in black neighborhoods. It’s ridiculous!

    They make white people their scapegoats so they never have to accept responsibility for their own actions. They have passed this ignorance down generation after generation. This is how they oppress themselves & continue the cycle. Parents teach their kids bs like whites are the devil don’t trust them, police hate us don’t respect them. It instills hate, spite, & distrust from a very early age & they carry it with them their whole lives. Their bitter, & because of this they feel justified in their foul behavior. They commit crime & they say poverty breeds crime, yeah well it doesn’t pull the trigger now does it.

    They are tired & pissed off cops kill them,we’ll guess what WE ARE TIRED & PISSED OFF YOU KILLING US!
    Little rock is basically a war zone now, 12 drive bys in 2 weeks, 28 people shot up in a club, murder rate has already doubled from last year. They stormed the city offices demanding police do something about the violent crimes. Headline couple days ago said ” little rock is 1 bullet away from Ferguson” SO they are threatening riots if they don’t stop the violence. Well that makes perfect sense.
    Best part ( my opinion ) They deny there a huge problem with black violence, riot & threaten violence if cops don’t back off & stay out of their hoods, causing them to fear even doing their job so cops back off. So police are hunting a man responsible for 3 of the recent drive bys including one where a 7yr old was shot. He’s on parole in 2 states, a Warrant for violation of parole & 3 warrants for failure to appear. So if they allowed cops to do their job & pick him up on the warrants & it never would have happened. Just more blacks jacking up themselves.
    They build shrines, paint huge murals, & riot for a child molestating pos with a phone book sized criminal record, yet I watched an 11 yr old kid get shot point blank in the face couple mos ago, I’m a nurse so I pulled over to try to help, there were already 3 people standing over the body of a little kid face down on the concrete blood flowing downhill RECORDING IT ON PHONES! One of them livestreamed it to facebook. Then pos gave false decription of shooter. Did the kid get a shrine, mural, cross, teddybear? Nope, nothing but remnants of yellow police tape.
    These people are disgusting

    • I see it all the time and can’t believe how blacks can deny it.This is the best it’s ever been for B.A.s.Is it perfect,no.Is anything perfect? No.Im living in the South now.White ppl are getting so tired of what they perceive of as whining that the return of KKK is in full bloom.The hate scares he’ll out a me.We think we have trouble with immigration and Isis while we have this insane war going on right here! Time to get a grip.

    • Well you want the Cops to stay out of your nebiorhood, well don’t call for help if it’s your child or family member that gets shot by a drive by then. You said yourself about the drive by.I agree there are bad cops but there are very good cops that put theirselves on the line for your family and mine.and it ain’t always the black people that get shot at times, but you don’t hear about it because we don’t call every media to scream and holler at.And just like we don’t hear everytime a black gets arrested for drugs or carrying guns on them.Because none of y’all will pick up the phone and call the media then blaming the cops!! We need to quit blaming each other and start bonding because we might not be a free Country to much longer!!

  19. Jimmy Pop on said:

    blacks are racist – whites are racist – asians are racist – hispanics are racist – etc., etc., etc., but, blacks are by far the biggest racist – black men don’t know anything about being a man, because none of them are raised by men – they are characters just pretending and overcompensating – it’s a bankrupt “culture” that’s dragging down the rest of society with it.

  20. I am a white man. I have been physically attacked and beaten on 4 different occasions by black people. Twice put in the hospital with serious injuries. For one reason and one reason only because I’m white. So what do you call that? I’ve also been homeless and have never made more than minimum wage. I guess that’s because the world is set up for me? Because I’m privileged? I’m confused.

    • a very few a very few white people would ever say what you said. It must have something to do with where you live or your character personality, or who you associate with. Blanks do not necessarily target white people to commit crimes it’s a matter of opportunity and that’s why most crimes by black people are committed against other black people because they are in the vicinity.

    • What does it matter on said:

      I absolutely hate balks people. They are awful, hateful, mean, heartless, cruel race. They act like monkeys and they discriminate against whites and other races. They pull the race card on everything..

  21. Truth on said:

    Blacks can’t be racist?! What a fucking crock of shit, the majority of blacks commenting here clearly hate whites so don’t talk shit you are fucking horrible racists. If you hate people who are a different colour you are racist, stop trying to invent new words that mean the same thing you vile bastards! Fucking hypocrites accusing whites of what you yourself are guilty of. Ignorant horrible bastards.

  22. Tired on said:

    Anyone and everyone can be racist. Only whites in America can be institutionally racist against non whites. By your definition a white person in a Black Country would be the only racist around….stupid.

  23. NotShaqauyqauybutDiana on said:

    Stop naming kids shaqauyqauy and quintilliam get the fuck off welfare understand and use birth control teach kids to give a shit about their selves stop getting with the local corner drug dealer who already has like 60 baby mamas and for the love of God allow YOURSELF to be empowered we shouldn’t be trying to get the whites to do it for us we are the TRUE CHILDREN OF GOD

  24. In some way, she is right.

    The differences between white and black racists are:

    black racists – give you angry looks, mistreat you, badmouth you

    white racists – reject you for a job or some other offer in a nice way, lie to you while smiling at your face, ignore you, talk over you if you are trying to say or defend your case

    I have dealt with both of these racists. I find them despicable.

  25. Sadly I believe a lot a blacks seem
    To have something to prove or to make themselves More endearing to whites especially those with money. However I do think
    In the case a the black women we are shut down by a variety of forces including from our own men and the pool for a partner is much more shallow. Black men are not into view as eager to be married and have a family. So in
    The case of Serena and others if you want a husband and family you have to take hopefully love outside your race. That sounds sad but unfortunately that i.e. Real nowadays .

  26. I agree with her. Im lightskin and I have always been harassed by my own people. They would call me white girl and start fights with me, Its true some black people are very racist and hateful.

    • I got news for you, ALL PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ATTACKED BY THEIR OWN PEOPLE. If you were white, you will be attacked in some way; same with being Asians or Latinos BUT this woman is accusing blacks of showing “racism” towards her. That is NOT racism. When it comes to color of light verse dark, that is COLORISM-the act to judge one person in the same race due to a different shade within the same. Blacks maybe also prejudice towards her but NOT racism. The fact that she is the least paid on that network less than her white women counterparts can be racist/racism, NOT the fact that blacks do NOT like her-which often times she brings on herself for trash talking blacks FIRST and they will jump on her.

      • You are welcome Barb. I just wish people who learn the meaning of words. Also, going back to what I said about society is set up for whites to be racist regardless if they are racist or not. Whites can be racist because the WORLD is set up for them. Look at who is in POWER to Oppress others around the world (Anglo-Saxons/Europeans/whites). Look at blacks or anyone who is viewed “dark nation” from Hati, to Africa, blacks in America,etc.. We do NOT have the power to racist. Look at South Africa which is mostly blacks/Africans YET who is in POWER to continue to oppress them, WHITE AFRICANS.

      • Michael on said:

        Why is everyone always arguing that it is or isn’t racist the fact is if you can understand that someone has been treated unfairly or wronged in some way than the argument shouldn’t be is it racism or not the only thing anyone should be saying is it is a problem and people need to grow up take responsibility for their own lives and raise their children to be better people than the previous generation.. that is the only way the world will get better we all originally came from Africa the only reason we evolved differently was to better help us survive in the environment we ended up settling in

      • The comment that Blacks are not racist deserves much explanation; racism is “prejudice + power” meaning you have the power to keep groups out of housing, jobs, and especially a good education. It is systems that are racist it is people who are prejudiced !

    • Another thing Patty, going back to my example, whites are in a position to be racist regardless if they are racist or not; society has it set up for whites if they choose to be racist. I gave you example of ALL races are picked on by their own race regardless for the reason (even this woman picks on BLACKS-go back and look at her comments. She is just as bad if not worst); in the white community, whites have the prejudice/colorism of blonde verse brunette or sun tan verses pale skin. Even though SYSTEMIC they can be racist, the fact that they are PICKING on their OWN race due to those things are not racist. With blacks, blacks do NOT have the power to be racist or practice racism but blacks can be prejudice or have colorism within our race.

      • Lester on said:

        You both are so unbelievably ignorant if you believe that toxic theory. Power has absolutely nothing to do with racism, you’re just twisting words to fit your hypocritical agenda. Truth my foot…

      • AmbersBestFriend on said:

        Google “Mugabe white farmers”. Black leader in power for decades in Zimbabwe who made life a living hell for whites. It’s an old story, you should know it. Learning about Mugabe will give you the background to read about current day S Africa where the leaders appear to be considering and possibly planning the next Zimbabwe. If you’re going be vocal, it’s always helpful to be informed. Hatred, anger and fear are not emotions that you want to cower to, right? “Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone, you are the one getting burned”-Lao Tzu

      • Laquesha on said:

        Stupid Amber! If you’re practicing Colorism or Prejudice, you’re just as guilty as being racist you damn hypocrite!

  27. FallMornings on said:

    Oh yes, blacks can be racists. I too have felt that sting from my own people. I don’t Sage nor have I met her so I am not going to degrade and dis this woman.

    • NO blacks can NOT be racist. Blacks can be prejudice NOT racist. Black can NOT OPPRESS no one because they think they are SUPERIOR to that group or person of another race? blacks can trash about you and be prejudice; but they can NOT OPPRESS no group. Racism/Racist is a SYSTEMIC Oppression and you must come from a group who is in a position to use it. Blacks can not do it no matter how much you want it to be.

      • The comment that Blacks are not racist deserves much explanation; racism is “prejudice + power” meaning you have the power to keep groups out of housing, jobs, and especially a good education. It is systems that are racist it is people who are prejudiced !So you cannot say an individual white person can be racist but an individual Black person cannot be! So, if a white man who makes 40k per year and has no power or influence or recognizable name calls a Black person the N word is he racist? No! he has no power to keep me out of a job! We all have power Black and White, we could use our power to heal and add good or we could use our power to hurt! Remember, no matter your race what you bring forth and sow whether it be good or evil is what you will sow! That is a principle of life! Some call it karma and Jesus refers to it as the principle of sowing and reaping.

    • Well FallMormings, she degrades blacks even though she is HALF WHITE. What is good for goose is good for the gender. Do not put out trash if you do not want trash back in your yard.

  28. At first I said she is a liar, but she is Dumb as someone has already mentioned. When you’re blocked from living in certain neighborhoods, refused a job that you are qualified for then you have experienced racism.

  29. Sound like she wants to be 100 percent white and want to use this issues to trash blacks due to her half black side and hating it. She always trashing blacks. Hypocrite? no honey, you are the hypocrite.

  30. Again, BLACKS CAN NOT BE RACIST. I wish black could be racist which would mean blacks do NOT have to fight for EQUALITY in the justice system, fight for FAIR housing and loans, Fight for VOTING RIGHTS/ACT, Fight for equal treatment in education in black schools, etc. Another test that will show you blacks can not be racist. Look at economics, CAN a blacks person become RICH WITHOUT having some kind of dealing whites? NO. Can a white person became rich without dealing with blacks? YES. because whites are the ones in power (economics). Yes, Michael Jordan is rich but he does NOT (racially) own the LEAGUE.

    • And lets not forget blacks have to worry about what they name their kids due to not being stereotype to not get a job. Again, if blacks could be racist or practice racism, this would NOT be an issue.

    • James on said:

      Yes they can you arrogant ignorant idiot. They very well can. Stop acting as if institutional racism and racism are the same… They arent. And you keep using the institutional racism definition to change the definition of racism. It will never work, you are just wasting your time which you could better use by spreading positivity instead of your thinly veiled racist hate.

    • “Again, BLACKS CAN NOT BE RACIST.” This comment crosses the line. It’s not just objectively false. It’s stupid. Worse, it’s evil. Stupid, evil things do not become true just because you repeat them IN ALL CAPS.

    • Whitey on said:

      That Is some of the dumbest stuff I’ve ever read! So all them whites attacked during the L.A. riots because they are white wasn’t racism. That girl that got killed at gas station by group of blacks that said they was going to kill the first white person they seen wasn’t racist? Go back to your “safe space” and stop talking. You’re just another victim of “The Man”.

    • Xander on said:

      Actually, Black Americans can oppress other Black people. I am experiencing it now while I am writing this. I am a Black Haitian Dominican American who is light skinned with soft hair…none of the barbers want to give me a cut. I have no idea if there is something wrong with me in general. I am hurt when White people treat me better than Black Americans.

  31. First of all, LEARN the meaning of the word racism. Racism is SYSTEMIC. It is POWER (economic) to OPPRESSION another race based on race and with the belief that ONE race is SUPERIOR to another race. That is REAL meaning of the word Racism/racist. What she has experience is PREJUDICE-which is a negative ATTITUDE TOWARDS anyone based bon race, religion, choices, etc. and some blacks have a PREJUDICE due to being mistreated, the unequality that blacks had to deal with, superior thinking that whites are better even by some blacks with low esteem and brought into the self hate, etc. She is a dumb woman.

    • canofsand on said:

      There are different types of racism. Systemic racism is but one of them. You insisting that’s all there is doesn’t make US the ones who need to learn. And, sadly, what you go on to say about (systemic) racism doesn’t get any better in that department. You are woefully misinformed, gullible, and a racist.

    • Racism is bigotry based on an idea of race. That is the common dictionary definition. What you are describing is institutionalised racism, and even then for your argument to convince you need to prove that no black people have institutional power or that ‘white’ institutions are racist by design. Thomas Sowell made the point that saying racists can only be racist if they are in a position of power is like suggesting that the Nazis were not racist until they gained power in Germany, even though they held the exact same ideas before they took control of the country.

    • Really?

      Stop twisting lexicon and words to suit your feelings. It’s infantile.

      People remain in poverty because they refuse to work to get out. It’s not systematic oppression. The system makes it difficult, but anyone with persistent motivation, some intelligence, and the wisdom to make good choices….gets out of poverty.

      I have done it. I have friends of all races who have gotten out of poverty….others that have not. Did not relate to race in anyway.

      Respect, peace, love and understanding goes alot further than anger. We need to teach our young people persistence and adaptability. Not anger.

    • victor on said:

      Hey. Lester i am.sure you are damn white and ignorant

      Blacks where oppressed for centuries by y’ll whites just because of the skin colour and now after the revolution we got to accept Black identity and black culture then decided to give you a taste of your own medicine and then now you call it racism.

      You white bastard men cant last a seconds in a 100m race of which a ten year old Black boy does just for swift errands without breaking a sweat

      • He’s probably bad on the eyes. That’s why he always come on this site and diss blk women. I think he’s a man scorned. Thank you for leaving us alone.

      • Sasha Hart on said:

        Are you free tomorrow? Your posts are entertaining and my students enjoy them. I would love for them to actually meet an Appalachian man with maybe a fourth grade education. I also need to interview you for my thesis.

    • Sasha Hart on said:

      I will not call you doctor because I would have to see your degree. I am a beautiful Black woman who has been known to turn heads. Please post a picture of yourself. I am sure your parents are brother and sister.

  32. Can she just go away? Far, far away!!! And to Dungy, Black folks are some of the most forgiving folks around – – what else would he have us do?!

  33. Dam Sista didn’t you know? Of course We are the most ardent racist, say anything
    Not approved by the self-proclaimed leaders of the black establishment (plantation over see’ers) and yes you will be called all the names whites and conservatives lose their careers over and Mis lead NBC the Counterfeit News Network will fabricate “experts” to refute anything you said do you think if a Republican had been running Chicago the horrendous murder rates there wouldn’t be nightly news Hillary and Bernie both gave the Mayor of Flint a pass give Obamas EPA that was in charge of the water problem and went all the way up to the Governor if Bush had still been POTUS Maxine (batshit crazy) Waters would have been calling for his impeachment, Democrats need whipping posts such as you there are millions of uninformed un educated black folk out there they need to shield from reality by putting people like you in the spot light

    • Blacks can not be racist blacks can be prejudice no matter who much you want black to be. And blacks have those prejudice due to what WHITES racist have created. So do not blame blacks, blame the original OPPRESSORS.

      • You’re as dump as a box of hammers only lazy stupid Negros buy into that Bullsh!t theory by espousing to it your saying that blacks can never achieve power or authority
        Over our lives and futures
        And there for will forever be less of a human in value, morality, and self-destiny than a white person

      • @jose,
        Before you call anyone “dump” you should first learn how to spell “dumb” and it’s you’re not “…espousing to it your saying ”
        Do better.

      • Sherise Todd on said:

        When they talk about being attacked by their own people, they are specifically talking being attacked by their own people because of their color. You cannot complain about racism if you yourself are a bigot. Yes there is a difference between bigotry and prejudice. Yes, racism involves having power. However believe you me, if a person is prejudice or a bigot, it will often come out in the form of committing harmful behavior. I am not saying a person does not have a right to hate certain people because of their color but while they may have the right, many people commit certain actions out of their bigotry that is not ok. Some people will go around trying to turn people against other people just because they have a problem with that person’s skin color.

      • You’re just limited, IQ of 85 maybe? Oppression is Oppression and racism is racism, they don’t mean the same thing dummy! Anyone can be racist and Africans and black Americans are the most racist ppl on the planet. They still have some slavery in Africa and they still hunt down Albinos and hack them up, even children! Slavery has existed for thousands of years dummy, Africans were the first to enslave people. Had the blacks not been sent here or somewhere they simply would have worked, starved or beat them to death like they did to their white, brown and black slaves. The USA is just one country dummy, there’s hundreds out in the world. Americans fought to the death to end slavery! They could have killed the slaves but no. I’d bet money your black and ghetto raised, that’s why you’re so limited.

      • Nelson Hernandez on said:

        There is a difference between institutional racism and general racism. You’re so uneducated that I bet you don’t even realize that the man who coined the phrase even said you cannot bring institutional racism down to the individual level – Kwame Ture. Even he knew that there are more than one type of racism. Institutional (which most of you don’t even know what the hell that means) and personal. For instance. A man shooting a church filled with blacks – personal racism. A school district is closed down due to lack of funds because those funds are being funneled into wealthier schools and neighborhoods of predominately white demographics – institutional racism.

        This is why there is more than one definition of racism in the dictionary and so yes blacks can and definitely are racist!

  34. Maybe if she wasn’t another Stacy Dash-she would receive more RESPECT from people of color!!!!!

    This is the 21st Century–Uncle Toms/Aunt Jemima’s are not in vogue!!!!!!!!!!!!

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