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shermichaelsingletonIn an example of what happens if you don’t go along to get along with Donald Trump‘s program, a young black conservative has fired from his job at HUD and was literally shown the door.

Shermichael Singleton, a political appointee at the Department of Housing and Urban Development was fired for an op-ed he wrote before the election that criticized then-candidate Donald Trump, according to CNN.

In an October op-ed for The Hill, Singleton, who was at the time a Republican consultant, said Trump was taking the GOP to a “new moral low.”

“We allowed that hostile takeover to happen on our watch,” he wrote. “This individual recognized a moment of great disparity in the Republican base and, like cancer, attacked and spread, consuming everything in his path.”

Singleton’s piece criticized Trump’s rhetoric about African-Americans during the campaign. After the election, the 26-year-old worked with Ben Carson during his confirmation process to become HUD secretary. Singleton then joined the department as a senior adviser.

But reality struck on Wednesday when he was brought into the chief of staff’s office and fired, a source familiar with the situation told CNN. Singleton was informed that he was being dismissed because of the op-ed and was escorted from the building, according to the source, who also said Carson was surprised by the move and only learned of it after the fact.

A HUD spokesperson confirmed Singleton no longer works at the department.

Singleton declined to comment. The White House and the HUD chief of staff didn’t respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Singleton expressed concerns about Trump in his pre-election op-ed regarding Trump’s approach to addressing issues of high concern to many Black voters.

“Hearing the nominee of my party ignore these harsh truths and opt for words like ‘law and order’ sounds like a coded message from an era in our history that should stay in the past,” Singleton wrote.

In his piece, he added:

“Donald Trump portrays our inner cities is as if they are the ailments of American society and should be exterminated and swiftly removed,” Singleton wrote in the op-ed. “He never mentions the many hardworking, good and honest people who are simply trying the best they can to achieve their share of the American dream.”

News of Singleton’s dismissal was first reported by The New York Times.

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27 thoughts on “Black HUD Appointee Fired After Criticizing Trump

  1. Kelly Ann Conway had a lot to say about Trump when she was part of the Ted Cruz campaign, then she became Trump’s campaign manager, then his legal counsel who knows nothing about ethics or how DC works, Rick Perry also had lots to say about Trump during the campaign, but is now Secretary of Energy, but didn’t know exactly what the dept does. Romey went crawling to Trump when he thought he could possibly be Secretary of State, no morals, no real convictions.

    No it’s not the denigration of Trump, it’s who’s doing it. When will black conservatives realize that they are only being used for numbers. I hear black conservatives railing against democrats to get off the plantation because they’re only being used. Really take a close look at who’s using whom. “What do you have to lose by giving Trump a chance”, apparently everything.

  2. The comments were made BEFORE the election. Similar comments were made by Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary. Go figure!

  3. Look for more heads to roll–Chump does not like to be criticized—he is nothing but a petulant child pretending to be an ADULT!!!!!!!!

  4. FallMornings on said:

    To all on this blog. Try going to work and say anything negative about your boss. Unless you own your own business, I don’t things will be pleasant for many.

  5. FallMornings on said:

    Mr. Minter. They are not getting it because they give no money to anyone’s campaign. The Beverly Hills people do. It’s all about money.

  6. Don’t expect any help from Ben Carson anyway he was only appointed to keep you black folks quiet. Trump or his cabinet will be making all the decisions. One day our people will wake up and figure out the republican party does not care about you only to get your vote.

  7. When I worked as an investigator for the HIV/STD Control Branch of the NC State Dept of Health, while I was Anti-Crime Director of the Roanoke (VA) Neighborhood Alliance, and while I lived 4 years in Southeast and Northeast Washington, DC, I spent almost ALL my time in “public housing” and very low-income neighborhoods. Made lots of friends, met lots of nice people who deserve NOT to live in fear of gangs, crime, drugs, violence and other problems. People who live in public housing or other low-income areas deserve the same level of community services, including public safety, as rich folks in Beverly Hills. They are NOT getting it.

  8. Sinatra Jeter on said:

    Shermichael you at least tried to be the voice or reason for the Republican Party, unfortunately the party line you choose to follow don’t need you anymore and there was no one there to stand up for you, not even the brain surgeon.

  9. Christianforreal on said:

    Peter, it seems like many of your type, you don’t pay attention and can’t respond properly. Had you read and understood the story, you would have noticed that the op-ed piece was written when Trump was a candidate in the race NOT the President, and therefore not his boss. Seems that you took the opportunity to put a Black man down so fast that you were off track with your criticism. And yes Blacks have pandered and appeased you and your type for so long, maybe it is about time we claim some of that. However, we know how to work for what we want. It was your type that came up with that Affirmative action crap and thought it was the next best thing to sliced bread, until you realized that your type might miss out on a job that was ‘given’ to us tokens. We lost many, many opporunities to your type that were no way qualified. So let’s not get it twisted!!!!!

    • Rick Blair on said:

      Peter Johnson. The stats that you speak of can not be trusted. Why, because anyone can hurry pick to make numbers some up to what they want. Regardless of where you found the stats. While you were trying to degrade the black race, did you happen to look up any numbers on the Caucasian race? I can pick and choose any number from any demographic and make it seem like white men are the scum of the earth. I.e. incest, rape, white collar crime, serial killers, based k stabbing, just plain crooks..(Trump & Bush proved that)

    • All of those stats that you reference are rooted in Redneck White Folks treatment of Blacks throughout the centuries. You people who have died long ago had they endured white Blacks endured. Crime rates, etc. etc., are all easily associated with unfair labor practices, racism, bias, bigotry and all of your people’s “best qualities.”

  10. Arthur Childress on said:

    Young Mr. Singleton sounds far too enlightened to be working for either Trump or Carson. Both are pathetic. He should thank everyone who had anything to do with his firing.

  11. Sarah Sappington on said:

    No matter how negatively you feel about your boss sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut. I hope the unemployment line isn’t to long!

  12. Amonre smith on said:

    Mr. Singleton thank you for willing nest to speak out for your people but take this opportunity to continue to challenge the system and make your brand….

  13. williaml on said:

    You either get with the program or not! Red neck, racist and what ever names people call Trump does not matter. The job is very much like being in the military, do what you are told, follow the last order given. When you are trying to make changes and everyone is fighting what you are doing, you don’t have room for dissention.

    • That guy wasn’t in the freakin military. This narcissist in Cheif doesn’t want ppl talking negatively about his incompetent ass. But he doesn’t hesitate to lie and talk down about everyone who refuse to kiss his ring f trump. Like someone said. There’s a report out that Putin has a lot vested in his dumbass.

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