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Horrifying footage of a plainclothes NYPD sergeant using a stun gun on a pregnant teenager in the Bronx is making its rounds on the internet. Police were reportedly called to the Wakefield apartment due to an unrelated asthma attack when they came across two boys fighting on the fourth floor.

Dailene Rosario, 17, who lost a baby during childbirth late last year, says two female cops were also trying to get inside her apartment because it’d been reported she and her sister were fighting. At that time, a male officer was able to cuff her and pull her into the crowd of cops. From NY Daily News:

Rosario said she first emerged from her apartment because her boyfriend and brother were fighting in the hallway over a video game, but went back inside. She said two female officers knocked on her door, trying to get inside because of a report — false, she said — that she and her sister were fist-fighting. A male officer cuffed her, she said, and she was pulled into the crowd of cops. “And then somebody was pinching me, and I ended up getting Tased,” she said.

One female officer claims the obviously pregnant Rosario pushed her into a door frame, attempted to evade arrest, and screamed, “I don’t want to talk to you,” “Yo, why are you cuffing me?” and “I didn’t do anything.”

Rosario ended up spending the night in custody and “was arraigned Saturday on resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges and released, records show.” As for being tased, she says, “I was screaming I was pregnant. The female officers, when they first came up, my sister told them I was pregnant.”

“I could have lost my baby due to the Taser, anything could have happened,” she continued. The site adds, “Witness Danielle Lopez, 33, said the cops should have known Rosario was pregnant. ‘She’s four months pregnant. She has a belly. You can tell. I was disgusted,’ Lopez said.”

Thankfully, her baby seems to be just fine. See it all go down in the video above.

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16 thoughts on “NYPD Tases Pregnant Teenager

    • Amen to that under age acting a dam fool while pregnant, I’m sure high school graduation day is nowhere on her calendar of things to do,
      I’ll bet in 5 years when she and her 6 kids are barely scraping by on welfare she’ll blame the rich capitalist society for her meager existence

  1. Mrknowitall on said:

    She is unmarried and pregnant and fist fighting her sister. Why was her sister fighting her knowing she could miscarry? Wouldn’t it be ashamed to have fought your sister and kill her baby over a video game? Also why was this pregnant unmarried teen fighting the police?
    The pregnant mother is responsible for protecting her unborn child.

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