Comedian and nationally syndicated radio host D.L. Hughley joins Cedric The Entertainer, Charlie Murphy, George Lopez and Eddie Griffin on The Comedy Get Down Tour. Hughley talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about Beyonce‘s performance at the Grammys, Donald Trump and Michael Flynn.


On Flynn’s resignation:

“That’s high treason. Can you imagine if President Obama would’ve been in contact with a foreign government? White people are bold. It’s an interesting time. This is illegal. We know now that Russia was involved in our election. We know what happened.”

The Comedy Get Down tour stops in Orlando, Feburary 18th and Chicago March 11th.

Click the link below to hear the entire interview.

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17 thoughts on “DL Hughley Slams Trump Administration Amid Russia Scandal

    • Your girl look ridiculous as hell in that dumbass dress. I may have made a typo error, but your bitch ass knw what I’m saying. Your bitch ass, no nothing, incompetent prez, needs to go to school, and read a few books. One of his biographers, says he hasn’t read a book from beginning to end, in his whole adult life. I’m schooling your bitch ass on that. And he’s your fake prez. He’s not going to make it 4 yrs.

  1. A resignation at this level, this early in a new administration taking office “should” result in a bipartisan demand for an independent resignation. This is also the biggest hint for President Trump to turn off the TV, and turn over his Twitter account to a PR expert or a communications expert, and he should focus on getting his senior staff on message. I didn’t vote for him, and these latest developments appear to demonstrate my belief that he is ill-prepared to handle the responsibilities of this office. However, none of that matters now because he IS the president and will have all the opportunities he needs to lead our nation…only time will tell if he will be successful at doing that.

    • Arthur Childress on said:

      Great comment, well thought out. There may be an independent investigation but there will never be any bi-partisan action taken as a result of the finding of said investigation. There is far too much partisanship right now in Washington. Trump has had several opportunities to show leadership in his short reign and he has responded with shallow insults and juvenile antics. Not only is he ill-prepared but, he has chosen to surround himself with people even less prepared than he is.

  2. Who the F^ck is DL Hughley? What’s his federal law and ethics back ground
    the joke is that a comedian would attempt to present himself as having professional knowledge as to do’s and don’ts can’s and cannots of executive matters

    • U don’t have to be a political science major to knw they’re is a fool in the White House. Everybody has a right to voice their opinion, and his disgust about this joke in Cheif. As I say , and will continue to say, this country is in complete chaos. It starts from the top.

    • That’s right people do have that right, Remember that when you hear criticism you don’t like however it goes a long way toward you sounding like an ass and sounding like you know what you’re talking about when you know what you’re talking about…I agree that’s the reason Trump is President is because shit runs downhill from the top

      • Bitch, l do one what the f… K I’m talking about. Bc your punk ass don’t agree, tuff. I’m going to continue to vent about that bitch wanna be, don’t have a clue, what the f he’s doing, prez. You got that BOY?????

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        Diane, please make a 2017 goal for yourself to enroll in a remedial English class at your local community college. Please. People might take you a bit more seriously

    • specialt757 on said:

      I guess we could say the same thing about Steve Harvey, but that’s neither here or there. DL considers himself a political analyst and black activist of sorts. He is qualified the same way you are, he’s done his research, the same as you have. You don’t have to agree with him nor do people have to agree with you. We are all capable of coming to our own conclusions based on the orange hitler’s past and present behaviors, statements, and actions.
      There are few like you Jose’ who are hell bent on making the liar in chief the greatest white man to grace the planet. I’m feel so sorry for you. It’s one thing to be blind and not see and another thing is to live your life with your eyes wide shut and refuse to see. But as you’ve stated, you have an opinion but so does DL.

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        Excellent points specialt. Truth be known, D.L. is certainly one of the most politically astute comedians in the country! Always on point.

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