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07/08/2012 - Kim Burrell - Essence Music Festival 2012 New Orleans - Day 3 - Seminars and Backstage - Ernest N. Morial Convention Center - New Orleans, LA, USA - Keywords: 1/2 length shot, half length shot, pastor, gospel artist Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1


Kim Burrell continues to feel the punitive effect of her anti-gay sermon, and has now lost her popular weekly show at Texas Southern University’s KTRK as a result.

The controversy started after video of Burrell preaching at Houston’s Love & Liberty Fellowship Church went viral. In it, she spoke against homosexuality and said “the perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women.”

In a statement released Wednesday, TSU says Burrell’s new show, “Bridging the Gap,” would no longer be airing Sunday afternoons on the university’s radio station, KTSU (90.9 FM).

When the show debuted in June, TSU said “Bridging the Gap” would feature the singer’s “unique take on music, life and society”:

This radio show is Burrell’s first venture as a radio host. She plans to give her fans and new listeners a mix of encouragement and entertainment. Bridging the Gap will feature special segments, including “You Thought It, I Said It,” “Losing My Religion”, and “Summary of Hope.” The weekly show will also feature special guest appearances from music artists in Jazz, R&B and Gospel.

TSU’s decision comes one day after Ellen DeGeneres dis-invited Burrell from her show, where she was to join Pharrell for a performance of their song “I See a Victory” from the Hidden Figures soundtrack. Ellen and Pharrell sat down instead and Ellen explained why Burrell was disinvited from her show.

But Burrell has gotten support from and unlikely source. A churchgoer says that despite their orientation, Burrell embraced them with open arms.

KHOU.com reports:

“Kim Burrell loves people,” O’Rhonde Chapman said.

Chapman credits Burrell for helping change his life.

“(She) supported me, embraced me, encouraged me and inspired me to be all that I have become today,” Chapman said.

Eight years ago, Chapman was a transgendered Nimitz High School student fighting for acceptance.

Later, homelessness and identity issues led him to Life and Liberty Fellowship Church. He found its pastor, Kim Burrell, with arms wide open.

“I was openly gay at the time,” he said. “So (Burrell) embraced me. She didn’t shun me. She didn’t have hatred towards me. She treated me in a way that I was supposed to be treated.”

Burrell pushed Chapman to chase his dream of going to design school and starting his own fashion line.

So, when he saw a snippet of a recent Burrell sermon shared online then criticized as “gay bashing,” Chapman cringed.

Then, when Ellen DeGeneres canceled Burrell’s planned appearance on The Ellen Show to promote her music featured in the upcoming film Hidden Figures, Chapman chose to speak up.

“Even hearing that snippet, I still know that her heart for people to do right and her heart after making sure that God’s mission was completed was every bit of pure no matter how it’s being received,” he said.

PHOTO: PR Photos

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58 thoughts on “Kim Burrell Update: Gay Churchgoer Comes To Her Defense, Radio Show Cancelled, Ellen Explains

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    Thank you Kim. People don’t like to hear the truth. Gays/Lesbians in the church is not right. Build your own churches and do your sinful things there. Leave the righteous alone.

  2. jcdj0525 on said:

    So Trump was elected President because he is not homophobic, but sexist, racist, and xenophobic. America has truly jumped on the band wagon. God Help Us!!!

  3. I SMH, and can’t understand why (some) people are worrying about if someone else is gay (not them personally…..but worried about someone else’s business). People need to get a life, and stay out of other people’s business. What makes these religious folks think they have moral authority to judge people??!! Meanwhile…..important things that affect all of us like HIGH ‘A” food prices, and housing costs (rent, etc) are going up. Again….get a life folks, and be concerned about what’s really important!!

    • Evangelist Marshall on said:

      Actually, what the world doesn’t realize is that when preachers speak, they’re commissioned by God, I’ll say it again, by God on what to say. We are not judging anyone for God says not to judge lest we be judged. It’s God that does the judging. Ministers, Pastors and Evangelist are just the vessel for the Holy Spirit. The Bible is even written by men that were influenced by the spirit of God on what to write. And the Bible prophecies are being fulfilled. No, God is not pleased with sin whether is homosexuality, fornication, adulterers, murdering, lying, stealing, or unbelief. God loves all because it was He who created us. But He hates THE SIN. That’s what’s being preached today and people are getting offended thinking that God hates them or that the church is judging them. No, God wants all to be free from sin. We only preach what God says in His Word trying to warn those who are in sin because we don’t want to see anyone suffer or judged by Gods wrath. If people don’t want to believe, so be it. But as ministers, we have to preach the true word of God or we’ll be held accountable for being disobedient. It’s up to the world to hear and believe or not.

  4. batshuainternationalministriesradio on said:

    I am an Apostle and I do not stand by her. And let me explain why. The word of God says he without sin cast the first stone. Then he also say to not be a block in anyone way.

    Now the reason why I am hurt by what she said. Is because she called out 2 people names. Bishop E Long. And this other young man. The young man that she called out is getting ready to sue her. Because she did not know what she was talking about.

    https://youtu.be/qJJzzUq8rJA Here is the video., we have to be very careful. Now I said this and I will back it up. churches need to stop folks from coming in with these phones. According to her . that was for her church and not the public.

    Now because of these people and this youtube. this lady has lost everything.

    We are to preach the word not talk about people. There is a book that is out called the 12:00 date with the father. People need to read it. I have read it . and its speaks about how God love his people . even down to the same sex .

    And he going to deliver them in his timing . not man timing. The book is deep .

  5. Latonya Bruno on said:

    I think it’s wrong for people to fire her from her job and say nasty things about her. She has a right to her opinion and she didn’t say she hated homosexuals, she said it was a sin but she loved the person. If u read the Bible it is a sin, just like adultery and the other sins we all do everyday. No sin is greater than the other. I can’t judge anybody because I’m not perfect and none of us are. I say we all need to be understanding of each other.

  6. BOBBY BROWN on said:


    • Forrest on said:

      Murderers, adulterers aand fornicators are bashed every Sunday in the pulpit but I don’t hear anyone telling ministers to stop preaching about it. Homosexuality is an IMMORAL ACT just like the previous three I’ve just mentioned. Sin is Sin is Sin! No one is free from it; it’s just that some ppl do not want to own up to it. Remember, my comment only applies to those who believe in the Bible.

      • Forrest: Thank you for commenting ‘only applies to those that believe in the bible.’ I don’t mean any disrespect; but it is important to acknowledge that there are definitely lots of people that think the bible is a fairytale (I know I do). To those that do believe…..I say to each his own

  7. Marilyn on said:

    I saw the movie and heard the song. Kim Burrell is an awesome talent. However she should have known better than to make such inflammatory statements. This would have been her breakout moment and she blew it because she could not stay silent. It would have been quite a moment for her to sing at the Oscars because it was her moment to shine. Let this be a lesson to hold your tongue.

    • I TOO STAND WITH KIM BURRELL. – Preach what is in the Bible, some will see, many will not. Hopefully those that do not will understand ministers are not bashing “YOU”, they are bashing the sin. And I have heard in my lifetime the preacher teach about murderers, rapist, liars and all the other sins. God loves us all, he hates all sin.

  8. Geraldine Dixon on said:

    This Pastor is only speaking Gods word, why are you not bashing God. She is telling it like it is Leviticus’s 18:23. Leviticus’s 20:14. Roman 1:26-27

  9. James R. on said:

    Quit bashing this lady for the true Word of God, we know all what the true Word of God says, but most does not live by the Word of God. Live your life as you wish, but don’t try to make a Christian to be carnal to live a life of sin. We let you live your life and worship your god the devil, in which we cannot worship. But Worship in truth in Spirit.

  10. Greg buris on said:

    Christians so proud and busy being Christians and forgetting and not being Christ like.. He Who is without sin throw the first stone; love your neighborhood as you love yourself; judge and be not judge
    And my own take hurt people hurt people!

  11. Sister on said:

    I watched a young man growing up and I knew the very first time he was able to walk and talk that he was gay. So yes they are born that way and all the praying in the world will not change that.

  12. Tammie R Acoff on said:

    Spirits are real! Jesus was persecuted for speaking the truth and so will those who follow Him. Glory Be to God…Kim Burrell keep speaking truth.

  13. Ellen’s reaction was not a surprise. Burrell has a right to voice her religious views as we all have in this free country. When we disagree with someone, we tend to forget the rights of others. She speaks according to the Holy Bible views on the lifestyle. The Bible is clear. Keep speaking your truth Ms. Burrell.

    • Exactly. and for those asking the stupid questions – will God pay your rent, He sent his Son and paid your debt! If you woke this morning and went to work, had food and clothes to wear, YES God paid your rent by enabling disrespectful people to live and do for themselves.

  14. swife@gmail.com on said:

    I’d also like to know why no pastors are coming to her defense. It’s absolutely ridiculous that pastors are afraid to stand on the Word. I have a cousin who is gay and she actually loves her church because her pastor loves her, understands her AND provides her with coaching for change. Why do pastors help everyone else by providing tools to change, but tiptoe around homosexulaity? If gay people attend his/her church, they ALREADY know what the Bible says and are there to grow in that area as well as other shortcomings. HOWEVER, many of them are ignored and left desperately seeking a place where the pastor will love them and provide them with tools to overcome the struggle.

    • I completely agree with you. It is times like these that she will find out who her true Christian brothers and sisters are. We’re all praying for you Kim.

  15. swife@gmail.com on said:

    I am no Kim Burrell fan, but what’s the big deal with this? She’s not trying to make Ellen or anybody else who wasn’t there a Christian. The Bible speaks against homosexuality as well as other undesirable behaviors. The same way it’s a chore for me to stop my sins, engaging in sexual immoralities with the opposite or same sex is a chore for others. If you don’t believe in the Bible, don’t go to church and don’t proclaim to be Christian. You can’t choose bits and pieces to believe and disregard the rest. Before I get the comments about slavery and whatever else…You also can’t read a passage without getting clarification on it’s TRUE meaning. There’s nothing confusing about the book if you actually READ IT in entirety and not just mini-selections.

    • Hallelujah! if you don’t believe there should be nothing for you to say! I am for Kim and any ministers that delivers the Word of God!

  16. sharon townsell on said:

    None of us was in the service when she did her sermon. We just heard snippets of what was said. Sister Burrell has just as right to stand on what she feels as anyone else. I never heard anyone say she hated ANYONE, nor did she feel that God hated anyone. As we are admonished to love all groups, we should also love those that may not agree with our beliefs. God Bless and Keep you, Kim Burrell

  17. Forrest on said:

    What is sad about all of this is the hypocrisy from those who say they believe in the Bible and Jesus but getting mad when someone preaches the Bible. It appears that this anger seems to come more from those in the LGBTQ community whenever someone publicly speaks out against that lifestyle. The Bible preaches against murder, adultery, fornication among other IMMORAL ACTS but you don’t see murderers, adulterers or fornicators saying it’s wrong to say that. No one is perfect but saying you’re a sinner and being upset at being called a sinner are two different things! Homosexuality is no different! Peace

    • specialt757 on said:

      I agree 100% Forrest. I don’t see any snippets of video of her preaching sermons on murder, fornication, adultery, thieves, etc… being sins as per the Bible, but as soon as she speaks out about homosexuality, she is automatically labeled homophobic and hate gays. Not true, homosexuals think people should never speak out against this unnatural lifestyle. But save the drama, it’s never wrong to speak on God’s words, and that’s not to say use them to oppress like we’ve have seen the bible used to justify slavery.

      • The bible “used” to justify slavery? Now, I don’t pretend to know the bible front to back, but when was it rewritten to condemn slavery?

  18. Actually we are called to judge. We aren’t called to condemn. In the book of Revelation it tells us that we will judge angles. Just because someone is preaching against a lifestyle it doesn’t make them a hateful person. Notice I did say lifestyle. We are not born homosexual, one chooses to be homosexual. Just because someone has tendencies it doesn’t mean that you have to act upon those tendencies. Remember we are all born sinful not sinners. You become a sinner once you act upon the tendency.

  19. Per the Bible and Our Most High God Homosexuality is wrong the Bible says we should be fruitful and multiply no way we can do that if we all were homosexuals, gay, or lesbians and humanity would eventually cease to exist that’s one main reason why the Most High says it’s an abomination. People who speak out against it don’t hate the individuals and Kim never said hate one time in her sermon she is just telling you what’s wrong with it and the consequences of continuing in that lifestyle. If I was doing something wrong I wouldn’t mind someone telling me it’s wrong and what the consequences are as long as they weren’t trying to force me to change but instead letting me make my own decision to change. The problem with the LGBT community they are trying to force people to adopt their way of life or silence your free speech right and that’s VERY wrong. Kim don’t back down there are more people who support what you said than what you think the media is trying to make it seem like everybody is against you but that’s soooo not true!

  20. I HATE, yes I used the word, that it is okay for a tv personality to cancel someone because of their belief, BUT a cake store owner can’t not bake a cake because of their brief. I hope for the fall of the liberal media during the upcoming presidential administration.

    • Exactly!!! has the time come where we will make evil good and good evil 😳😳😳😳
      Ellen D cancelled for what? one didn’t have anything to do with the other, she wasn’t appearing on show for her views on homosexuality, I’m quite sure others appearing on her show may have their opinion of homosexuality but Ellen D wouldn’t know that, if that’s not what they are appearing on the show for.

  21. specialt757 on said:

    While listening to the SHMS this morning, Steve stuck his big fat foot in his mouth. See he talks that stuff about how good God is and wants people to think that’s who he praises because that’s who he’s been taught all his life to praise. However, that almighty $$ bill is his god. He wants to speak out against Kim B this morning saying “she was wrong but I love her”, she wasn’t wrong. But he can’t agree with her because of his “sponsors” and Ellen is a good friend to him. Kim said absolutely nothing about Ellen D directly, but because Ellen is homosexual she believes Kim is talking about her, well if you throw a rock in a pack of dogs, the one that barks, is the one that got hit.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Is it the same way you said “Blacks have really hit the bottom of the food chain. Hypocritical, mean, nasty, judgemental, damn near totally void of humanity and the most virulent racist on the planet” and I’m black but I didn’t think you were talking about me. I accept I’m black I have no other choice but I do have a choice in being all the things you mentioned. But then you back tracked and said “I’ve actually identified all people.”
        So yes Ellen is a homosexual and Kim was speaking out against homosexuality, but she never said she hated Ellen, she dislikes the spirit.

  22. specialt757 on said:

    I don’t think Kim said anything HATEFUL. I believe she spoke on what she believes and what the bible says. As long as she speaks from the bible and not something she made up, then she’s following God’s word. No where did I hear her say she hates homosexuals but spoke out about the act or spirit of homosexuality. I say she has nothing to apologize for and soon this two shall pass. Say what you mean and mean what you say, no shame and no apologies.
    Don’t apologize Kim.

  23. SR – I am a Christian and believe what God has to say about homosexuality. This doesn’t mean that I hate homosexuals, I have family members that are gay; nevertheless I don’t think God made a mistake. I don’t know why people are that way. Some say they were born that way, other’s just went that way. I believe my job is to be kind to all men; but I don’t have to believe and accept everything someone else does

  24. Barbara Hicks on said:

    Kim you don’t need the approval of mainstreet, the only approval that really counts is the approval of God! What you said has scripture foundation so keep standing on God’s word. He will never leave or forsake you.

    • M Gibbs on said:

      Anytime people are faced with God’s truth and have to examine themselves it’s a problem. If you believe God’s word, take a stand no matter who doesn’t like it. Just because America wants to make something right doesn’t mean it’s right and God said it’s right!!!!This goes for anything that’s against His word. This subject just always needs special attention or consideration because of society! Society can’t do a thing for you!!

      • Every month that mortgage gets paid. God is good all the time. It’s man that will fail you, God will always be there for you…

      • Try telling your landlord to ask The Lord for the rent. If that’s all it took, homelessness wouldn’t exist. God helps those who help themselves. Running your big, fat trap and antagonizing the hand that feeds you is not helping yourself.

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