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More single Black women are packing pistols.

“There is a high uptick of African-Americans buying guns across the country,” said Philip Smith, president of the 14,000-member National African-American Gun Association.

“We are enrolling members in gun clubs in record numbers and Black women are driving gun sales,” Smith said. “More women are buying guns and more women are thinking about buying guns and it’s connected to the political landscape right now.”

Consider this: As a result of Donald Trump’s victory — and the perception that white supremacist groups are intensifying — single Black women are purchasing more handguns to protect themselves against a perceived threat from racists.

“There is a tension in the air with the new political climate after the [presidential] election,” said Smith. “It’s very sobering.”

Gun shop owners have told gun enthusiasts like Smith that they are seeing as many as four times more African-American customers. Smith says his membership rolls increased dramatically during the four-day period after Trump was elected president.

Sixty percent of his members, Smith said, are Black women.

Tawana Watson started the “She Packs Heat Women Shooting” club in Cleveland, Ohio as a way to teach women to protect themselves. They shoot at the Urban Gun Range and meet every other Thursday, according to

But blogger Toni Ransom says the issue of Black women owning guns comes with potential hazards.

“Since the death of Sandra Bland in July 2015, many of us have begun to consider some tough questions. What if we encounter a racist or sexist officer?” Ransom wrote. “Will it matter that our weapon is legal, that we train regularly at the range, that we store it safely and follow the proper protocol to let the officer know we’re carrying? Or will our children grow up without a mother because we were protecting ourselves from the wrong people?”

According to the National African-American Gun Association, 19% of African-Americans nationwide own firearms. In 2015, this percentage is growing to include doctors, lawyers, dentists, business men and women, plumbers — and single moms.

“Many women, regardless of color, decide to get a weapon after leaving a violent and abusive relationship to protect them from a man they fear will punish them for leaving,” Ransom wrote.

The perception of African-Americans owning guns is changing, the NAAGA reported. In 2012, the Pew Research Center conducted a national survey and found that only 29% of African-American households viewed gun ownership as positive. In 2015, that same survey showed a dramatic jump to 59% approval now that many African-American families see owning guns as a necessity.

And single Black women, I’m learning, are leading the way.

What do you think?

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48 thoughts on “Strapped: Do Black Women Need Guns To Survive Trump’s America?

  1. OK, let’s ignore the reality that a black woman is exponentially more likely to be attached or a victim of crime from another black, not a Trump supporter. Unreal “journalism”. You proud of this work Cottman?

  2. This article is a crock of BS! You talk about white supremacist like it’s a problem when they have been a non isue for a long time and will continue to be a non issue! At the same time these articles are coming from and National African American Gun Association. Really? WTH? Talk about racist! Continued division!

  3. Mike Waters on said:

    Yes. I think that a black woman walking around murica like in New York City or San Francisco needs to be packing or the white folk will shoot them. With articles having this mentality, no wonder there is increasing racial division. It’s about time this ridiculous false reality left the building.

  4. James R. on said:

    I would highly suggested it, go to a class to learn all about the gun you will be using. Stay within the guidelines and laws that your state requires of gun owners. A good percentage of people you encounter today is probably armed, that’s good and bad people.

  5. chris and jhuff are racist trolls, so no serious input from them. I am a black woman and I have bought a gun, i have been black all my life and have lived around both black and white people but after seeing the trump trash coming out like the just got told slavery has been revoked prompted me to hit the range more often. I don’t look for trouble but if you bring it you’ll get what you’re looking for.

    • Really going to the range? Cause you sound like a person who lives in one of those liberal enclaves that only allow criminals to carry guns you know like Chicago where 100’s of black men and women have lost their lives at the hands of other blacks, BTW thanks for telling us you’ve always been black, I guess it’s possible to change race at some point in ones life

  6. Black women should’ve had guns to deal with black America period! Black women die at higher rates at the hands of black males than anything else!! Rape, murder, sexual harassment, etc from the black community that’s who we need to protect ourselves from, not so much from ‘Trumps America’ our own people!! Please!!

  7. It’s a good idea for everyone to learn how to properly handle a firearm. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go out and get one for yourself, unless that is your desire. But, you never know when a situation will arise when you might have to handle a gun, so you need to be familiar enough with them to know how to “safely” handle and clear the weapon…..or fire it in a life or death situation.

  8. Vanessa on said:

    Yes I think all black woman need to carry gun I do not like gun but you need to protect urself because what they are doing black woman I think all woman needs to carry a gun

  9. Becareful on said:

    I believe the threat is real. Since, Trump’s election I have had several males make threats towards me. But, you must realize the potential consequences of killing a white person should you face a jury. Not only that, being killed by the police for alerting them that you have a weapon in your vehicle. Think before you act.

    • Judging from your conclusive statement on shooting a white person, apparently NO black man appears to be interested in your body or mind, or as like apparently in Chicago killing black men don’t count

      • SheCat54 on said:

        Take your sorry ass to the ruff neighborhoods and talk that shit. Your that peckerwood that will always hang on to old shit. Be careful brown skins this punk smiles in your face and goes to Black Lives Matter rally’s and takes pictures and acts like he down for the cause. Step light punk you never know when one of us will have to defend ourselves against you. By the way GO BACK TO AFRICA!!!

    • You should think before you open your ignorant racist mouth. You are much more likely to be attacked/killed by a black person than whitey.

  10. ButterPecan on said:

    I got one after my divorce in 1991 because I was now a single mother living alone. I am trained and certified. Don’t start none, won’t be none!

    • That’s the “I know nothing about firearms but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn last night” shooting stance, BTW I’m sure by now you’ve recognized (Chris on’s) sarcasm aimed at the author of this article

  11. dgreyeyes on said:

    I personally am going to be signing up for a gun permit and taking class to do so because I feel that we need to protect ourselves no matter who, what, when, where and why. I wouldn’t need a gun if stupid ass people, no matter their ethnic background, would keep to themselves and stop all of this jealously that is going around. If goes from people being mad at someone because they have something more, or their skin complexion is one color or that person thinks that they are more important because they have a badge. I live around a bunch of KKK members or whatever they call themselves today. I don’t bother them and they do not both me. The only time there will be a problem is when I am feeling threatened. Otherwise I am going to do me and they do them.

  12. Pat Morgan on said:

    Yes, all black, brown, and other minorites that can legally own guns should get guns…and train on how to use them…and they should also get bullet proof vests.

    • SheCat54 on said:

      Peckerwoods get guns illegally and have criminal records as well but because they want their freedom to bare arms it’s come to this. So get ready brown skins(not mexicans) this is what they want lets give it to them. We need to fight back in many ways not just getting guns. Me and my daughter are taking a gun class and learning everything about guns and we will be ready to defend ourselves when necessary.

  13. I own several guns. I have owned them for years. I think we all should own them. I was told by a “policeman” many years ago to arm myself because the time is coming (and it is here) when we may need to protect ourselves from the powers that be.

  14. Yes, absolutely women of color should pack a firearm since Trump was elected. Up until now women of color have never had to be worried about being attacked, raped or robbed. The black on black crime lies perpetuated by the so called white man are just that, lies. Where do they come up with that number of 4257 shot in Chicago? It’s a lie. 771 homicides in the President Barack Obama’s hometown, a lie. (Sarcasm mode turned off)

  15. FallMornings on said:

    More need to register and take lessons. Not from Trump’s America but from other Blacks. The persons who broke into my home were not white, Hispanic or Asian, they were Black. So at this time, I’m not really in love with Black people.

    • Let’s talk about White on White killings, much more of them. Of course shooting up churches, schools, movie theaters, good old white people!!!

  16. Racist white folks need to be careful who they harass and attack,. because the person(s) may be armed, and the racists’ actions may be a deadly consequence as a result! People of other cultures are Not going to continue putting up with this hatred!

    • Yeah, especially the 4257 people shot in Chicago. Don’t white folks know that only black people can call each other the N word and only black people can shoot each other.

    • thou shall not kill. this upheaval of racism is sickening, but it goes both ways. trump was not the people’s choice. obama was for two elections, and many people who supported him were white. i’ve been threatened with evil and violence during my life, but no one has ever shot me. i never even wanted something like pepper spray until recently. its less dangerous than a gun. this is ridiculous. i hope god will make everything much better than this stupid, violence spreading article.

  17. I’ll be defending myself against Whitey. Since this racsit has gotten elected white ppl have lost their damn minds. They are going to say something to the wrong blk person and be on the other side of those bullits.

    • there have always been crazy white people but black people are going nuts too? Whitey? is this 2016? be sure to understand you most likely have some of that white blood in your dna, and it came first from god. so are you really saying you will shoot someone for being a moron?

  18. Considering the death rate of black women and men during Obama’s America maybe Obama should have been handing out “Obama Guns instead of phones”

  19. Mrknowitall on said:

    since there is an alarming rate of black-on-black rape, murder and other crimes you will now see alarming number of black murders by people defending themselves against other black people. This can only be a good thing when black people stop being a victim of other black people’s crimes.

  20. Black folks need to stop wasting their bullets shooting and killin each other over dumb s–t.
    Those bullets may become valuable and very necessary once Chump takes the oath in

    The Klan that supports him are not in luv with us!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I plan on purchasing several weapons in order to defend myself/home/property.
    I also plan on investing in some lessons on the shooting range so when I aim-I shoot and kill the REDNECK threatening me!!!!!!

    • Mrknowitall on said:

      Statistically, you’re more likely to be harmed by a black person, yes someone that looks like you. good luck and defending yourself against another black person. I’ll buy you bullits.

      • therealhousewifeofprincegeorgescounty on said:

        I do not think statistically you’re more likely to be harmed by a Black person. I think statistically, anyone is more likely to be harmed by those in closest proximity to them. So, many ethnic groups stay more closely in circles with their own–whites are more with whites, Blacks more with Blacks, etc. However, everyone’s statistics of being harmed by the profile of the harmful (35 yr old, white, divorced male) is very high and when you add racists to that profile, it doesn’t look promising. Just saying

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