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I’m not a sore loser. For my entire life, I’ve called the man who won the presidential election by their rightful title of President of the United States. I didn’t vote for Ronald or either George, but to me they were always President Reagan and President Bush. Under no circumstance will I be calling Donald Trump “President Trump,” or “Mr. President,” “POTUS,” “King,” or any other title that he may very well claim as his own.

I do not respect Donald Trump. Furthermore, my self-respect is not trumped by my respect for the office he will soon presumably hold. In fact, my respect for the office itself has deteriorated to almost nothing as each passing day brings him closer to it.

He is dangerous and disgusting. He is an offensive, conniving, self-absorbed, misogynistic bigot. He is a liar. He is a gaudy materialist. He is an arrogant, thin-skinned, abuser of women.

Over the course of the campaign, Politifact, the widely respected nonpartisan political watchdog, evaluated 340 different statements made by Donald Trump. 61 of them were outrageous “pants on fire” lies. An astounding 114 of them were absolutely false. Another 63 were mostly false. That means 70% of the unique statements Donald Trump made during the election were mostly false, completely false, or outrageous lies. Another 51 of those statements were deemed to be only half true. When it was all said and done, only 4% of what Donald Trump said was determined to be completely true. 4%!

His first wife testified that in a rage he violently raped and assaulted her.

While he was married to his third wife, he was recorded openly bragging about how he forces himself on women and sexually assaults them.

At least 16 different women have now accused this man of either sexual assault or sexual harassment.

Donald Trump’s lack of personal morality alone prevents me from having any respect for the man. His election was not a magic potion for me in which I now suddenly forget what he has said and done to so many women.

Trump shared a white supremacist meme falsely claiming that 81% of white murder victims are killed by African Americans. This was a complete fabrication. 81% of white murder victims are killed by white people. He refused to apologize for the damage it caused or even acknowledge its inaccuracy. That’s not his way.

Fortune Magazine did an entire spread on his online ties to white supremacists. Neo-Nazi’s openly performed the Nazi salute in response to his victory.

Trump proposed banning all Muslims from entering the United States. He bragged that he’d deport 450,000 undocumented immigrants per month for 24 straight months until they were all gone.

The man made himself an enemy of the people I know and love.

His election has not stopped his foolishness.

He attacked the cast of Hamilton on Twitter. He repeatedly attacks the cast of Saturday Night Live on Twitter. He attacked a union leader on Twitter. He told outright lies saying millions and millions of fake votes that were cast in the presidential election. They weren’t.

Worse than that, he has appointed a vulgar, abusive, anti-Semitic, white supremacist bigot, Steve Bannon, as his Chief Strategist. Companies all over the world are blacklisting the company that Steve Bannon most recently oversaw, Breitbart, because they are deeming it to violate their rules for hate speech.

This month alone he has twice invited Allen West to Trump Tower in spite of the fact that West shared a meme on his Facebook page advocating for the full extermination of all Muslims from the world.

He nominated a new head of the EPA who has actively sued the EPA.

He nominated Rick Perry to head up the Department of Energy when Perry himself famously said he would disband the department. Furthermore, Perry sits on the board of Energy Transfer Partners – the company overseeing the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The CIA is openly saying that Russia, including Putin himself, deliberately and successfully hacked Democrats to sway the results of the election in favor of Donald Trump.

I don’t care if Kanye and Jim Brown kiss his ring and take affectionate selfies with Trump every day for the next 4 years, that foolishness means nothing to me. Trump is a terrible human being and his many flagrant violations simply preclude me from ever being able to muster up enough respect to even call the man Mr. Trump. I damn sure what call him President Trump. Not now. Not ever.

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35 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Calling Donald “President Trump”

  1. King can you talk about something else? we already know about you hate the president we’ve heard it over and over, is there anything else you can bring to the table because its not all about you.

  2. Andy on said:

    I may be white, but I in no way support trump. I’m with you bro, I will never address him as president, because he doesn’t deserve that title.

  3. I am so tired of Black People saying Obama did nothing for them when they won’t even get out and vote. When Black people stayed home during the 2010 election, the Republicans took over and after that everything Obama tried to do was cut down. Thanks so much Kimberly for your comment at 9:55. What are Black people doing to help themselves. Also if you think Obama wasn’t for you, just wait until this president elect gets into office, maybe then you will realize that Obama wasn’t so bad after all. Let me rephrase that, You WILL say Obama wasn’t so bad after all. As for Shaun King, he’s not spreading hate, he’s telling the truth. I’m thankful for people like Shaun who will express himself and keep Black people in the know as to what’s really going on. Mainstream media won’t do that.

  4. Kimberly on said:

    I would also like to address those of you that feel your circumstances did not improve under President Obama. To the majority of you, I say, maybe you should take a long, hard look in the mirror. Then, ask yourself, what did you do to help improve your circumstances? Did you go to school to improve your education? Did you take the initiative for additional on the job training, to advance in your company. Did you look for a better paying job, or settle for your current pay? Did you examine your own potential to start a business? If you answered “no” to all of the above. Sadly, you will find yourself in the same position after Trump’s term. Especially if you continue to do nothing. I wish you well under YOUR future president. I hope he is the change you think you wanted.

  5. Freddy Jones on said:

    Pres. Obama did nothin for us in the hood. The only thing he has in common with me is his skin color. Otherwise, nothin…..He may not be your president, but I can bet you that if Hillary won, she wouldn’t be my president. She’s nothing but a carpet bagging old money hustler, just like Sharpton. Sharpton preys on us blacks & so does Hillary. At least Trump doesn’t use us to make money.

  6. Informed on said:

    Shaun King, you didn’t go deep enough. Donald Trump is a fool. He could’ve been the exact opposite given the resources available to him. He could’ve been a real humanitarian, but he chose to be evil, conniving and abusive. What a waste. He’s miserable and sadly, he has plenty of company. He brought out all the miserable individuals who need an excuse for their vile, hatefulness.

  7. Your a dam coon King. So many other blacks disagree with you on this issue. It was time for a change in the black community, the democrats has destroyed our families and communities, things were only getting worst in the hood, why you so blind you cant’s see this!! I think you are out of touch with where many African Americans are today, we are waking up and not letting people like you deceive us, and continue to call us a bigot just because we disagree with what you say. I know many black voted republican for the first time ever. Trump deserves a chance and many black people in the hood voted from him.
    Get to steppin’, you albino huckster.

  8. You don’t have to say anything at all, all Trump haters please do the nation a favor and just keep ya mouths shut. get Trump off ya mind. GET GOD on ya mind.

  9. Trump has told ANOTHER LIE. Today in Hershey, PA he said that Black people didn’t vote for Hillary, and insinuated that they voted for him (in huge numbers……you know with him everything is Yuuuuuge LOL). When in fact voting records indicate that 88% of Black people voted for Hillary, and only 8% voted for Trump. What excuse are Trump’s supporters going to come with now regarding his telling falsehoods?

  10. FallMornings on said:

    He doesn’t give a flying F**k if you do or don’t. He seems to be handling the win very well. You liberals stop whining because Hillary lost and do something positive for your neighborhoods.

    • Truth79 on said:

      I agree. This guy Sean King likes to cause confusion and stir up fear in black people about how bad Trump is and how we are in danger. Sean King is full of you know what. It is time for a positive change so this guy can keep his BS rhetoric to himself. No one wants to hear it. Thank you President Elect Trump for actually acknowledging the black community and speaking to us unlike our current president Obama, who ignored us for 8 years and thought there would be no backlash for it.

  11. Mac Ben on said:

    I’m sure PEOTUS Trump gives a daaaamn about what you call him, whiteboy. Like it or not, he will be your president. Dont like it? Move to another country– there are millions of haitians, africans, cubans and syrians who would looove to take your place!

  12. What do you want to be called Shaun King? you and others are a rebellious people just like the Israelites, its time to stop Trump hating and bring something else to the table. Why are ya’ll in so much fear oh ye of little faith, why do ya’ll shake and quiver? Make yourself great again–wise up.

  13. abundant477 on said:

    So many other blacks disagree with you on this issue. it was time for a change in the black community, the democrats has destroyed our families and communities, things were only getting worst in the hood, why you so blind you cant’s see this!! I think you are out of touch with where many african americans are today, we waking up and not letting people like you deceive us, and continue to call us a bigot just because we disagree with what you say. I know many black voted republican for the first time ever. Trump deserves a chance and many black people in the hood voted from him!!

    • abun: I don’t have a problem with what you think, or how you see life because we all have different experiences; but please SPEAK FOR YOURSELF (and don’t assume that all, or even lots of Black people feel the same way you do). Shaun has an opinion just like you have one. You said Democrats have ruined families, and communities?? Maybe in your universe but not in my universe. It appears that you have let other people set your agenda in life, and if so that’s a sad state of affairs. Again…..we all have different experiences in life

  14. It’s unfortunate that any of “us” speak this way about the POTUS – but Shaun you have made so many valid observations of this soon to be leader of the free world and I’m really afraid for those of us who don’t represent what he stands for. I know that on Jan 20th, Trump is going to wake up and say “what the hell did I get myself into” – His presidency is going to be overshadowed and marred by so much negativity – What leader constantly tweets ill mannered remarks about the general public? What kind of legacy will he leave? What other world leaders will want to have a relationship with him, especially countries that are ruled by women – this is going to be bad, bad, bad!

  15. redbone1954 on said:

    I agree with everything Shaun King said. This pig donald chump is a bold face liar. Oh and for all of his supporters. WHERES THE WALL??????? His lyin azz said day one or does that mean after the inguration of which they cannot give away seeats to. Supporters enjoy you life ! The anti Christ is in control

  16. Shaun King is so fill with hate that he has become irrelevant, not that he had anything to say that made much sense in the first place. Typical ol N word. Wonder if Trump care about him.

  17. Shaun King like a lot of blacks have lost their ever loving mind because Trump was elected, as if their life would change one bit. So for those who lost their mind tell me that there was not much of a mind there to start with.

  18. Hoodtechie on said:

    Really,who gives a dam about you not calling him president trump. I didn’t call barrack president obama like most black people think that hurts anyone feelings,negro please.bottom line in a few months you and all the other black leaders will be begging the trump administration for help,it is what it is.we don’t have any power in this country because we don’t own anything

    • Hoodie: You can support anyone you like (including the lying, conniving, fraudulent, say anything to get elected Trumpster). But if you think you speak for all Black, or even most Black people? NOT!! And, it sounds like you don’t own anything, and that you ASSUME most, or all Black people don’t own anything?? Again…..NOT!! Just because you (may not) own anything, or have a great life don’t assume that all, or most Black people fall under that category. Yes there are Black people that aren’t fairing alright…..but don’t believe the hype that it’s (most) Black people. And, not that I give a S…..but all white people aren’t rich, and prosperous either. That’s also a fallacy

  19. Carolyn Williams on said:

    Mr. King, you have expressed the sentiments of most of us. I try very hard not to be judgmental or find fault with others but something definitely is not right with this man. His facial expressions are arrogant and untrustworthy.

  20. CDL - TN on said:

    I agree with you on not calling trump Mister and/or President. The thought never entered my mind to do so. I will call him trump – or – Tramp.

  21. I have about as much respect for trump and his ilk as they have for President Obama. Some of the ilk refused to respect President Obama or the office so why should I give respect..

  22. Sandra McArthur on said:

    I am not a sore loser either…I always felt and knew something went terribly wrong with the voting process hacking. I told All my friends Trump is rich but Never obtain the POWER he felt he deserve. He would do ANYTHING TO WIN. HE CANT HANDLE LOSING. The mindset he has will make it very difficult to govern. Most of All I just could Never BELIEVE The American Family has stoop So Low and Disrespectful to put him in the Highest office of the land.. The Leader reflects the Body of the people and it’s SAD. I Truly Believe We need to Stay in Our Prayer Room More…GOD BE WITH US…

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