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Dr. Jarrett, America’s dentist, is among the country’s most well-known and respected dentists. She is the owner of JLM Dentistry located in the Atlanta, GA area. She has dedicated her professional career to speaking and educating the world about oral health and providing the best care dentistry has to offer.

Dr. Jarrett is frequently called upon by local and national media to give a fresh perspective on oral health issues. In the office, she strives to create a professional, comfortable and friendly atmosphere, while providing personalized and gentle care.

Dr. Jarrett is also the founder of Beyond Her Smile, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advancing positivity among young girls and exposing them to the fields of dentistry and medicine.

As a proud graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana, Dr. Jarrett also has a master’s degree of public health from Tulane University and a dental degree from the University of Tennessee. She is a member of the American Dental Association and the American Dental Implant Association.

Dr. Jarrett enjoys life outside of dentistry as well. She and her husband love traveling and are the proud parents of a six-year-old daughter.

You can follow Dr. JarrettDDS on Facebook where she does a weekly live series called Flossing Fridays, giving you fun and creative ways to enhance your smile.

Dr. Jarrett answers your questions below:

Hello i have missing teeth that i would love to replace i’ve had partials and now have a bridge which is much better but i would really rather have dental implants but they are so expensive – is there another option other then that?

There are 3 ways to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures(good), Bridges(better), Implants(best).  Implants are a better option because they are the next best thing to natural teeth.  As far as cost is concerned, you normally aren’t required to pay everything all at once because implants are placed in stages.  Please go to my website to find out more info on why implants are the best option for you.


Are baking soda, peroxide and toothpaste a good remedy for teeth whitening?

No.  Baking soda is too harsh on the teeth. There are several options for teeth whitening. None of them involve baking soda. Please try to stay away from baking soda. It will cause you to lose tooth structure and cause your teeth to be sensitive. I would suggest that you have your teeth checked and cleaned by a dentist first and then discuss the different options for whitening. I’m sure there is one that best fits your needs.  Check my website for more detailed info.


I have Sjogrens syndrome. Does that mean i have lupus?

No, it does not. If you have lupus, you may have Sjogrens. Please be sure to have regular visits with a rheumatologist.

Do men get lupus?

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lupus is something that’s usually not easily diagnosed. If you feel something is going on with your body, take action as see your primary care doctor or internal medicine doctor.

Good morning…I have Sjorgen’s and take the Plexsnell but still have very dry mouth. Some days are good, some very bad, but I do follow up with my dentist, who is great. Any suggestions? 

Hey, It’s important that you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. There are mouth rinses and products out there that can help. Try Biotene oral balance. It helps me when my mouth is dry. Avoid carbonated beverages, sucrose, juices, and water with additives.

Please ask the doc if there’s something we can use for dry mouth besides Biotene? 

Yes there are several products out there besides Biotene.  ACT has a line of products. If the products that you get in stores does not work for you, a prescription may be necessary.

Does removing tonsil stones eliminate bad breath?

Tonsil stones do cause bad breath. Removing them can cause bad breath. But the number one reason for bad breath is gum disease. It’s best to see your dentist. Find more info on how to eliminate bad breath on my website,

I’ve adapted a ketogenic eating lifestyle and it leaves my mouth really dry. What can I do to combat that?

Water, water, water. Drink plenty of water. Avoid carbonated beverages, sucrose, juices, and water with additives. There are products in the stores that can help with dry mouth.  Chewing sugarless gum will help produce saliva.

I was told it would be mid-January before dental work and would have to have antibiotics before dental procedures. But I’m having toothaches now. What are my options?

If you are here in Atlanta, give us a call 770-433-1515.  If not call a dentist ASAP.  Please don’t stay in pain. Something can be done to get you comfortable.

What may cause black spots on the gums, please?

Yes absolutely. If those black spots have not always been present, it’s important that you get them checked.  Please call your dentist for an appointment soon.

PHOTO: Dr. Jarrett

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