vincetamarTamar Braxton and Vince Herbert celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on Saturday. For the special day, Tamar shared a video of her singing Al B. Sure’s “Nite & Day” to Vince, while he did a funny grind dance behind her.

Despite constant rumors of a breakup, the lovebirds look happy as ever.

“Happy 8th anniversary to my best and sometimes only friend my husband, my manager, agent and Best baby daddy on the planet,” she captioned the Instagram video with. “We may not have the picture perfect marriage but what WE see in each other is perfection. I love you forever. Cheers to 800 more years.”

The couple appeared to have the celebrated in an intimate space and it’s not clear who was there, but we know who wasn’t…

Over the past couple of weeks Tamar has un-followed Monica Brown, Toya Wright, and Tameka “Tony” Harris for being on and supporting guests of The Real— the talk show she was fired from last May. Hopefully, this beef will subside, because there’s nothing worse than losing your main crew. Especially for something petty.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Tamar’s sister Toni Braxton is out here killing packed out shows and making her audience do the Mannequin Challenge. Good to see her in good health after a couple scares this year.

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