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Charles Barkley may be a basketball icon and popular sports commentator, but his views on race have led many in the Black community to cast him a side-eye. But TNT thought his controversial views would make for compelling TV and signed him up for a six-part TV series on race called The Race Card, airing in 2017.

For one of his show segments, Barkley traveled to a West Baltimore church to talk to residents about their relationship to the police in the wake of both the Freddie Gray, Jr. case and the Justice Department’s finding that Baltimore’s Black residents experienced a pattern of racial profiling. When Barkley shared his support of the police, the crowd wasn’t having it.

The Undefeated reports:

Barkley and a TNT production crew came to Baltimore on Monday to film segments for The Race Card, a six-part program scheduled to air in 2017, in which Barkley is to engage communities on hot-button topics.

There are few more contentious contemporary issues in America than the relationship between police and the African-American community.

And there are few cities where the sides are more divided than Baltimore, where the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray from spinal injuries sustained while he was in police custody set off riots and looting.

Three of six officers who were charged in Gray’s death were acquitted in respective trials. Following the third acquittal in July, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby dropped charges against the remaining three officers, citing long odds in securing convictions against them.

Following Gray’s death, the Justice Department launched an investigation into the patterns and practices of the city’s police department. In August, the department issued a scathing 163-page report charging that Baltimore police had violated the constitutional rights of residents by using excessive force and by conducting illegal stops. The report noted that those practices had a particular effect on poor, black residents who were much more likely to be stopped and arrested unnecessarily than other Baltimoreans.

With that as a prologue to Tuesday’s meeting at Southern Baptist Church, the site of a fire during the riots, Barkley spoke of his desire to “start a dialogue” between the police and the community.

Barkley said he arrived in Baltimore on Monday. During his 48 hours in the city, he said, he met with the families of victims of police shootings, as well as doing ride-alongs with police.

Barkley said he knew that “racism exists. Always has. Always will,” but contended that American discrimination was more about economic empowerment than skin color.

“America discriminates against poor people, whether you’re white, black, Hispanic, whatever,” said Barkley. “Poor people are dealt a crappy hand.”

However, it was when Barkley expressed support for police that the mood of the audience, which had been on edge, turned openly hostile.

Barkley criticized the audience, many of whom are community activists, saying he didn’t believe that any of them had expressed sympathy for the families of four police officers who were shot Sunday in separate incidents around the United States.

In one case, a San Antonio detective was killed while writing a ticket following a traffic stop.

“Did anybody say, ‘Man, I feel bad for their family’? ” asked Barkley. “There was no love [for police] in this room.”

When Diane Butler, the mother of Tyrone West, a local man who died after a 2013 struggle with police following a traffic stop, told Barkley, “I don’t know you, I don’t like you,” chiding him for empathizing with police for having to make split-second decisions. Barkley did not back down.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” said Barkley, then adding, “As far as you not liking me, it really doesn’t bother me. I’m used to it. I’m like the homecoming queen. All the ugly girls hate you. That’s part of my life. I never take anything personally.”

From there, things further deteriorated, as audience members took turns insulting Barkley for either a perceived lack of knowledge of Baltimore and its policing issues or his declarations of his philanthropy or both.

“What does your condolence mean to her?” said one audience member, gesturing toward Butler. “How simple and arrogant are you? There are so many black men that care about our community that for us to dwell on one man that just won’t get it is a waste of everybody’s time.”

Jill P. Carter, who represents a portion of the city in the Maryland House of Delegates, called Barkley’s presence “nonproductive,” and called on him to “do a little research on the history, on the community and on what’s been transpiring.”

The meeting closed with a group of activists shouting at Barkley, who was whisked off the stage by staff and security after wishing the audience a happy Thanksgiving.

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25 thoughts on “Charles Barkley Angers West Baltimore Residents In TV Taping

  1. on said:

    Why do I have have to pick a side? Why is it that if I say there is institutionalized racism in America that is perpetuated through Police Departments somehow I hate all police? There are plenty of great officers who protect and serve our communities, but there are also some terrible ones. All we’re saying it acknowledge it and get rid of them. I care about ALL Lives, but only the Black Lives are being hunted down.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Charles is so far removed from the poor black community, how would he ever be able to understand what these people are going through. They will never feel sorry for those officers’ families, why should they? They have their own problems that no one cares two shits about. Charles is the very last person to engage a black community in Bmore about the racial tensions, he doesn’t even think he’s black. He is a highly paid puppet, I guess you can’t be mad about him, I’m pretty sure these producers came to him to do this mess. I don’t like or respect him or nothing he has to say. He lost me when he said black women stink, I think his mama was black.

  3. There has always been house ni&&ers and field ni&&ers. You can always to get the house ni&&ers to close their eyes, turn their backs and sell their souls for the right price. You go Charles!!!

  4. No one cares what Charles has to say regarding this…..NO ONE. If TNT wants to pay him for talking smack….then that’s on them. I ain’t mad at him for taking their $$$; but I don’t agree with his rhetoric

  5. christiepadilla on said:

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  6. I am like the homecoming queen. All the ugly girls hate you”. Oh my see how stupid he is. To say that mean he is implying he is better than those people (and we know that is not true). By Charles saying that, Charles is dismissing these people feelings. These people felt they have been mistreated so talking about others for them to feel sorry for wont work.

  7. Sorry but Charles is not creitable for anyone to take him serious on this issue. This is like This would be like the kardarians having a show and offering advice to women on how to be a lady. Wont work no matter what you say.

  8. juliahoward on said:

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  9. African American Woman on said:

    It’s ridiculous to write a two paragraph comment about what white people think of us and how the black people who don’t always cosign to the “poor victim me” mantra are what’s wrong with black folks. Racism, discrimination, hatred, etc…will always exist-we cannot control that. All black folk feel like victims and realize that they have the power to create their own lives IN SPITE of obstacles. Too many of us look for others to fix everything for us and when that doesn’t happen, we blame them for failing us. When someone-another black person – makes a point or suggestion that goes against the “there is no other POV, I’m a victim and if you don’t agree, you’re an Uncle Tom.” People who talk but don’t listen will never progress. Black people are not one monolith- we all don’t operate as victims.

  10. Bark should have been READY when he undertook this endeavor. Listen-racism is here to stay – THAT’S the kind of people we live with here in America. Scared and frail. And THIS to the tune of 99.9% of em [white people]. African American communities all across America should be aconvening leaders in the community so we can – listen! So we can establish HOW WE WANT TO LIVE in America- and than expedite the HELL out of the plan! That hell being;
    -setting up a safety mechanism for ANYONE that wants to report the creeps that create the dreadful life conditions in the neighborhood
    -Turn this thing of ‘u do u’ bull around and be PREPARED to help one another from young to old
    -take up the broom and shovel and refuse to live in unsightly mess
    -When folks [US] come into the neighborhood to open businesses to put people to work – prepare to support them. Its about ‘us doing for us!’ Wise businessmen give back all the time
    so don’t worry.
    Black Wall Street CAN BE resurrected again. Don’t be afraid.

    I think Charles means good – he just wasn’t ready.

    As for the police – these people come from the 99.9% so when a fool act up – true feelings come out with a vengeance. Challenge them can only get a man or woman IN SERIOUS TROUBLE.
    What I’ve just said here is some of what can ‘un-stick’ us so we can live decently in this country. Just like the Asian community and the other communities that help one another.

  11. How much is uncle Charles getting paid and who care what he say when it’s said and done he will go back into his big house and count all that money he was paid to side with the enemy and I bet he have not given anything to the Black community so pleas leave them people along and people should not watch that shit when it air on tv.

  12. Barkley can’t relate to those people he has lived most ofnhis life as a millionaire. Although he may have grew up poor,he has no understanding of what there going thru today.some police are racist and handle blacks more aggressively than others.Charles isn’t keeping it 100.

  13. candicemcguire on said:

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  14. patricia williams on said:

    Why would it surprize you that Charles Barkley sides with the police, have you forgotten he is married to a white woman, he is republican, he doesn’t care about anyone darker than he is. Don’t look at the majority of these rich people, you haven’t heard about him giving anyone anything. Remember he said he is not a role model, and he sure isn’t anyone black people should go to for anything!

  15. African American Woman on said:

    It wouldn’t have matter if Jesus himself had addressed this crowd, you cannot have a productive conversation with people who do not and refuse to acknowledge that there are more POVs than than the ONE they believe. That’s a big reason why we as a people stay stuck…it’s ok to see other POVs, agree to disagree and to admit that there are things we need to do to help ourselves to get ahead-we will continue to stay stuck until we open our minds and stop closing down when we hear something we don’t like or want to hear.

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