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11/21/16- Roland Martin talks to Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison about his desire to chair the Democratic National Committee. He explains why he be the choice.

“We have low turnout. The answer is getting someone who can get turnout. We didn’t go get those people and get them to the ballot box,” Ellison said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.


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2 thoughts on “Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison Is Competing For DNC Chair

  1. The Dems need a total overhaul!!!!

    I noticed that not too many Democrats endorsed Hill. HRC lost the presidential election because she took some folks votes for granted. Some people chose to vote against her,
    while some 47 million chose to stay home.

    This speaks volumes for the Democratic party. There needs to be a legitimate “third party”
    in this country that has the ability to draw predominately Democratic voters.

    A party that speaks for the “working class people.” Not the Big-Wigs.
    A party that is financially capable of surviving without “special interests” or lobbyists $$$$.
    A party that works hard for everyone’s vote and does not take minority voters for granted!!!!!

  2. The dem party is a mess right now. Can’t no one person fix it. They haven’t won midterms in 6 yrs. try hardly have any governorships or state house legislators. They are pathetic. I’m turning in my dem card. I’m done voting

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