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CEDAR HILL, Texas (AP) — The parent company of Chili’s says it wants to make things right after a veteran had his free meal taken away on Veterans Day.

Ernest Walker posted a video to Facebook on Friday of a manager taking away his meal at a Chili’s in the Dallas suburb of Cedar Hill. The Army vet writes that the meal was taken away after another diner raised questions about the uniform Walker was wearing. Walker says the manager took his meal even after he showed him his military ID and discharge papers.

Walker says he bought the fatigues he was wearing after he was discharged as a tribute to his service.

Brinker International, which owns Chili’s, tells KDFW-TV that it’s taking the matter “very seriously.”

Walker’s lawyer is set to meet with the company Monday.

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22 thoughts on “Chili’s Manager Takes Away Vet’s Free Meal On Veterans Day

  1. Rachonda Dixon on said:

    Imagine how much food Chili’s throws away in any given day. We are talking about “a” meal, 1 meal, really? The manager behaved that way over 1 meal. The manager couldn’t reason that the patron who said, “Black people didn’t serve in WWII was an idiot. Black people have served in american wars long before WWII. Stupid, just stupid. over a meal.

  2. We really need to stop patronizing and spending our money in these places that really would rather not have us there. We will bypass the black-owned business to go to these establishments that will probably spit in our food or drop it on the floor and still serve it to us. I bet some of you are on your way to happy hour at one of these places right now.

  3. Chilling is very racist I took my granddaughters out to eat we paid as we were leaving a waitress chased us outside demanding a tip

      • Donna BN on said:

        A tip is not required, the only thing that is required is that you pay for your meal and if you felt that you received good service then and only then should you leave a tip. It is not about being cheap.

  4. And, if the manager is fired….he will be in another job at another restaurant in a New York minute. Generally speaking restaurant jobs come a dime a dozen

  5. And, that is the manager! The fact of the matter is (lots) of employees, and managers in the food industry are rude as H. If a manager acts like this……what can we expect from a waiter. I’ve encountered rudeness on many occasions. One time I didn’t give a top because of rudeness, and the rude waistress had the nerves to say…you didn’t tip me. To which I said to her something along the lines of ‘if you think I would give you a tip after your over the top rudeness…then you aren’t very intelligent.’ The world has gone mad with a lot of people in these low paying jobs I tell them if you don’t like your job then go do something else because no one is forcing you to work here

  6. The parent company of Chilis, Brinker International, cannot make this right! I would not look forward to visiting Texas either. My husband, father, brother, and many relatives served this country in many wars including WWI. No more Chili’s for me!

  7. Mac Ben on said:

    No self-respecting former Soldier would ever act like this man nor would he wear his uniform so sh!ttily. This nignog was just trying to get a free meal.

  8. No doubt it was one of CHUMP’s ugly supporters who questioned this mans uniform.

    I certainly hope that Chili’s returns the Veteran’s free meals for a year. If not, I would tell Chili’s to shove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nice try Linda, Trump and the majority of this country support a strong military and our brave soldiers. It’s the liberals that are tearing at the fabric of this country. Liberals like you. Now get to steppin’

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