Pregnancy hormones are known to make any woman flip out from time to time, but Jonnu Smith‘s girlfriend took her irritability to the next level.

On Halloween, Mary Gaspar, who is five months pregnant with Smith’s child, dumped a pot of boiling water on Smith in his dorm room. According to the police report, Gaspar and Smith had been arguing throughout the day about the attention that Smith was paying to her and their relationship. She said she was “feeling extremely emotional and stressed” when she decided to boil a pot of water in Smith’s dorm room and then pour it on him.

The popular athlete suffered severe burns to his head, neck, back, shoulder and arm. He will not play a game for his team for the remainder of this season. However,early 2017 NFL Draft projections has Smith as a late round draft pick or coveted undrafted free agent.

Gaspar was charged with aggravated battery and has since been released on a pre-trial release order.

Source: Miami Herald | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter 

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