“When your running for office you say a lot of things.” Armstrong Williams stands strong on the belief that Donald Trump is going to set some strong policies in place for America. In this exclusive audio he explains why we should believe in Donald Trump with him if we don’t already.

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4 thoughts on “Black Conservative Armstrong Williams Explains Why Donald Trump Victory Is Revolutionary [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

  1. Lawson Richburg on said:

    These illegal immigrant protests and this vitriol is turning my stomach. I am an immigrant. It took years and lots of money to get a “green card.” Why do people who sneaked across the border go to the front of the line? I don’t want black people to be part of this “violent hate Donald Trump” movement. Let’s just vote him out of office in 4 years.

  2. Here is a list of my theories and electorial break down by the events and numbers. This is why we need a revote of these key states by December.

    RELATED: An Election Day tilt toward Republicans

    Voters who went to the polls Tuesday encountered problems — and even then, most of the trouble involved the usual machine breakdowns and long lines.

    texas 38 electorial votes, In Texas, a computer used by election clerks malfunctioned at a polling place inside a high school in suburban Houston, forcing officials to briefly divert voters to another polling place more than two miles away. Fort Bend County Elections Administrator John Oldham said the malfunctioning console was later replaced with a backup and voting resumed.

    ABILENE, Texas – The polling location at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center in Cisco had an electrical issue Tuesday, which caused the voting machines there to lose power.

    Michigan 16 electorial votes, Fox 2 reported receiving dozens of phone calls and emails from voters claiming the machines at their polling places weren’t working correctly. The station reported that “an overwhelming number of voters from several cities” report their machine wasn’t able to accept the ballot so they have had to leave them with election officials. Some in Detroit, Sterling Heights, Novi, Holly and Roseville said the machines have malfunctioned altogether or complained of them jamming.

    SAPULPA, Oklahoma 7 electorial votes – A Sapulpa church that serves as a polling place was out of power briefly on election day. Foundation Church on Highway 97 north of West 81st Street lost power Tuesday morning – along with about 1,400 other customers.

    N.C. 15 electorial votes(WNCT) – GRIFTON, A Lenoir County polling site lost power for about an hour Tuesday morning. There were also sporadic reports of people in North Carolina who said they were not put on the voter rolls despite registering through the Division of Motor Vehicles.

    A computer problem in Durham County, North Carolina — a Democratic stronghold in a state that has been a key battleground in the presidential race — triggered long lines when election officials had to rely on a paper check-in process. The incident prompted the North Carolina State Board of Elections to extend voting hours in eight Durham County precincts for up to one hour, and a single precinct in Columbus County for 30 minutes.
    Earlier in the day a number of Durham precincts had technical issues with their electronic poll books, which are used to check in voters at the polling place.

    Alabama 9 electorial votes, Alabama’s ID law has largely escaped national scrutiny, but the state has said somewhere between 10 and 20% of voters don’t have the identification needed to vote.
    “It’s really disappointing to be encountering voters who are ready and able to vote. who are being turned away because they lack voter ID, when they’ve voted in the past with a public housing ID,” Ross said.
    The NAACP argues such IDs should be allowed because housing officers are acting as federal agents. The law says any photo ID issued by the state or the U.S. is acceptable. But a lawyer for the Alabama secretary of state’s office told Ross in an email Monday that it’s the state’s policy not to accept public housing IDs.

    LEBANON, Ohio 18 electorial votes– There were some long lines at polling places around the Tri-State early Tuesday, and a power outage affected two Warren County polling places. It affected the Warren County Board of Elections office and Faith Building Church. Both locations had power back on within about 45 minutes.

    So far, lines, broken machines, and a lack of polling staff have resulted in delays or complaints in six states: New York, Ohio, Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, and North Carolina.
    Update 10: 40 a.m. ET – Fresh reports of broken or malfunctioning machines are coming out of Texas in an unconfirmed district, while there are similar problems in Florida and South Carolina.

    Conway South Carolina, Power outage plagues Conway on Election Day

    PENNSYLVANIA 20 electorial votes, A credentialed poll watcher observed a voting machine that had registered votes before the polls’ opening this morning. “When the poll watcher brought the machine issue to the attention of the election judge, the judge turned violent, pushing the poll watcher and then forcibly removing the poll watcher from the polling place,” DeFelice said.

    “There have been very few actual problems, no more than we have seen in any recent presidential elections,” wrote spokeswoman Wanda Murren. She said that only about 25 machines out of 25,000 machines statewide malfunctioned and that “it appears that no votes were cast inaccurately and no voters were disenfranchised.” She said the malfunctions arose from calibration problems and in each case the voting machine’s confirmation screen flagged the votes that needed to be corrected.
    68,236 more votes is what trump won now 25 machines divided by 68,236 = 2,2729.44 that would be a solid 2,729 votes per machine times 25 = 68,225 votes that trump beat hillary with.

    Cameron Kline, a spokesman for the Philadelphia district attorney’s election fraud task force, told ABC News it has fielded 95 election-related calls today but has made no arrests. “This is very typical of a presidential election,” he said. “Nothing out of the ordinary, and we’re not anticipating any issues.” In 2012 it received 97 calls by the same time, he added, so “we are on point in terms of number of calls.”

    All the electorial votes in these states with the most problems would be 123.
    Trump won 290 so minus the 123 trump would have had 167 electorial votes and hillary would have had 351 either way you see it. Hillary would have won if it wasn’t for all of these issues on election day. The count would not have been that high but she would have won the election so you tell me if it wasn’t rigged in Trumps favor. The polling issues here is a clear sign of voter fraud. There needs to be another election held specifically in these states where these voter machine issue’s happened. Another voting day before the New year to actually see whom the people really wanted for president.

    It is so easy to manipulate or hack these voting machines and yet the republicans new it and did not try to change it I wonder why. Here is a link to cbsnews hacker demonstrates how voting machines can be compromised. August 10, 2016 http://www.cbsnews.com/news/rigged-presidential-elections-hackers-demonstrate-voting-threat-old-machines/

  3. Miss Ann on said:

    Listening to this guy talk makes you sick to your stomach, he was quoting himself and his beliefs not trump’s. How stupid do he think we are and lets define urbanization it is white moving blacks out of the neighborhood. Condo with catering services easier access to transportation. Our neighborhood were not afforded these luxuries and look at trump’ s businesses were never in our neighborhood or we are not on his boards better yet are we even employed by him, I think not. Armstrong is just another freed slave returning to the plantation.

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