Last month, the White House held a “Princess Party” for 115 Black girls to celebrate literacy and excellence—and it was incredible.

According to Education Post, more than 100 young Black girls gathered together in D.C. on October 17, for the empowering event that consisted of wearing tiaras, reading together, and repeating positive affirmations about their beauty, intelligence and strength. The party, which took place in the U.S. Department of Education, was hosted by the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans.


The girls were also greeted by six-year-old author Jordan West, who penned “Princess for a Day.” West read her book to her peers, which tells a tale of a young Black girl who wanted to throw a party for girls who are homeless or are in the foster care system to ensure that they too, feel like princesses, Education Post noted.

In addition, after the reading, a mirror was passed around and each girl was encouraged to say one thing she liked about herself.


Events like this one are another plus of the Obama administration and continue to bolster the need for Black girls to not only be empowered to read, but to be able to see themselves as multifaceted heroes–as opposed to being marginalized sidekicks or negative stereotypes.This is especially important, since in 2015, fewer than 10 percent of children’s books had Black protagonists Education Post pointed out.


3 thoughts on “The White House Hosted A Literacy Party For 115 African-American Girls

  1. Zpeach on said:

    and that is the last time that many black people will be in the white house post Jan 2017, unless they are wearing maids uniforms and carrying plates.

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