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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — It was a day of big returns for DeMarcus Ware.

After tweeting “Live for what today has to offer, not what yesterday has taken away,” the Broncos pass rusher practiced Wednesday for the first time since breaking his right forearm on Sept. 18. He later learned that Denver police had apprehended two burglary suspects and recovered his stolen Super Bowl 50 ring.

Police said they arrested Billy McCaslin, 40, and Sergio Irreza, 31, who were identified through tips from the public after police announced the break-in that occurred while Ware was at Monday night’s football game with the Houston Texans.

Ware said on Twitter he was grateful for hidden cameras at his house, and Denver police spokesman John White said the photos helped identify the men.

Police tweeted photos that were shared on social media by fans .

“Oh man, the fans have done a great job,” Ware said before the arrests were announced. “I’ll tell you what, when you mess with one of the Broncos Country’s own, they spread it out everywhere. I feel safe even though the police weren’t there exactly when they broke in. Once everything was put out there, everybody really jumped on it.

“And not only was the 12th man (with us) out there on the field, when we’re off the field they did their job, so I just want to thank them, too, and everybody that’s helping.”

Ware had been planning to replace the ring before it was recovered along with other valuables.

“It’s not like I’m going to wear it every day,” he said. “It’s just that every once in a while you want to go in there and look at it and say, ‘This is something that I’ve accomplished.'”

Ware agreed it would have been hard for thieves to unload the $30,000-plus ring with his name on it.

“I’m just glad I wasn’t in there when he was in there. I would have sacked him, really sacked him. The both of them, whoever was in there,” Ware said.

He said he discovered the theft about 1 a.m. Tuesday and was shaken to know someone had broken into his residence.

“It’s not about material things, it’s about you’re going through my stuff. So, it doesn’t feel like home anymore,” Ware said. “But things happen, you’ve just got to be positive and move on.”

That’s also how he felt about returning to the practice field for the first time since breaking his right arm against Indianapolis while chasing down Colts quarterback Andrew Luck in Week 2.

Ware said he needs to get used to punching and swiping again and wasn’t sure when he’ll be cleared to play in a game.

Coach Gary Kubiak said he was encouraged enough by what he saw Wednesday to “think we’ve got a shot” at Ware playing this weekend when the Broncos (5-2) host the Chargers (4-3).

Ware, who practiced with a soft cast, said he’s still working through some things both physical and psychological as he works his way back into a lineup that leads the league in sacks.

“If it’s 100 percent healed, it doesn’t feel 100 percent healed,” Ware said, noting the muscles have to be strong enough to keep the knitted bone in place.

He added “the rest of the body feels great. I was running around today. I haven’t lost any conditioning. Actually, I’m bigger than I was last year. I’m like 250 now. I feel like a beast.”

Ware said what he needs to find out this week is if his strength and pain threshold are high enough to suit up Sunday.

“I play on the right side, so the majority of the time when I punch a guy I’m punching with my left arm,” Ware said. “But when you hit, no matter how big the pad is, it’s that shocking sensation going through that bone, just making sure it’s not as painful every single time. Because every time, I hit somebody, 30 plays, 50 plays. So, you want to be comfortable out there and not in too much pain.”

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(Photo Source: AP)