To say that things got heated on set of Roland Martin‘s News One Now is a complete understatement. By no surprise, Birth Of A Nation has rattled many black women, some using feminism as the reason why they wouldn’t support the film. The Nat Turner story opened to a disappointing $7M, and many people celebrated the low turnout on social media.

Insert actress Aunjanue Ellis (she plays Nat Turner’s mother). A discussion between she and BLACK Co-Founder Amber Phillips turned ugly as both women tried to get their point across about why the film should or shouldn’t be supported.

You have got to see this!

Fair or foul?

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98 thoughts on “Must Watch: ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Star Aunjanue Ellis Slams Black Feminist

  1. Arnett V Cooper on said:

    Thank You Queen Ellis for speaking the Truth I am really disappointed in some of Our Black Queens protesting this important film because of the Brother Star of the film give Me & Our People a break if You all want to kiss the white feminist’s & white men’s asses be My guest & stay in the Matrix then Brother Nate Parker We got Your Back f-k these professional ass kissing Scandals

  2. Is the bickering here about Nate Parker being married to a white woman, found innocent of a rape charge, just plain jealousy or a rape scene in the movie? I have not seen the movie but I do plan to and taking other with me. As long as this unnecessary quibbling continues, blacks will never get ahead.

  3. Matt Clemons on said:

    It’s just dumb the reasons people aren’t supporting this movie. To me it’s saying our history doesn’t matter. Nat Turner was one of the first to fight for your freedom and yes, you are free to stay home, but don’t bash the film because you disagree with the messenger. They don’t realize, Nate Parker’s has already made his money several times over. So go ahead and say your history doesn’t matter, people died for you to have that right.

    • InjaNoa on said:

      I agree! Keep spreading the word. Tell everyone you know about this amazing film. People are listening, because the numbers are climbing rapidly through word of mouth. Thank you!

  4. honest truth on said:

    I’ve never seen BW defended this way no matter what, even when it was about our lives. It’s just disgraceful. In fact since they say 61% of those attending were BW, fools that I think they were, shouldn’t it be BM who are chastised for not supporting his film, or would that be too much to hope for? Since this all happened I have personally decided to stay away from all of their projects, shows, and endeavors, ALL OF THEM. Not another dime of my money will ever go again to support the work of any of them. When someone gets so entitled that they think they can demand that you pay YOUR MONEY to go, and see their work, no matter how you feel, and berate you if you don’t, then I’ve had enough. I didn’t care if this movie succeeded, or failed, I decided that I wasn’t going to see it. That is a choice I have a right to make.

    And since she chose to bring up feminism, does this empty headed mammybot understand that this feminism that she is showing such disrespect for is the reason she could be in that movie, in the first place, can ask for decent pay for her work, can have a bank account, in her own name, to deposit her OWN check in, can not be beaten, or raped in her home, can have access to birth control, whether she still needs it, or not? I could go on but, you get my drift. I’m sure feminism has done more for her stupid behind, than Nate Parker but, since she chooses to take his part, and come against other women so strongly, I will add her name to the list of people to be forever boycotted. I hope the males she supports with such dedication will return the favor…however, I doubt it. When they look out for anyone it’s always each other, and never anyone who looks like her. They don’t defend our lives, the way she is defending this movie. I’ve had enough of entitled black men, and dumb black women. Let them look out for each other. I am done, and divested.

    • InjaNoa on said:

      You don’t have to worry about boycotting her, because since you are not partaking in the success of this Black film by a Black filmmaker, and helping to open doors for other Black filmmakers to get the financing to produce such quality films, you probably will see her only when she’s branched out into the mainstream where your viewing won’t count so much. This is not about Black feminism, and I am shocked that you, an intelligent person, can’t see what this movie is doing for the Black community. So what, he’s not married to a Black woman.. Guess what? He could have decided not to be an activist on any level and just worked as an actor until retirement. What he did was open a door, take financial risks and create a path for the Black film industry to build by making an impression on investors, so that if this film makes money, they will likely want to keep investing. Then you will see more Black quality films on the silver screens that you can also appreciate, because this film is PHENOMENAL. Your boycott is not stopping the success of this movie, thank God, because those who are tapped in are getting the gist of why it’s there in the first place, but the principle of it all stands firm. Of course your personal views are valuable to you, but you don’t live in this country by your self and women are not alone in this country. As a whole, we all exist and life would be better for us all if we learned that a cohesive existence is better than a divisive one. That said, you don’t have to like him to appreciate his cause. NEXT!

    • InjaNoa on said:

      She’s defending this movie because it deserves to be defended from those who are protesting and boycotting it. It’s an amazing movie with an outstanding cast and crew with a phenomenal message. Everyone who has breath in them should see this movie. Everyone! She’s not against feminism, and I commend her passion to want the world, the Black world to know about Nat Turner and this slave revolution as a narrative so that they can see and feel the characters and their movement. KUDOS!!! My thought is why wouldn’t you want to know that these slaves were not meek and weak without esteem and courage. The very thing that we see in all slave movies that preceded this one. She’s not going to openly judge him this way or that way, for not having a Black wife. To each his own. But what she sees is the larger picture from what could be learned, inspired and developed from seeing such a movie. I love her tenacity, commitment and love for this movie and its message. As far as the trial, pertaining to many boycotting that. The situation is even worse, because the facts of the case reflects solid reasons why he was exonerated. Not going into the trial. Too painful to discuss with people who are not informed as to why he was acquitted. HE WAS NOT ACQUITTED ON TECHNICALITIES!!! The transcript is available.

    • Coptic777 on said:

      Basically you just confirmed what many black men already know. You do not support black men building anything but we have to hear all the time about how black men do not build anything. This is why I tell brothers most of you are simply a lost cause. No other group of women openly come out saying they will not support anything their men do that help their people. By the way 61% of the viewers for birth of a nation are female according the data NOT BLACK FEMALES so you are being dishonest. almost 40% of the women I saw in the movie this weekend were non black women. You have no credibility…

    • Coptic777 on said:

      Oh by the way “dishonest truth” feminism did not win her the right to vote or to be protected under federal laws against systematic abuse. The civil rights movement with black men like Malcolm X, Dr. King, Medger Evers etc. did that. Get the history & facts correct before you comment. The 1920’s seeing white women winning the right to vote DID NOT WANT BLACKS VOTING PERIOD! Also it was Marcus Garvey that allowed women to vote in his organization that prompted white women to tell white men they should be ashamed because a negro allowed his women to vote in his organization. I think black men should all read your comment. Brothers are waking up to this. Boycotting black men & any progress we try to make?? Good luck with that. Take notes brothers. She is far from rare…

      • Ree Walker on said:

        You need to check the history because it was black women who are the ones who organized all of those movements that black males marginalized them in and brutalized them in and treated them like dirt in as they took over the leadership roles as if they were the ones who accomplished it, while pushing black women to the back. Black males even had the right to vote before white women did in this country so get your facts straight. If it wasn’t for black women teachers there never would have been a Montgomery Bus Boycott, which lead to the March on Washington. So you really don’t know what you are talking about and this is what happens when black people look at black history through a black male lens. The black woman’s history is never told because black males don’t give a damn about black women’s history. They want everyone to think and believe that all of black history is black male history and that’s the main problem. They don’t even support black women filmmakers but black women are supposed to rush right out and support their work even if they are rapists, just because they are black and have a penis, even though that money is not even going into a black woman’s pocket or into a black family structure. Then you have mammybots like this actress making it even worse and trying to stop black women from even learning about feminism, by adding even more lies about it, just because she has her head all up the ass of a black male This is the problem. Black women are always the ones to do all of the organizing even to this day. Black males have never organized a damn thing where black women weren’t the ones doing all of the work and putting everything in order in every movement we have ever had. So don’t even sit up there and try to twist the history of black women like that and detract from all of the work our foremothers did to get the rights we have. Your dumb ass will be checked. THIS is exactly why black feminism is necessary.

    • InjaNoa on said:

      Don’t be disappointed. You showed up. Keep spreading the word, because the success of this movie has been more about the word of mouth than any review or boycott. The numbers are climbing beautifully. I am so inspired and I tell everyone that comes near me about this movie. Some try to get out of hearing it because they have their views about the trial and his wife, but I speak anyway, because these young brothers and sister today said they didn’t see it because of the reviews about inaccuracies. Did I preach or what???. When they told me who wrote the reviews, I just looked at them and they got it immediately and started laughing. Keep talking about it. By the time it hits Netflix, Amazon and others, it’s going to blow up. We need to see this movie and that’s a fact. There is nothing misogynistic about this film. The woman are strong matriarchs. They did the best they could. Nobody got mad when 12 Years a Slave had a rape scene.. People please, this is something that happened often during slavery, and he depicted it, because to not do so would be severely inaccurate; not the story, but the era and position Black slaves were in at the time.

  5. InjaNoa on said:

    General message to those boycotting.

    Nate Parker does not need your support as much as you think he does. There are enough of us who actually get what’s he’s doing and are inspired by it. It would be the other Black film producers, actors, screenwriters, and the like, that would need your support, but your boycott, whether you find it successful or not is what helps close doors to those who wish to create genius work and have it available for you. Don’t bark about the Hollywood diversity thing, if you are not willing to appreciate the works of Black filmmakers who take financial risks to bring you great work. This is not about Nate Parker. This is about the much larger picture that you can’t seem to realize because you are wrapped up in your “SELFISM”. It’s ok for you to stay home. It’s too much trouble to try to please you. Those who get what Nate’s doing has been making his movie a success through word of mouth. The critics have their own agendas, and Black folk should not decide not to see the movie because of those reviews. Because of word of mouth, it is already at almost 14 million today, this is the third weekend and it is estimated that he will reach at least 16 million and by end of the theatrical run approximately 30 million.. Lifetime return at $70 million for FoxS. Not to include DVD sales, video streams and downloads. The people you are trying to stop from seeing this film will not be stopped. The wisdom that he is sharing in this film is So EXTREMELY INSPIRATIONAL that no one wants to be stopped. You will simply miss out, but you’ll hear about it from a close friend, a neighbor, or the like and hopefully the wisdom they share with you will stick. See, investors look at the dollars to determine whether they want to take certain risks so for Black filmmakers to impress investors, they need to see that Black films make money. People who want to see more Black quality films on the silver screen are the ones making this thing happen. The momentum is high for all the right reasons and it cannot be stopped. Thanks for your contribution to this outcome. The movie was and is phenomenal despite your protest.

    A side note. My dismay to those boycotting is that they have not read the trial transcript to know the details of the case. The boycott is based on Assumptions, Opinions and Bias, and the people apart of this production get to suffer because of your lack of interest in making absolutely sure you have the facts before you destroy something, especially something that another Black person created. Destiny holds firm always however, and thank God it’s leading this film to the millions of households that need to see it and be inspired by it; especially our children. This movie is going to EXPLODE because you keep talking and protesting. It’s the dialogue surrounding it that’s getting people interested. People are not going to follow you simply because you protest. If they are really interested, they will seek the facts then determine from there. That’s why the numbers keep rising on the theatrical screenings. It’s your protest about this film that’s giving it the traction it needs to succeed. Hopefully one day you’ll break down from your need to be right, and rent, scream or download a copy of this film for you whole family to see and be inspired by.

    Finally, I am done here. This is too exhausting. No synergy, No cosmic flow, Separation makes for a weak existence. Remember that. The movie reflects how the coming together of the slaves not only strengthen their position, but built their esteem and gave them courage to fight back. This was not a movie about revenge as the critics have written. Not clear as to what the critics mean by it being a revenge movie, when the people in this movie were slaves. Remember people writing these reviews can’t relate to that concept, so analyze wisely. Try to trap some rats and see what happens. I’m sure that those rats will unapologetically do what is required to regain their freedom. Can you relate? These slave came together synergistically for common purpose and it was the other slave; the one not so aligned with the need for freedom that changed the outcome. Can you relate? It’s ok if you don’t want to see the movie, but people, you must have a mind of your own and understand that as long as you walk alone, you are the weakest link. IGNORE THE CRITICS AND DECIDE ON YOUR OWN IF IT’S A GOOD MOVIE

  6. Genius on said:

    Do we realize he was acquitted of all charges? He can marry who he wants? And the film however inaccurate you may claim it Bo be for the first time ever depicts a slave of high intellect who was a leader and decided to fight back. And in the Racist Trump Hillary climate we are still so petty. Smh

  7. Read an article the other day, Black student as “If it were possible for us to be pushed back into Slavery?” or something close to that! Tavis Smiley gave the correct answer “YES”! Funny, Unity is a word which my brothers and sisters of Color truly know nothing about it! Reality is Black Males die by the number or imprisoned, so being behind those bars and executed how many women (Sisters) are mentally and physically ready to fight for some real freedom. See, this time today Our biggest test for a Race is for Black Men & Women being ONE on the same page, to fight this system on a equal ground! Nothing ever gets accomplished by separation! NOTHING PERIOD!

  8. The word “blame” needs to be eliminated from the discourse when discussing the ongoing boycott on the part of black women against Nate Parker’s film “The Birth of a Nation”. Yet blame is what is being leveled at black women who chose to keep their dollars in their pockets, instead of an acknowledgement of the success of a conscientious act. Black women are not the “blame” for the film’s failure. Black women were successful at waging a boycott against the film and they won. This is nothing to be shamed and blamed for. There are many who are now trying to guilt trip black women for purposely refusing to support a film made by an unapologetic black male and his rapist cohort who were both freed on technicalities. This is no minor situation at a time when many black women are waking up and realizing that they are not obligated to use their dollars to support everything oppressive black males do. The blame game is therefore completely insidious.

    To say that black women should now be “blamed”, indicates that some sort of a criminal or negligent act happened here, when it was, in fact, a conscientious one that happened instead. No one would ever say that black people who boycotted the buses in Montgomery (a boycott organized by black women teachers by the way) were to “blame” for the bus company closing. They would say that they were successful at shutting it down. Yet when black women make a conscious step to not support a film made by black males who don’t deserve their support and are successful at it, suddenly they are to “blame”. That word needs to be completely eliminated from the discussion on what happened with the action against this film BECAUSE BLACK WOMEN HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR.

    The impact of the word of mouth that flew around the web among black women is being underestimated here. Yes there were other factors that contributed to the film’s failure but black males and the media content they create has ALWAYS depended upon the financial support of black women and their approval. This is a documented fact.

    Black women’s groups on and off line were speaking about this situation and the black woman’s impact on the box office receipts were obviously enough to send Roland Martin, the fake doctor of con artistry Umar Johnson and all of the other misogynistic black males into a tizzy. They went on a rampant rant across the web and on television, castigating and guilt tripping black women left and right for taking a principled stance. They didn’t berate white people or black males or any other groups. Their targeted diatribes were laser focused on black women, decrying feminism along the way.

    They obviously recognized black women as having an organized voice and also came to a realization of their buying power, as a real threat to their bottom line as black male content creators. Why others are now trying to minimize this power, is beyond comprehension. Black male misogynists and perpetrators of sexual violence have been officially put on notice that black women will no longer be pimped by them. Black women are waking up more and more daily and realizing that there is no conceivable reason to put money into the black male’s pocket when he creates harm to women and girls.

    It is also contradictory for these black males who are always touting this “pro black” line about the patriarchal black family and who rake black women over the coals regularly for now dating and marrying outside of the race more and more (but nowhere near as much as they as black males have, for centuries), to insist that black women give their dollars to black males that aren’t in the least bit interested in them. Nate isn’t even married to a black woman so the idea that black women are now responsible for supporting him and his white wife, is just ridiculous. Black women are not to be castigated for deciding not to support him nor should their decision be relegated to mere jealousy. It is a major point about race loyalty, that they themselves are always touting, that cannot be minimized. Black women are blamed and shamed by these patriarchy pushers regularly because they are aligning themselves with feminism, (which these black males have falsely and inaccurately deemed as supporting white supremacy, a blatantly false analysis since black women invented feminism). Yet they are also blamed and shamed for not supporting a black male with a white woman on his arm. The contradictions are glaring.

    None of these factors are lost on black women who are insulted by the idea that they are, automatically, supposed to support black male projects no matter what, simply because they are black and male. That insult translated into box office receipts that weren’t what they expected and hopefully it will continue. I personally encouraged black women to stay home instead of going to put money in Nate Parker’s pocket and watch Michel’le’s biopic instead. I am hoping they did, as it is much more important to see the work of black women directors and support their work, if they are in fact providing a platform for the voices and stories of black women.

    Black women were successful at a boycott and should be applauded for it and continue to support the boycott firmly and nothing less, no matter what ignorant people say or what any patriarchy pusher says or any other self-hating woman or misogynist says. Black women will continue to win if they say “No more!” and let their dollars speak for them. This is what should happen and black women should be proud of it and stand firm in their convictions. The only blame that needs to be leveled is at the rape apologists. Let’s all hope the trend continues and the awakening as well.

    • Um did you not read the words of the woman accusing him? Or the words of the 6 witnesses including a cop who said she didn’t have one drink period? Her saying IN HER OWN WORDS that when she first met him she thought it was too early to have sex with him being that she just met him today so she decided to give him oral instead? Are these the technicalities your referring to???

    • Richard Davis on said:

      Your post is full of misandristic (the opposite of misogynistic) anger and rage against men generally. You gloat in the success of the success of the black women’s boycott of the film but don’t seem to think that the boycott had any responsibility (blame) for the film’s failure. No one in the film or in the press (Roland Martin who I have met and respect) advocated rape culture or misogyny – that is all in your head and therapy can help. That said, I was disheartened that I had to labor through your idiotic diatribe, it was venomous at best. If your post is any indication of your demeanor in general, I would tell any young black man to stay clear of you as your impact on him would be analogous to the equivalent of a dose of soul crushing, emotional chemical castration.

    • But you will go see a movie directed by woody Allen or Clint Eastwood. Both have done things and said things against women and Black people so stop supporting them and educate yourself because Nate was note found guilty of anything.

    • Coptic777 on said:

      Long emotional rant based on feelings. Black women ALONG WITH WHITES BOYCOTTED THIS FILM! To make it seem as if it was black women alone not in alliance with whites really sheds light on what black men are truly dealing with. Nate got off not due to a technicality by a almost all white jury. Unlike you I read the transcript. Nate got off due mostly to the fact that he had the accuser on audio tape admitting the sex was consensual. She flat out told Nate “IM NOT GOING TO SAY IT WAS AGAINST MY WILL, IM NOT GOING TO SAY THAT” This is after Nate reminds he she had a penis in her mouth & one in her rear end at the same time & ENJOYED IT. She also admits she realized she was raped but continued to hang around Nate that night & the next morning & was raped again and STILL MADE NO ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE! Nate’s friend won an appeal no doubt because the judge heard the tape & most likely was baffled given the evidence how he was convicted with the accuser clearly saying none of it was against her will. Guess what? the DA had to drop the case. Why? ALL of the witnesses from the accuser REFUSED TO TESTIFY & WANTED NOTHING TO DO THE CASE ANYMORE! They did not want to help her after going through the first trail & seeing the evidence. Im done. Black men you really need to pay attention to this & realize we are on our own for the most part. Black women did not boycott this film. They followed white peoples lead on this. What does this tell you? No other film has had whites attack it like this & look who helped them brother. Remember black men do not build anything though right? Run brothers run!

    • Misogyny Exposed on said:

      You have that backwards, as most of you uninformed people usually do. Women who can’t take a pricipled stance for sisterhood ain’t worth two cent and they damn sure dont care about the well being of black women and girls. This actor is disgusting. She must have a deal that’s structured so she gets points on the box office. She’s so thirsty that she wants to throw the entire history of black feminism under the bus so she can get a check. It’s so pathetic. I guess now that they know that no one is listening to Nate’s ass he now sends his mammybot, thought slave out to cape for him. Which is a damn shame considering the fact that he wouldn’t even look twice at her black ass as a potential wife or girlfriend. But these coddling mammies stay ridin’ for him and the misogyny crew.

      • Did you even read what the woman’s own testimony was in court? How she met him and gave him oral within hours (not forced as are her own words). How 6 witnesses including a cop said she didn’t have one drink the whole night (witnesses from both sides) but this man who didn’t do anything many and I do mean many 19 year old men would do is somehow in the wrong and our black youth should suffer missing out on seeing Mr turner and his story AND ON TOP OF THAT seeing that even if you are innocent it doesn’t matter? Applause for the future mothers…

  9. Craig Clemons on said:

    Look , if you don’t want to see the movie for whatever reason, Fine. But don’t subject everyone to your social and morality commentaries. Just stay home. Your personal rants are not needed.

    • Ree Walker on said:

      Black women don’t have to be silent about this issue. They should not only boycott the film but be EXTREMELY LOUD about why they aren’t going to see it in order to bring attention to the very serious issue of sexual violence and campus rape and to let black males know that they can no longer just take our support for granted just because they are black and have a penis, when their behavior is out of order. They certainly don’t have to be policed by you.

      • So the fact that the woman who was the accusing him IN HER OWN WORDS said that it was too soon to have sex with him so I gave him oral instead, or the fact that 6 witnesses including a cop said that she didn’t have one drink the whole night (witnesses called both sides). That doesn’t play a part in how you come to a decision on facts? Not some ish you heard but the woman’s words documented in a court room which were leaked…really?


  11. All i can say is this is why,we as blacks arent goin to never stick together because what was done to our race for over 100 of years… they will argue over supporting a black movie but at the drop of a hat support a White movie…smh.

  12. What I don’t get is that Some Black folks are bitching about the inaccuracies in the movie…But let Cleopatra be played by white women for decades and nobody said SHIT! Along with other historical Black and Brown figures where their images and stories have been off track. I give him the respect for telling the narrative of Nat Turner and employing his people while doing so. Some of you like to idolize celebrities that look like you…dont give a damn about as a whole…and will take your money and not do anything for our community. When is that going to stop? I think historians who are fluent in Afro american history, should’ve stepped up and reached out to the brother while he was filming. They did that with Spike when he was working on Malcolm X.

  13. First of all..What was he supposed to show remorse for? Let somebody accuse you of a crime when you are innocent and see how you would feel. The amazing thing is that some of these Black feminists like to speak out when something happens to white women. But when something happens to Black women not one white woman acknowledges the Black woman’s issues publicly.

  14. InjaNoa on said:

    Let me get this straight. People don’t want to see Nate Parker’s movie where he cast a string of Black amazing actors who have careers a business that does not typically support Black actors, simply because of who he is married to? Well I guess they are saying, “welcome to the club”. Is this a warning to other Black filmmakers that they need to do what you demand in order to get your support. I thought this boycott was about this trial thing, honestly. Nate Parker, with this unprecedented film, is paving the way for more quality movies produced and directed by Blacks, to get the attention of investors, because typically investors don’t give Black filmmakers a lot of money to make movies. This has been our issue since the beginning and it was still going strong, up until The Birth of a Nation. Folks, clarity of mind is everything. Who he’s married to is irrelevant to the larger cause. I am not only appalled, I am disheartened that you can see this.

  15. I am shocked by the pettiness of a lot of black people regarding this movie. Some of us think we’re so woke with our sick selves.

    Black people are still recovering from slavery, Jim Crow, systemic racism, chemical, biological, MENTAL, and legal war fare.

    We support everybody else who is not black and who is not married to someone black, but draw the line when it comes to a black man or woman who marries someone who is not black, this is hypocrisy.

    Who that man (Nate Parker) married is HIS business and HIS choice, we don’t know the circumstances that led to that decision, but it was his decision.

    He made a bold move by producing such a film and he made a lot of people angry, it is no coincidence that his rape charge that he was acquitted came up as a distraction after nearly two decades.

    That was a brilliant film with many talking points that can be used to teach, but some of us in our foolishness choose to focus on trivial issues and miss the whole point. This is the reason why we are still fighting for freedom today because we refuse to grow and see the bigger picture.

    • Again as you so stated, it’s His option to marry a white women, just like it’s My option to not to support a film by a black brother who marries outside his race, 1st & foremost, Read your bible, We Israelites are instructed not to marry outside of the 12 tribes and any person male or female whom does shows HATRED for his race,& on that note,I will never support or back them regardless of what star power or walk of life, for if you hate your race, I have no respect for you or your businesses. Now that I know the truth & that’s my option..
      Drops the MIC…….

      • 👍🏾 BM do not support BW but expect BW to Always support them. Why aren’t they calling on the people to support them that are so dear to them? If a person does not have my best interest at heart or my community,, then I need to stay clear of them.

      • Ahhh, Say That Louder for the people in the back to hear…..You know to each it’s own, Our People who want to love their oppressor are so lost, & yet they see how this Government treats POC & they turn a blind eye who marry other than their God given 12 Tribes to chose from. People may think I’m racist, & that’s Okay. Our God is racist & Hates Esau, so then I will be that, for I am only what my Father in heaven made me. So for all that want to Love Esau & think for 1 second that marrying & joining hands with them shows equality, it’s them that will die and I do not envy them that do for they are the dead walking on the 🌏.they just don’t know it and they will be cut off from everlasting life. Our Black God said it & these blind fools are in denial.

      • Q The Truth on said:

        @Barb, BM support BW everyday. The nonsense you speak is ridiculous. What is basis for such an outlandish statement.

      • Smile4Jesus on said:

        First of all, the Bible is translated from Greek, Hebrew and Latin. When God says He hated Esau does not reflect on God’s emotions. God was rejecting Esau descendants (the Edomites) as the chosen nation because the chosen nation was going to be birthed from Jacob whose name was changed to Israel. God is no respecter of persons. The reason why God instructed HIs chosen not to marry others who were not Jews, because in the Bible, the other nations were wicked and God did not want them to take on their abominations and practice of idolatry…that’s why God insists that we do not marry unequally yoked. I am a beautiful, intelligent black Christian woman. So please do not take this personally.

      • Jessikah on said:

        So true. I will no longer support any man who marries outside of the 12 tribes. A lot of these black male celebrities look down on black women but yet, they want us to come out to their shows, buy their music, etc… never. And most don’t even realize we are God’s chosen people while they stay trying to bash us. As of 2016 black women have the highest percentage of Bachelors degrees out of all people but they get with a non black woman and try to label us as uneducated and ghetto.

      • Seems like “reading your bible” is something that you struggle with because last I checked when Moses sister and mother was nasty to his wife Zeporah because she was of a different race God struck them down with leprocy and only healed them whenever they repented. God does not want you to marry someone who is unequally yolked to you or have a different religion than you….not color…. so twist the Bible how ever you may feel to continue your racism but until you become less ignorant and seek truth you shall always continue in darkness miss angry black woman

  16. InjaNoa on said:

    Pertaining to the so called inaccuracies individuals are discussing. Remember this is a narrative, not a documentary. Years ago there was a novel written titled The Confessions of Nat Turner which also had inaccuracies; lots of them, but Hollywood was ready to sweep it up, until the outpour of protesters challenged this novel because he called Nat Turner a psychopath. The novelist backed out. Now a Black director had an opportunity to do it better. The Birth of a Nation is a movie based on Nat Turner’s life. Nate used the material from the so-called actual confession of Nat Turner (not the novel, but the actual confession), which was written by a lawyer/slave owner. Much of this information is questioned, because of the nature of the interview and who was interviewing. So essentially, we only have enough information to get the overall gist of what happened. The rest of the blanks need to be filled in because it’s a movie. There were some changes he made with regard to who he killed in one instance. Nat Turner did not mention his wife in the confession, but apparently he did have a wife named Cherry. The question was whether she had other children. But let’s drop this for a moment. Tell me this. What’s most important to you, whether he had a wife, 10 kids and a farm, or the overall consciousness of a slave who had pride, and taught others to equally have pride and show strength instead of weakness? This is a rarity in any slave film we’ve ever seen, and that’s what this is about. Don’t get so stressed out over particulars that no one can really answer. In other words, we really don’t know if it is completely inaccurate, since there is very little information on Nat Turner except from his confession and a few additional details that gives us a clearer understanding. Oliver Northup was different because he wrote his story. Nat Turner did not unfortunately. Let’s just enjoy the movie. That’s what it’s meant for.

  17. Nate Parker will not get my support, and it’s not because he’s married to a white woman. He comes off as a creep and he’s a piece of s#!#, scumbag of a person. More importantly the move is historically INACCURATE. He’s just playing out his fantasy of killing white people and the rape of women.

    • Anne Roberts on said:

      He definitely IS a scumbag, for raping this young woman along with his partner and trying to induce another young man to join in, then stalking and harassing the young woman on campus. She was made so miserable that she dropped out of school. She also never got justice in court either and later committed suicide after many attempts because of the pain he caused her. He’s also a scumbag for acting as if he was victimized in this instance, instead of being the orchestrator of her victimization. The inaccuracies in the film seem to be about revising history in such a way as to make Nat Turner and the other black men heroes at the expense of the black women based on archaic gender stereotypes , with gratuitous rape scenes that there is no record of. I could not care less about his wife’s race, although I recognize the hypocrisy of the black males who have no problem with it but call black women who marry white men all kinds of derogatory names.

      • I don’t know about what your saying but I do know I would not be kind to someone falsely accused me of something. Now as in the accusers OWN WORDS in court she said that she met him and he helped her move in…they sat on the bed and made out…he put his hand up her skirt SHE SAID STOP AND HE DID, SHE FELT IT WAS TOO EARLY TO HAVE SEX SO SHE GAVE HIM ORAL…IN HER WORDS DURING THE TRIAL…then for the 6 witnesses from both sides saying she didn’t have any alcohol (including a cop) all I can say is I hope your son’s don’t have to deal with anything like that…sure hate to turn your stomachs at ur next family dinner if your son GETS OFF FOR NOT RAPING NO DAMN BODY, lol.

    • InjaNoa on said:

      Nate Parker does not need your support as much as you think he does. Black film producers, actors, screenwriters, and the like, need your support, but your boycott, whether you find it successful or not is what helps close doors to those who wish to create genius work and have it available for you. Don’t bark about the Hollywood diversity thing, if you are not willing to appreciate the works of Black filmmakers who take financial risks to bring you great work. This is not about Nate Parker. This is about the much larger picture that you can’t seem to realize. So it’s ok for you to stay home. It’s too much trouble to try to please you. Those who get what Nate’s doing has been making his movie a success. This is the third weekend and it is estimated that he will reach at least 15 million. Lifetime return at $70 million for FoxS. Not to include DVD sales, video streams and downloads. The people you are trying to stop from seeing this film will not be stopped. The wisdom that he is sharing in this film is So EXTREMELY INSPIRATIONAL that no one would want to be stopped. You will simply miss out. See, investors look at the dollars to determine whether they want to take certain risks so for Black filmmakers to impress investors, they need to see that Black films make money.. Thanks for your contribution. The movie was and is phenomenal despite your protest.

  18. Jordan on said:

    Ok so…I agree with Aunjanue in terms of educational privilege and ableist mindsets that cause leaders in the community to simply dismiss untapped or unknowing masses of Black people. The Black people either driven into depressions so deep that they constantly seek the escapism that cinema tends to provide, the Black people who may struggle with either reading or research (I tend to dismiss them as willfully uninformed myself from time to time :/ ) HOWEVER it’s a huge mistake to look at this movie as a historically accurate one and even worse as an honor to Nat Turner. This film tarnishes his memory and covers that disrespect in brilliantly choreographed/filmed action sequences. This film lowers him from genuine prophet and messenger of a higher power to a man bitter over his wife being raped (didn’t actually happen).

    • BrothaSoulJa on said:

      The “totality of the horrific suffering of the enslaved people” of which Nat Turner reflected upon (in the film), led his inspiration to rebel.

      As the film depicts, his rebellion was not propelled solely by one particular act of injustice but rather an assessment of multiple acts

  19. I refuse to comment on these topics any more because it seems people of color cannot have a GROWN UP discussion about these issues…or entertainment more than one way of thinking.

    I can as a Black man..and the lack of logic disappoints me.

    • Fred B on said:

      We go see all the white films about Mythology, the Bible, and many others like Lincoln and etc and don’t think or argue about it, we say it’s just a movie. Why do we try to put ourselves against others and hold standards about us higher than any other and all it does is reinforce the crabs in the barrel analogy and with that we will never get but so far. Other races would figure out how to pull together for the common bond of together we are strong and if we bond together, more movies can be seen. Don’t demonstrate on Hollywood if you, yourself are not even willing to support and throw money behind it. Just not right but we have free will but don’t put it on the white man when we have an opportunity that we have not had before.

  20. trallvin on said:

    White supremacy fears a uniting of Black people, a progression of Black people and a conscious Black people. If I now know who I am, then I cannot be who you said I am. The BIG caveat to being conscious is that not only would I now know who I am, but I will also know who you are….Marinate..

  21. trallvin on said:

    This movie will benefit the fighting spirit of black children. It will direct them towards who the oppressor is and it will ultimately set the bedrock for unity. I personally know the spirit of Nat Turner. I remember how it mesmerized both white and black students and sometimes even teachers when I gave book reports on him back in school. I always was graded an A but not one time was I even able to complete the presentation of the oral report. Lastly I am a firm believer that had this movie been exposed to us earlier, Black America would not be in the position it is in today. The engineering of our children’s minds are being done on a daily basis without most people even knowing or caring. From family to family, we’ve got what we raised, nothing more… nothing less. With the base of self identity being your history, if you do not respect it…. who will respect you?

  22. Bklyngirl on said:

    Ummm, the movie is historically inaccurate. There is no evidence that Bat Turner had a wife or that she was raped. He started the uprising due to what he stated was visions from God. Our history? Done if you need to pick up a book. And no I’m not seeing the film.

    • mAHREEYAH on said:


      • Jordan on said:

        I agree with this 1000%

        He smeared Nat Turner’s memory for money and these lowly Negroes celebrate it. He has NO sense of pride or integrity as a Black person, much less a Black man. He’s just another fool placed in the spotlight to facilitate the propagation of White accomodationists rhetoric. If he was about that life he’d never have given in to the colonists belief that White is right. He’d celebrate his Blackness with a Black woman, not cling to the White man’s one drop rule talking out his ass with “My White wife is raising Black daughters”. He’d have BLACK DAUGHTERS with a BLACK WOMAN.

    • Early life[edit]
      In the year 1807, Cherry was believed to be about 11 years old. Cherry lived at the Turner’s plantation from about 1807 to 1823.[1]
      Marriage and Children[edit]
      It is largely speculated that Nathaniel and Cherry met and were married at Samuel Turner’s plantation in the early 1820s, although historians still dispute who exactly Nat Turner’s wife was.[2] Furthering the issue, claims in Nat Turner’s autobiography are difficult to verify.[3]
      It is widely believed that Cherry did have children, but it is undetermined how many. Historians vary anywhere between believing she had 1 to 3 children. The most widely held belief is that the pair had 2 or 3 children- 1 daughter and 1 or 2 sons.[4] Historians believe one of their children was a slave boy named Riddick.[1]

  23. I’m appalled as I read these comments such ignorance. I admire Nate Parker for his tenacity and drive to deliver a work of art just as I admire Spike Lee “Malcolm X”, Ava Dubaney “Selma ” to name a few. Regarding Nate Parker let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I was educated in a predominantly white school that wanted nothing to do with black history so I attended an HBCU and took advantage of the black history room every chance I could usually until close. I saw “Birth of a Nation ” it was HISTORY people I enjoyed this movie even more realizing the work and research embarked upon. Do you realize the effort and work put forth to recreate history so we can gain a wealth of knowledge in just hours. To you feminist I speak as a black woman who was raped 41 years ago,(yes I was a 17 year old virgin) shut up.

    • Jordan on said:

      This movie isn’t Black History. This movie is the smearing and denigration of a Black hero for dollars that the maker then spends on a White wife and his half White kids. You lowly coons need to stop celebrating this buffoonery.

  24. Ginny Kane on said:

    No one hurts us like us. People like these Black Feminist is why black people will be back on some white man’s plantations. These Black Feminist should be supporting truth. It never was in the scheme of things for black men,women and children to be nothing but slaves in America. No one hurts us like us.

  25. I couldn’t disagree more! I’m so over this click bait bullshit. She doesn’t SLAM Black feminist. The title of this video is misleading! Aunjanue herself said “I share the betrayal felt by Black women who are tired of covering Black men who exploit us commercially, but otherwise find us invisible.” She gets it! However, she believes that folks should support the film and that’s her position (obviously she’s in it), but she is NOT slamming Black feminist in this clip! Black women (despite the issues that many have justifiably had with supporting this film) have been the ones who have actually supported this film with their presence and their dollars, despite the controversy. We’ve gotta stop flaming the fires of this bullshit narrative that Black women tanked this film. If it tanked, it’s because of Nate’s problematic approach to dealing with the accusations.
    PERIOD! Black women BEEN supporting and are STILL supporting brothers and Birth of a Nation is NO exception to that rule! If sisters (and brothers who KNOW and DO THE WORK) have an issue with the “controversy” surrounding this film and it’s writer / director, so be it, but we gotta stop blaming Black women (of ALLLLL people) for this shit! it’s inaccurate and unfair and just plain fucked up at this point!

    • honest truth on said:

      You say “she gets it”. then that’s even worse for her to think that we should continue to support these ungrateful men. I for one, am tired of seeing the needs, and interests of black women annexed because what somebody else is doing is too “important”. It’s time for us to use our hard earned dollars to stand for what we feel, so I still feel she is betraying other women when she knows the truth. It will never be the right time. Whenever we speak up we are silenced, because something else is always more important. We are told we can be heard later, and “later” never comes. Well. NEWSFLASH, when it comes to my money, and my support, only I will decide what is most important, and when I’m allowed to speak up.

  26. Beverly on said:

    I’m confused about all the hubbub or correlation regarding a man being married to a woman and not seeing a movie. I’m a proud Black woman and at 60+ years do not want to be judged, berated or cast aside because of the color of my skin; but I have been, and by many up front and out loud, as well as in secret and quietly. Yet, I struggle to release the angst that would have me intolerant as the ones that would completely oppress me if they could. My husband, bless his heart, would have us starved and naked from all the boycotting he would have done over the past 30+ years for slights, real or imagined, and his general anger because of our country’s historic past treatment of Black Americans. I just want to be free, from analyzing other’s thoughts about me; free from judging other’s intentions toward me; free from wanting to know the unknowable. Most of all I want to be free from wanting to criticize what others do or don’t do, as I don’t want to be criticized. But at the top of my list is, I want to be free from becoming like those that would keep me down and relegated to “My Place”. I go to movies mostly for the entertainment value for me and I’ve gone to see movies for insight as well, yet there are very few movies I go to see because of the actor (I’ll always go see anything with Denzel Washington). I really haven’t ever decided to go or not to go to a movie because I personally know the content of the actor’s character and that knowledge is the deciding factor. Yet, like I mentioned previously, I don’t want to be criticized.

  27. Mitzi Rhodes on said:

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I plan to. Who a person loves has nothing to do with anything. This movie should be supported for its subject matter because we all know how hard it is for us to our story put on film. By not seeing the movie plays into the hands of those who would want us to be divided.

  28. A few days ago, Aunjanue explained in Ebony that she gets why some people won’t see the movie because of the whole Nate Parker’s polemic s and how he poorly handled the whole thing.HOWEVER, and that’s what she’s trying to explain here, the movie isn’t about Nate Parker. It is not only about Nate Turner’s rebellion but also about all the people who worked for this movie to be seen (minus Celestin and Parker). I, for one, will not see the movie despite how good of an actor Parker is and everything else important from a historical standpoint. I was a victim of this whole “being asleep while a guy has his way with you” so I can’t separate the art from the artist. That said, people should have the right to decide for themselves if they want to see the movie. Aunjanue is a feminist too, meaning she wants women to have the same rights and respect as men. She doesn’t see eye to eye with the other lady who might in favor of a boycott of the movie, but it doesn’t mean that Aunjanue isn’t a feminist. I wonder why some people are so afraid of this word. Well, Sojourner Truth was a feminist too, did she appear rabid to you?

  29. Michele on said:

    I supported this movie and will be going to see another it again.. I’m glad I went to see the movie. I could care less who he is married to or his “past”. I dislike the fact that all of a sudden his past is being brought up when he has been in other movies.

  30. Being married to who he is married to, just “illustrates” how far we have come as a society and a country…Can you imagine living in Nat Turner’s time?…John Legend was true to his heritage when making this film…And, you guys are not supporting the movie because he is married to a “white woman”…Damn, people get over it…God made us all in His image and we are all created equal…

  31. specialt757 on said:

    To Barb and your side kick shecat54,
    What has the color of his wife’s skin got to do with the story of Nat Turner? Sounds like white people back in the day, I’ll sell food to you but you got to come to the back door and get it. You know they did this only because of the color of our skin. I don’t like the way they treated us anymore more than you do but I’m not going to not support something that could be beneficial (I mean knowledge) to me, because of their spouse’s skin color. Nate is black, why not just support him because he’s black and not because she’s white? Quincy Jones is married to a white woman, I’m pretty sure you’ve purchased something with him in the credits. Again, I’m sorry to hear that.

  32. Ignorant cannot continue to be blest. This movie is so not about Nate Parker. Girlfriend it is about our HISTORY. The more I feel black people are taking steps towards empowerment, then here comes uneducated, uninformed people like you. Do you buy John Legend songs? What about Taye Diggs movies, Kanye West. The list is long. This is not a movie about Nate Parker. It’s about a strong man who refused to take being treated like less than a human being and fight. If it was not for the Nat Turner of this whole your stupid ass would not be here. America can to portray this man as a murderer, because he wanted freedom. Educate yourself my sisters. PLEASE.

  33. Sandra Goins on said:

    I didn’t see an angry black woman. I say that she was passionate and trying to explain. She wasn’t angry. And I hate that every time a black woman opens her mouth in opposition of a certain opinion ppl call her angry. That’s an ignorant stereotype. And you black ppl saying it need to stop. I thought this was going to be an argument. It wasn’t.

  34. Makes me so angry to see how our people tear down each other. They will forgo paying bills to go see corny Made films or similar junk but find reasons not to see this. Also, when do you hear about our people taking a stand against other films? Films where they couldn’t even name the possible racist behind it?! Typical of our people. Don’t get me started on that stereotypical angry black feminist. Go see the movie people and learn from it. Muff said.

  35. Trying to get a word in edgewise with her (Aunjanue) is like trying to talk to one of those ventriloquists dummies who pipes up every time you try to say something. I guess, like self important know it alls, she thinks her opinion is the only one that counts. Springing up and down, waving those arms and crowing like a like a banty rooster was just obnoxious. I would really liked to have heard what Ms. Phillips had to say. However, Ms. Cock-a-doodle-doo wasn’t having any of that.

    • QueenKai on said:

      Even though she was passionate about her point,the name calling is a bit much. But she has a point. I was born and raised on the west coast and now I live in the south and I noticed the change in “us”. “We” differ depending on location. Here in the south, I still see and hear the “slave mentally” oppose to where I from,where the mentally is Sooo different that is is amazing to think that at one time ….we were all one.

  36. I wanted to see the movie for several different reasons – One I can think for myself and make up my own mind in regards to support or not support and I truly support this movie regardless of Mr. Parker’s allegation – I can separate the two. He’s been in multiple movies since such allegations and now it’s an issue due to the nature of the movie – GTFOH with that BS. It’s a wonderful movie and I’ll go see it again and again with my nieces and nephews next week. In regards to him being married to a white woman – who cares, that’s who he fell in love with. I focus on who I fall in love with. It reminds me of a song I heard Ledisi sing respectfully:

    Everyone has there own vision of love
    At the end the heart controls where you end up
    Without you I feel incomplete, I lose days
    They say your not good for me, who cares what they say

    Can’t help it… who you love
    Can’t help who you fall in love with
    You can’t help who you love
    Hearts just got a brain of it’s own ohhh

    You can’t help who you love
    You can’t know whose at fault
    The heart lives in a world of it’s own no control
    You can’t help who you love

    At first we’d pretend
    Then we’d try to hide
    Love is open
    Love doesn’t lie
    Around you life is magical, I feel so alive
    They say unacceptable, they don’t know you and I

    Can’t help it… who you love
    Can’t help who you fall in love with
    You can’t help who you love
    Hearts just got a brain of it’s own ohhh

    You can’t help who you love
    You can’t know whose at fault
    The heart lives in a world of it’s own no control
    You can’t help who you love

    Why do we care about what everybody else says
    It’s about what’s in your heart, use your own head
    You want a love that will last till the end of time
    You got to go with what you’re feeling
    Don’t deny the gift your given
    Your life is yours
    Your life is love
    Your life defined

    Can’t help it… who you love
    Can’t help who you fall in love with
    You can’t help who you love
    Hearts just got a brain of it’s own ohhh

    You can’t help who you love
    You can’t know whose at fault
    The heart lives in a world of it’s own no control
    You can’t help who you love

    Read more: Ledisi – Can’t Help Who You Love Lyrics | MetroLyrics

      • I do not support Black Men like John Legend, Taye Diggs, Derek Luke etc.. I do not patronize movies they are in or watch shows they are in. Lets see the folks support them that look like the women they marry?

    • I’d bet my forty acres and a mule that you would be the one camping out at your lawyer’s door if you were refused entrance into a nightclub, restaurant or theater because of your skin color. People usually travel in the direction their eyes look to. When you’re always looking back, you stay in the past. You must really have a love for those days when skin color determined your worth, since you are determined to continue the tradition. As someone who looks to the future, I steer clear of folks, black , white and otherwise who are mired in the past and can’t quite seem to pull their feet out of the muck. I think that is one of the main reasons why I lead such a blessed and happy life. Life is indeed good.

    • Chris D. Turner on said:

      Barb, I understand where you’re coming from but, there one constant that needs to be addressed and that is the amount of black actors working because of this movie. Also Nat Turner’s story needs to be told reguardless of whose telling it. This comes from a black man that has never crossed over and never will.

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