A number of viewers have taken to social media to complain that “The Real,” which is hosted by Tamera Mowry Housley, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love and Jeannie Mai, is now “boring” without Tamar Braxton. The songstress and reality TV star was terminated from the show over the summer, and ratings have been low since. Many are wondering if the daytime talk show will be cancelled now that Braxton is no longer serving her narcissistic attitude.

Some of the responses to the new season have been:

“The Real is boring without Tamar,” Twitter user @Thats_KeAndra said of the daytime talk show, and @CourtGeorgee_ added, “The Real is so boring without Tamar… Let’s be honest she made the show.”

“Lol, The Real is really boring without Tamar,” continued @Ontshia_metse as the cancellation rumors swirled. “I miss the mouth smacking, ‘you trrrriiieed it’ and that high voice.”

“Lol, The Real is really boring without Tamar,” continued @Ontshia_metse as the cancellation rumors swirled. “I miss the mouth smacking, ‘you trrrriiieed it’ and that high voice.”

The Inquisitr notes that the third season of The Real, the first to air without Braxton on the hosting panel, suffered a serious drop in ratings when it premiered on Fox last month. According to The Wrap, the S3 premiere brought in what the site described as a “disheartening” 0.9 rating/3 share, which is thought to be a 22 percent decrease in viewers compared to the Season 2 premiere in 2015.

“The Fake… I mean The Real dropped 22% in ratings? Tamar’s impact,” Twitter user @glo1x claimed, while @JustinColon asked, “Did The Real ratings drop for Season 3 since Tamar isn’t on the panel?”

Back in August, Braxton blasted Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adrienne Bailon after accusing them of only attending her son’s third birthday party to save face amid reports of all three women feuding.

“Baby, they came took [pics] and left,” Tamar told a fan on Twitter who asked if she, Tamera and Adrienne were feuding. “You’ve heard of let me save my a** right?”

Love confirmed in a July interview with Page Six that Braxton had not spoken to her ‘The Real’ co-hosts as the feud rumors hit the headlines.

“I have not spoken with [Tamar] recently. None of the girls have spoken to her recently,” Loni told the site when asked about the co-host’s relationship with Braxton following her firing from the series, alluding to a potential feud.

“We’ve reached out, but we haven’t heard from her,” Love added amid the feud reports. “People just want time. You can’t badger them or make them talk. It’s understandable.”

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(Photo Source: The Real Instagram)

53 thoughts on “‘The Real’ Slammed For Being ‘Boring’ Without Tamar

  1. No longer a viewer on said:

    I no longer watch the Real. Tamar added excitement to the show. I also saw that she and Tamera had good chemistry. And good balance if you will. you can take Loni off she look odd in the line up. Loni’s conversation is too old for the group.

  2. terryreed on said:

    tfix I have to say that I have not watched the show since Tamar as fired I think the show is very boring, and it seems to me that the show is trying to buy their audience by all the games they’re playing all the yelling is annoying Welcome to the REALLLLLL stop too long to loud.

  3. For me I actually felt duped…the Real was fake because the relationship they CLAIMED THEY had was just theatre. For that reason took it off by DVR and won’t be going back. Truth is if the remaining four had stood with her the story probably would have had a different outcome. Therefore, cancellation is the only option.

  4. on said:

    Just wanted to let all Tamar fans know who to blame for Tamar not being on The Real “executive producer of the show, Rachel Miskowiec, who has been in the position since 2015”. I agree maybe she should be fired! “You’re FIRED” Rachel Miskowiec!

  5. Ms Curly on said:

    What producer would come into a show that was nominated for a daytime Emmy its 2nd year and change the dynamics? Maybe the producer should be fired too. Like Tamar or Hate Tamar the show was better WITH her on it.

  6. on said:

    I have been watching The Real since it’s 1st episode, liked it the past 2 season, but notice a lot has changed since Tamar is not one of the hosts. We have to remember Tamar was released because a new producer came on board and said the viewer polls did not like Tamar. Now they are losing viewer without her, so what polls did she (producer) look at and what are they going to do now that Tamar is not on the show?! Tamar brought realism to the show; she spoke the way a lot of women of color think. Tired of hearing about Adrienne’s 2nd engagement to be married and her bouncing around everywhere, Jennie in love with black rappers but married/love her white all American husband. Loni, is the mature person on the show and is there to give that type of advice, hopefully they won’t change that. I have mixed opinions (hoping she is as smart as she says). The show is too loud in volume, guess they are trying to make up and I notice everyone is reading from a script, how REAL is that! By the way I am a woman of color and over 60 yrs old. I was watching to keep abreast of what the young people were thinking and doing and of course the guest.

  7. Black women just can’t be happy without some ghetto hood drama. And you still wonder why black men are flocking to classy, dignified White and Asian women?
    Come on Peeps

  8. PEOPLE, stop blaming the remaining “The Real” hosts for Tamar’s firing!!! Blame it on the producers. By-the-way, all four were famous people, on the own, before joining “The Real” with that rude, crude and selfish, Tamar. And, she is the same way on and with “The Braxton’s”. Tamar is GONE!! Now, either you support the show or not; Support Tamar or not, but it is time to DROP all the hate!! Go back to your life or get one!! God’s blessings to “The Real”, Tamar and family and YOU!!!

  9. Ms kim on said:

    the show was always boring but so goes daytime talk, with all including the real I watch for the guest that I’m interested in, doesn’t matter much who the panel are, I like host that are real and help ppl, like Oprah show and Ellen show, love how they put ppl on! or just take up a cause and really hit home. ijs

  10. If you don’t like the show then stop watching it. Tamar is not the whole damn show.Tamar with her popping lip was to ghetto …Lady keep up the good work.And don’t let this rude ass people get you down.

    • AMEN!! It goes to show how sick people are in this world. They thrive on negativity and controvery. The ladies on The Real are doing an outstanding job! I didn’t watch it before but I love it now that the negative vibe is gone!

  11. With or without Tamar TheReal is boring. Let’s not make it seem that Tamar made the show, because she didn’t. So rather she’s on the show or not really didn’t/don’t matter.

  12. Martha on said:

    Why don’t you people STOP all of this negative BS if you don’t care for the show stop watching. The four ladies are doing a GREAT JOB WITHOUT TAMAR. LAY OFF THEY HAVE A JOB TO DO AN THEY’RE DOING IT WELL. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB LADIES AN FORGET THESE IMMATURE PEOPLE. GOD BLESS THE REAL!!!

  13. Cynthia L Feaster on said:

    The Real is boring without Tamar Braxton. Adrienne is phony, the Asian woman is a white wanabe, the twin is a tragic self hating mullato, Loni is NOT a funny commediene at all, and looks stuffed into all of her clothes. Tamar- she was the most authentic, genuine person that they had on that Fake Show. The producers hated her because she is herself and not a phony white man loving wannabe. Her co-hostesses were envious and jealous of her from Day 1. Really Fox, if you’re not going to bring Tamar back, you should cancel the show. BRING BACK THE PREACHERS-that show made sense and was educational as well as thought provoking. The Real is a waste- I stopped watching it as soon as I heard about Tamar being dropped from the show.

    • I have never watched this show, but I have watched Loni Love and I’ve seen Tamar in clips from the show. I agree with you about Ms. Love. She is just not funny. All I’ve ever seen her do are self deprecating jokes about how much she likes food. Every time I’ve seen Tamar, she had on so much fake hair and so much makeup. Add to that, her face barely moves when she talks, and you have what looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy who’s ventriloquist knows how to make his dummy do lip smacks. Who would want to spend an hour watching them? And why?

  14. Talesha on said:

    The real is crazy now… The fact that tamar isn’t on the show any longer. To Me it’s boring, I dont bother to watch it anymore since tamar isn’t on there.

  15. Adaline on said:

    They all act fake, those dumb things they have to do, promotions. The show is not boring, is just not REAL. Tamar wouldn’t make a difference anyways she was too ghetto for tv. She didn’t even look happy to be part of the show. If anyone was the biggest faker was her because she didn’t like her job, she had a nasty attitude.

  16. October 11, 2016 @10:55 am, like everyone is saying the show has gotten very boring since they booted Tamar out. So therefore I don’t really watch it anymore, because it’s not the same with out. I truly miss her ghetto, obnocious ways. At least she was real and her other co-workers were so fake that it was under real. So as far as me watcHong it I don’t anymore.

  17. Cheeky critter on said:

    Tamar was super annoying and am glad she has left. If the show is boring why are you watching? Thank you for giving them ratings

  18. Keisha on said:

    The Real use to be exciting to watch when Tamar was on there but now it’s just boring because the 3 girls left just don’t have no spunk. Now don’t get me wrong when Tamar was on there she was a lil obnoxious and ghetto fabulous but she caught your attention and brought African American to the show now there is not a lot real African American in the audience. Don’t get me wrong it’s some but those are the one’s that forgot where they came from or don’t want to believe they are African American. IJS it is what it is.

  19. Marlene Morrison on said:

    U cant watch the show boring or not cause by watching u give them fake ratings. Once I heard tamar wasn’t going to be on the show.I stop watching. .period. Loni u are the one im most disappointed in especially since u always so disrespectfully ALWAYS trying to rap to her husband. Now if yall was friends..u would be considered just playing. But since everyone now knows what a low down piece of s–t u are u probably was trying to get with him. Adrian and jennie..i dont even know ur names…homewreaking and screw any black boy u can get ur hands on…yall irrelevant. Tamera u know you’ll on ur last leg has far as getting any actress job. TAMAR MADE THAT SHOW..and guess how many things tamar has to fall back on..what yall got…a almost cancel show…haters never prosper!

    • ms notworried on said:

      You need to get a life sweety you Dont even know these women but so quick to bash them I bet you’ve. Wrecked a home or two and sleet with your share of black boys

  20. Peahes on said:

    Let’s keep it really real. Tamar was Real she was 1,000 and you don’t get the same from the show anymore! I don’t watch it, I like The View try are keeping real in Day time spot now.SO SORRY

  21. Janecia C Kimble on said:

    Yes Tamar made the show they just had to except Tamar for who she is I love Tamar that’s Bae personal wise she’ll be,a really cool Aunt to me 😀 I don’t watch it anymore I use to watch it EVERYDAY but it na got Real alright real Lame

  22. Chrissy on said:

    It really is boring without Tamar being on the show do I watch it now hell no it’s boring due to her making facial expression I do it other people do it everybody has they own opinion

  23. Sandy Battle on said:

    The real now is so fake without Tamar she really made the show but don’t worry Tamar god has already done it the show is losing rating and the maybe canceled because they are so boring by this time next year your show will be popping off the chart and the real oops I mean the fake will be history like the saying goes when you dig a ditch for me dig two because you sure to fall in two see Tamar they already falling soon all four will be jobless wwant god do youless in lessthan six month oh they knee all of them now try to be you I’m glad Tamar kept it real your fan really do appreciate you being real never change who you are don’t have to do nothing they will be job

  24. Wonder if Fox will give Tamar the satisfaction of this show’s cancellation? I seriously doubt it just for that reason alone. Not a Tamar fan, but this should be interesting.

  25. At first I was never really a fan of the show or Tamar even on her show with her sisters, I always thought she was a bit too extra but she won be over as I realized she is who she is and what that was is REAL. To me she was the only real one on the show, she brought the sister-girl audience to the show and when she left so did we. I guess the powers that be (meaning the vanilla people I’m sure) didn’t think that they needed the around the way/ homegirl audience. Just look at the people in the live audience, not as many chocolates as before. I still don”t believe that the others didn’t know about the plan to let her go while still pretending to be her friend because Loni Love looks guilty as f#ck. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it and the way that it was done was jacked up. But good things happen to good people and Tamar will be just fine. It’s those others that should be concerned because what you do to others someone will definitely do to you. Better start praying !!!

  26. Angela Long on said:

    I agree they all do wear far too much makeup and I no longer watch the show either. I see that show as anything other than “The Real”. They won’t even acknowledge that Tamar was even on the show. Perhaps they should rename the show “The Fake” because it seems more fake these days than real and I will continue to not watch that show.

  27. I said a couple months ago that show wouldn’t last without her. Tamar is an entertainer, all of the stuff she did was to be hilarious only. I really miss her and I don’t look at that show anymore since she was dismissed it’s a total failure. Plus they wear too much makeup. They need to get their resumes in order because it’s a matter of time they will be unemployed.

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