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Exercise can be very beneficial for you. While you may focus on exercise primarily as a way for you to manage your weight, there are numerous other reasons you should exercise. When you exercise, it boosts your immune system keeping you healthier, improves your mood and helps you to sleep better. These are just a few of the many benefits exercise can provide for you.

If you are busy and have a lot on your plate here are 7 ways to get some exercise into your schedule:

1. Create extra opportunities to walk. Walking is one of the easiest and most beneficial types of exercise. And often times we don’t take advantage of opportunities to walk more throughout the day. Here are a couple of ways to get in some additional walking. When you are at your kids sporting events, walk around the perimeter of the gym, soccer field, or school. When you are getting on the train or going grocery shopping, park further away then you need to. Those extra steps will add up.

2. Invest in a fitness tool. There are numerous fitness apps and devices which can help you track your steps, sleep, and activity. If you don’t want to invest in a personal trainer, these tools can help you track your fitness activities, manage your sleep more effectively, and send subtle reminders when you are inactive for too long. Some of these include Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit Ray, Garmin as well as other products. Do your research and find one which help you manage your fitness regimen.

3. Take the stairs. In many buildings, there are generally stairways. Take advantage of the stairs to help you get in more exercise. Taking the steps as opposed to the elevator is a way to add some extra activity into your day, get your heart rate going, and boost your energy.

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