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Ever shaken or held someone’s hand and it took all of you to think why this person may be a lot older than they seem?  It’s mainly because of the hard, scaly skin on their fingers and knuckles, topped off with older-looking wrinkly fingernail beds that give the overall thought that this person’s hands are like 20 years older than they are!

If you suffer from this or know someone who is suffering from this, have no fear. Here are five ways to take your hands back in time and make them young again!

1. Before bedtime routine

Many people remember their makeup or their hair before hopping in bed, but what about your hands? Return dry/scaly skin to smooth-and-plump status overnight with this quick pre-bed routine: First, get the rough, dead skin with a gentle scrub like Freeman Bare Hands and Cuticle Renewal Scrub, and then create an all-night moisture mask by smoothing on a glycerin and plant oil-containing hand cream (you can buy some in the store or make your own, here’s the recipe) and covering hands with plastic wrap and putting cotton gloves on top (skip the plastic and you’ll just end up with really well moisturized gloves).

2. Don’t forget about the Sun/UV protection

It’s never too early to develop the daily habit of applying SPF on your hands. By using a broad-spectrum sunscreen you’ll cover UVA rays and prevent aging signs like brown spots. Even in the car, slip on a pair of driving gloves for UV protection. If you’re getting your nails done — especially a gel manicure — always apply sunscreen before exposing your hands to the UV lamps.

3. Wax On / Wax Off

With an at-home warm paraffin wax, you can give your hands a daily dip that promises to rehab even the driest cracked skin. These treatments can be very useful for deep moisturizing, and I would recommend them as more effective than a simple hand cream.

Why wax? According to dermatologists, it coats the skin, offering a form of protection you don’t ordinarily get from a cream.

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