(photo courtesy of twitter)

(photo courtesy of twitter)

No matter what your status may be — successful, unsuccessful, working towards your dreams — it’s never too late to get your education. That’s the mantra that comedian and actor Mike Epps is going by after graduating from high school at the age of 45 years old.

On Friday, the funny man graduated from Arsenal Tech High School, in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. The successful comedian and actor has now accomplished a life goal.

He celebrated on social media with the hashtag #nevergiveup.

Epps, who taught himself to read and doesn’t always spell correctly, shared with his fellow graduates that he’s always felt a lack of confidence as he hadn’t graduated high school.

daughter Its Never Too Late! Mike Epps Graduates High School At 45

(Mike and daughter, Bria – Photo courtesy of twitter)

Epps left Indiana to move to Atlanta with his aunt because he thought Atlanta was a place people went to get famous. Unfortunately by the time he got there, his aunt told Mike he couldn’t stay with her because she had gotten married. So with nowhere else to go, Mike agreed to hide out in the basement until his new uncle went to work every day at 3pm. That lasted about three weeks before he was discovered, but it eventually all worked out. Now Mike is starring in Uncle Buck, a network series remake of the 1989 John Candy movie, Uncle Buck, directed by famed director, John Hughes.

After the graduation, Mike shared that he was overwhelmed at being able to participate in the ceremony.

“This is so emotional to me because I didn’t get a chance to graduate like this. Now I’m 45 years old and just to be amongst you guys is such an honor and a blessing.

Mike told the young people that high school shouldn’t be the last stop for them, and Epps‘ advice to them was to seek higher education and “get as many degrees as you can,” he told Vibe.com.

His daughter, Bria Epps, attended the graduation. Mike has four daughters all together: Mikey, Madison, Bria and…

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