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Beyoncé has been accused of contracting with overseas clothing companies that use sweatshop labor to manufacture her sportswear line.

Bey’s Ivy Park label, featured in Topshop stores, is reportedly made by Sri Lankan seamstresses paid only $6.17 a day.

On Monday, in response to those accusations, the company issued the following statement:

“Ivy Park has a rigorous ethical trading program. We are proud of our sustained efforts in terms of factory inspections and audits, and our teams worldwide work very closely with our suppliers and their factories to ensure compliance.”

The statement went on to add that Ivy Park expects its suppliers to meet its code of conduct “and we support them in achieving these requirements.”

Here’s MORE of what we posted, based on a report from Britain’s The Sun:

A 22-year-old sewing machine operator told the newspaper that she lives in a 100-room boarding house near the factory in the town of Katunayake. The young woman said she can’t survive on her salary of $125.30 a month, which is a little bit over half the Sri Lankan average monthly income of $235.49, according to the newspaper.

“All we do is work, sleep, work, sleep,’’ said the young woman.

The worker, a farmer’s daughter from a remote village 200 miles away, shares a 10-foot by 10-foot room with her 19-year-old sister. Each of them pays rent of $27.08 a month.

“We don’t have our own kitchen or shower; it’s just a small bedroom,’’ she told the Sun. “We have to share the shower block with the men, so there isn’t much privacy. It is shocking and many of the women are very scared. We don’t have much spare money and what we do have we send back to our family.”

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