Last month, model Jessica White admitted that she had an orgasm at the gym during a TMI during an interview with, saying: “I was doing these squats one time, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is orgasmic.’ Maybe I was squeezing and doing my Kegels, I don’t know what it was. I had to go to the bathroom. I got up and was like— … that’s when I realized my body was bigger than me.”

Host Ellie Lee suggested White parlay her squatting routine into an educational workout session.

“You need to come out with a workout which is called ‘Jessica’s Squats’ and we all just learn about that, she said.

HipHollywood caught up with Jessica recently and pressed her further about discovering sexual pleasure from squatting, and she revealed her plans to release a sex-theme video to help women explore their erotic side.

“I was really, really stressed out and I guess when I was doing my lower body workouts, I achieved [an orgasm.] It’s a different kind of orgasm. It isn’t sexual, it’s more internal, but you can have an orgasm working out,” she explained.

“Achieving an orgasm doesn’t have to be anything sexual. It’s a release form for women, and doing sacred work like using a Yoni Egg, these are the things women should get involved in. It helps to heal you from a lot of emotional scarring,” she continued.

Yanni eggs are vaginal weights used to build up the muscles within the pelvis. The eggs are crafted from gemstones that are shaped in an egg form. They’re also used to increase vaginal lubrication.

The stunner — who now goes by Jypsy – also told what qualities she most admires in a man. “I greatly admire a man’s arms, but the shallow side of me admires a man’s package,” White admitted. “’It takes control of you. It shakes up your world in so many different ways, man. I don’t know,” she continued.

Jess says her forthcoming workout video will offer tips on how you can take your sex to the next level, such as the image below which she shared on IG.

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