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Controversial legislation in Mississippi could require some teachers to grade parental involvement in their child’s education, Fox News reports.

The Parental Involvement and Accountability Act, which cleared the House of Representatives, is moving through the legislative process.

According to the network, the proposed law would authorize a special section on student report cards for teachers to grade parents on their responsiveness to communication from the teacher, child’s homework completion and preparation for exams, as well as absences and lateness.

Democratic State Rep. Gregory Holloway Sr. proposed the bill. According to the Hechinger Report, he explained that it simply seeks to encourage parents to participate in their child’s education. Teachers in school districts with a “C” rating or lower would be required to evaluate parental involvement.

According to the site, Holloway traveled to school districts around the nation while serving as chairman of the Education Improvement Subcommittee chairman to compare successful schools to low-performing ones.

“We found out that parental involvement was very evident in high-performing schools, and low at low-performing schools,” he stated, according to Hechinger.

While there’s lots of support for what Holloway is suggesting, others say his legislation is misguided.

“The concept that parents should be graded by teachers on their involvement is a reversal of what the education system should look like,” Heritage Foundation education researcher Mary Clare Reim told Fox News.

She said parents should be evaluating teacher performance. What do you think?

SOURCE: Fox News, Hechinger Report | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 


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