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Oscar award winner Monique is at the Addison Improv all weekend and you can be sure she’s going to be address the rumors surrounding her “open” relationship with husband, Sidney. The two have a podcast that discusses everything relationship related.

“When you have an open relationship those are the ones that seem to last. There is not one thing that I will take to my next journey that my husband does not know. There is nothing that my husband will take with him to his next journey that I don’t know. That’s what we mean by open. Everybody just assumed it was all this free flowing sex and orgies, she said.

Watch the entire interview below.

Newlywed Bliss: Celebrity Couples Married Less Than Five Years
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2 thoughts on “Monique Talks Open Relationships, Slams ‘Small-Minded’ People [WATCH]

  1. Annette on said:

    I agree that communication is important, that you must be friends and it is an “US” thing. What I do not agree with is that there needs to be an outside party to keep the marriage going and keep it fully intact. My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in June. There has been NO infidelity and we still go on date nights. The key is we were friends first, we made a decision to discuss everything and never go to bed mad at each other.

    So I respect what Monique and her Husband choose to do in their marriage, but I will not agree that it takes someone from the outside to keep the marriage happy, as I believe it was Skip that said someone he was talking to said.

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