How Can I Fix My Credit Score?

Money Tip: How Can I Fix My Credit Score? [VIDEO]


Need some help with your credit? We’ve got you covered.


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85 thoughts on “Money Tip: How Can I Fix My Credit Score? [VIDEO]

  1. Albert Walsh on said:

    I have seen a lot of people complaining about their credit score and chexsystems issues for decades now and i think it’s high time i tell the secret of how i got my credit score increased in just two days. It was with the help of a credit hacker. Telling you my experience can never be as good as you experiencing it yourself. Here’s his email address; Contact him to fix your credit. You’ll be back to thank me

  2. Marc Leonard on said:

    Hi all,
    My name is Marc Leonard. I live in Quebec, eastern Canada. Few weeks back, I urgently needed an air conditioner and other house equipments to help keep my family save from the heat wave in Quebec, eastern Canada. My credit score was very low and couldn’t qualify me for a loan. I got recommended to this credit hacker “LEVELSEVEN” by a close friend Shirley. Later that day, I contacted him and requested for his service. He replied positively and was able to provide a smooth and effective service which boosted my credit score beyond belief and qualified me for everything I needed. This hacker is really good and capable of resolving every credit situation. I am positive! I will advise anyone in need of an effective credit repair service to contact this hacker today on the email LEVELSEVEN@WORKMAIL.COM or phone number +1 713 510 9681.

  3. Leo Larson on said:

    I had a bad credit score for months back when i have been struggling with my bills. i have to go for a loan but unluckily i was declined due to my low credit score and i went to my sister and she told me about Robert Morris and i saw many recommendation on different websites. I sent him a mail about helping me to fix my credit score and he told me to get back to him with my informations. He told me to make an upfront payment in wish i did also but to my surprise, He took him only just two days to clear all my negative times and revolving credit usage. He helped me to increase my credit score to 815 and also increased all my credit cards limit. He is a God Fearing Man and always keep his words. You can email him through

  4. Carlota MIranda on said:

    I was able to fix my credit scores through a credit repair agency on creditscoresrepairagency at gmail. com,after i was referred to them on a forum through their website and i contacted their customers support, and they cleared all collections on my report and increased my scores to 790 and above, now i
    can get a mortgage loan soon for my son also was approved a credit card of higher limit, so contact the Email above if you need to fix any issue your credit scores,i guarantee their credit repair services for you

  5. Willie Robertson on said:

    Hi Everyone…i know this isn’t part of the discussion but i just want to seize this opportunity to tell you all about a professional hacker i just met name Robert Morris. I was scared at first because he told me i had to pay a down payment before he could begin the hack. That made a part of me scared i could be scammed and the reason why i gave in its because he showed me his websites so i followed my mind and went on with it. I sent him a mail telling him i needed his help hacking into credit bureaus and clear all the revolving credit problems and delete all my negative items. He is so discrete and i like the fact that he is fast and reliable. There’s nothing wrong in trying, so contact him at Robertmorriscyberservices At Gmail Dot Com
    and i promise you won’t regret working with him.

  6. Christina Derick on said:

    I thought life isn’t gonna be better for me and my kids again, I thought I will never be happy again in my life. My name is Christina, I’m a single mother with 2 kids. I couldn’t be able to provide a roof over me and my kids and also I couldn’t be able to purchase the car I had wanted all just because of a poor credit report. I was at low 380 and have some late payment and also some negative on my report. This disturbed me and got me thinking with several sleepless nights. Then a friend introduced me to this credit specialist (EXCELLENT REPAIRS), who wiped away my tears and restored back happiness to my life and family. I contacted him, then after some series of question and interrogations from him I decided to give him the job. Within 10 working days he fix my poor credit report, raised my score to a high 810, cleared all the negative information on my credit profile replacing them with astounding trade lines and turn all late payment to on time payment. I’m ever grateful to him and want to recommend him for he is reliable, discrete and trust worthy, he will put a smile on your face as he did to mine. You can contact him now through his email EXCELLENTREPAIRS@TECHIE.COM. He can also fix a chexsystem report and a DUI report as well.

  7. Tammy Steer on said:

    My score was really, really bad. Like, 411 bad. Most of what I saw on it was really old, states that it is “closed”, or from the mistake of letting my parents use my name on stuff and then not paying for it… Obviously, theres a ton of stuff and I’m over my head, so I was going to call Sky Blue Credit Repair but my friend advised not to hire them due to her not so good experience with them.
    So she gave me the contact info of her hacker buddy! I told she was messing around until I gave it a shot..To my utmost surprise he fixed my credit within 72 hours. I urge anyone who is in need of his service to touch base with him..He prefers to work with serious clients **cyberguru0101 @** get through with him

  8. Craig Stephens on said:

    I’m very positive about this hacker name Kevin Mitnick because i think he is the best out of all when it comes to credit hacking. He is very reliable and affordable , be careful of whom you contact to help you, he is a credit specialist which have is own ways of hacking and programming his work that nobody could never imagine. He is totally secured and your security comes first. Just email him for any credit issues at

  9. Elisa Fuller on said:

    I have been a victim of scam to different hackers who almost ruined me till a old friend of mine introduced me to Aaron Swartz, I was really surprised that he help me increase my credit score to 851 excellent and erased all negative collection items on my credit report within 72 hours. Aaron Swartz is not about the money but about attaining a good reputation at always satisfying his client, He is very trust worthy. Contact him for your credit issue on his regular email via aaronswartzcyberservices At Gmail Dot Com

  10. Jamie Harrison on said:

    I never thought Initially that i will get my credit report resolved because hacking was irresponsible until i needed a hacker to help me hack and repair my credit. My boss recommend Robert Morris to me and i get in touch with him. He told me to drop some of my informations and no upfront payment. And just within 3 days, Robert Morris really get rid of my mortgage loan and pay off my late payment on my credit without leaving any traces of hacking. i don’t have any negatives items on my credit report anymore and he increased my credit score to 750. His email is Robertmorriscyberservices AT GMAIL DOT COM.

  11. William Murray on said:

    Hey friends, I really want to introduce Kevin Mitnick to you guys i know no one has been talking about him on here but i wanna assure you that his one of the best hacker in USA and i don’t want to be ingrate like other that is the reason why i’m recommending him to you. He helped me to clear all my negative items and remove all my late payment on my credit bureaus and he increased my credit score from 350 to 780 with an affordable down payment but i never believe he could get my credit fix for me. To God be the Glory He really made me smile and i can be able to apply for loans and mortgage so i can be able to catch up with the bills. You can get in touch with him through Kevinmitnickcreditservices at gmail dot com.

  12. Dorothy Elizabeth on said:

    Last week, my credit was terribly bad. I could not get my credit report back on track. I had over drafts and old charges which degraded my score. I was so despressed! I contacted my sibling and explained everything to her, and she introduced me to LEVELSEVEN. I contacted him immediately via his email LEVELSEVEN@WORKMAIL.COM and requested for his service. He responded positively, and my credit score increased significantly after working with him. He was honest about the process, and he’s work was solid. It was definitely worth the amount I paid and saved lots of time at my end. I highly recommend LEVELSEVEN to anyone in need of a solidified credit repair service. you can reach him via the email above., or he’s number +1 713-510-9681 . Contact him today!

  13. Christopher Henry on said:

    I am a living proof of Aaron Swartz legit credit specialist, successfully erased all my negative item on my credit report and boost my credit score to 841 excellent within 72 hours, He is real and affordable price. Get in touch with him on regular email for your credit repair aaronswartzcyberservices At Gmail Dot Com

  14. nicole wagner on said:

    I saw someone leave an info under comment section on helping to repair credit. I was interested in knowing more and if the hacker still does this. I had poor credit, a old bankruptcy and problems with getting approved for a apartment due to 2 broken leases from the past which I explained to CREDIT BRAINIAC when I made contact to him. The hacker cleaned my credit records and boost my credit score within just few days of knowing him. Everyone having credit problems should reach him a t (@ g ma i l . com).

  15. Greetings my name is Leo Smart. I am from the United States, with much gratitude in my heart I say a big thanks to this computer wizard named Fast Cliq for his nice job well done, few weeks back I was in a tribble situation that I urgently needed to fix my credit. I contacted various hackers I met online to get the job done but couldn’t pull through. I disclosed my situation to a co-worker jack and he recommended me to a wizard, he used some time to deliver a job for him by name Fast cliq. At first I never believed him but I still indoubt gave him a trial and I contacted the hacker and explained the situation on ground hitting the nail he gave me he’s personal contact to text him on which I did. So, after much discussion and findings I was okay to move on with the process I presented the necessary info he requested to kick start. He got my credit fixed in 9 days It’s really amazing working with such a person with great professionalism in which he has gained my trust and I have also made him my personal hacker you can hit him up on the address above tell him I sent you he’s reliable FASTCLIQ@WRITEME.COM do have a blessed weekend my friends.

  16. Sheila Watson on said:

    For sure, home equity loans are the best, very helpful. but i soon was in debt and couldn’t afford to pay up, lost my job and as a single mom that took a tough toll on me. Thank goodness i found a hacker that could help. He paid everything and also raised my credti scores, just like that. firewallbreach expert at gmail dot com. thank me later

  17. Alex Benson on said:

    I never thought much people will know about this Hacker named Robert Morris. Since my last divorce things has been really bad for me and i couldn’t apply for a ban loan due to my low credit score and its hard for me to pay my bills and i lost some properties. when my uncle told me about Robert Morris i don’t have a choice than to work with him and he really helped me to delete all my hard inquiries and remove all my late payment. My credit score went up to 824 within just three days and i have to pay him off his balance. I think he is more preferable and affordable. i decided to drop his email incase if you guys wanna get in touch with him. Email him through Robertmorriscyberservices At Gmail Dot Com.

  18. Almond on said:

    Greetings everyone my name is Almond from the United States, if you could see my face right now you’d see a look of gratitude. I want to appreciate Fast Cliq for his assistant and concern, how can I ever thank you enough for all you’ve done. I was down with a terrible credit report and my score was 519 and was losing my home due to my credit report. I had late payments, collection report, medical bills, credit cards, repossessions, student loans, etc. Well I trusted Fast Cliq with my info and he did an excellent job removing all negative items on my report and raised my score to a high 820 bringing joy and happiness to my grasp. I advice you contact Fast Cliq today on FASTCLIQ@WRITEME.COM or send Text to +1 409 232 0139 Happy Sabbath do have a Great weekend.

  19. Japheth Wilson on said:

    Hello Friends Japheth Wilson is my name I had credit scores of 430 in April. I applied for a surgery loan in May and was not approved because of my low credit scores. I contacted my loan officer and she told me that my score needed to be 750 and above to get qualified considered by FICO as Good and I was in desperate need to get my score up because I had to do the surgery at that time. I was introduced by a friend to DPROTOCOL who told me it would take 8-12 days to fix up my card so I accepted, on the 9th day I was contacted that my FICO score was 850 and was ready for use, I am so happy and I will recommend anyone who will need their service to contact them at, DPROTOCOL@WORKMAIL.COM

  20. David Jose on said:

    Credit repair is a step-by-step process you stepping up with responsibility. You’ve got full control over your credit score, no matter if it’s in the low 400’s or high 700’s. The cost of poor credit is terrible to man kind You will pay higher interest, require larger down payments, and ultimately life will cost you more than someone who has excellent credit. The game of credit scores never ends. You might have an 700 credit score one week and a 530 the next. I got to know all this tips with the help of a family hacker (Notablespy) my uncle introduce to me earlier this year he has been my savior ever since. He removed every form of negative items on my report rental, student loans eviction as well as other wrong judgments on reports and replaces them with good trade-lines to keep me moving forward. I am linking this out because i believe i’m helping out here. Contact a great hacker for your credit jobs he efficiently, strong and intelligent. He detect errors and correct them immediately on credit profiles he did a clean job for me and i’m very happy about that. I guess he can hack the devil himself, LoL. Contact him today and you will be glad you did. Mail him directly NOTABLESPY.ORG@GMAIL.COM. With him you can fell relief then ever before.

  21. peyton cassidy on said:

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  22. Vera Garrate on said:

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  23. Harry Blake on said:

    I’m grateful to this hacker because i never met him and he did something no one could never do. I got his email through Disqus and i told him i wanna get rid of my late payment and removed all negative items on my credit report. He told me that i should forward some of my informations to his mail and he told me that i should give me just 48 hours to get back to me. He cleared all my negative items and removed the late payment off my credit report and increased my EQUIFAX to 815 and increased my TransUnion to 820. i can’t thank him enough and very affordable with just little upfront payment. He gave me some tips to make my credit look good. You can reach him through Robertmorriscyberservices At Gmail Dot Com.

  24. robert walter on said:

    i was about to apply for a mortgage loan before i discover my credit score was 575 and i couldn’t get the approve for the
    mortgage loan at that moment because of my low credit score. My old friend of mine introduced me to this genius hacker, I
    get in touch with him for help and to my surprise, He increase my credit to 835 excellent and delete all negatives
    collections on my report. He helped me delete all negatives items on my report, I got approved for mortgage loan. He’s the
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    Databasehackerservices At Gmail Dot Com

  25. school1990 on said:

    Greetings Melvin James from Boston. I’ve been scammed a few times already and I’m very apprehensive about paying for a service without at least some proof work is actually being done for me. I’ve had so many excuses about my credit report needing verification from a USA hacker because I’m in Canada. That is different for me. They needed to buy software because the Canadian credit bureaus had updated their security protocol. And then there was money I had to send by Western Union only to find out the receiver names were flagged and then leaving me being questioned for sending funds. They told me my capital one credit card could not be worked on or prepaid card I bought was actually used for some other means and that someone gained access to the prepaid card. I had then lost money again. It goes on and on. However, my story changed to a happy ever after when I contacted (FIXDAMAGE@CONSULTANT.COM). These were my exact statement to him; “reassure me I’m not been scammed and it’s a win-win for both of us! Prove the positive reviews about you that I’ve read are actually true. Trust is something gained and if you are on board with this, let’s proceeds ASAP”. He replied with a beautiful proposal which was just what I wanted. We immediately got started with the project of fixing my credit and within 7 days, FIXDAMAGE performed a miracle on my report and brought an everlasting smiles on my face again by removing all negative items on my report including inquiries, credit card debts, an eviction, medical bills and student loans thereby making me qualify for everything, God bless him. Contact him with the above info and he will make you smile too irrespective of your location.

  26. Ernest Powell on said:

    I wasn’t sure how this works out when i had a bad credit score of 560 due to my late payment and hard inquiries on my credit report because i couldn’t get rid of them myself so i have to discuss this issue with boss who introduced me to this so call God Fearing Hacker name Robert Morris. when i contacted him he told me to mail my information and pay an upfront payment but i don’t have a choice than to pay him because i had my boss backup. As I speak, Robert Morris got rid of all my negative listings, hard inquires and erased my eviction off my credit report. Thanks to him, I can’t imagine what my life would have been If I had not met him and for those interested in his services, You can reach him through or (657) 444-7620.

  27. I assure you superb technologies credit solution is the best, I had all tax and collections removed permanently and also went from a 430 credit score to a 798 .If you plan on increasing your score or removing tax lien from your report, the first thing you need to do is to reach out to for their services.Their Services are just incredible

  28. Floyd Parker on said:

    All thanks to LEVELSEVEN for the thorough correcting of my credit report. I have been able to successfully get my home refinanced with a good rate after his awesome performance on my credit. He came through and repaired my credit beyond belief. Had incorrect multiple entries, other errors and inconsistencies corrected by LEVELSEVEN. He’s indeed amazing and I recommend him to anyone in need of an effective credit service. Contact him today, and get your credit worries settled. LEVELSEVEN@WORKMAIL.COM.

  29. Jackie Mclaughlin on said:

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  31. Sharon Andrews on said:

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  32. Andy on said:

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  33. Tim SMith on said:

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  34. Tim SMith on said:

    Do you want to learn more about how you can hack into your credit report or clear all your negative items on your credit profile. i will advice you to work with this hacker name Albert Gonzalez because i have worked with him many times. He is very fast and does an accurate job, you can tell him i referred him to you. Email him through Albertgonzalezcreditrepair

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