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…becoming the confident young lady she is today. April’s mother says that she was frequently bullied and left depressed by the jibes aimed at her by classmates at school.

But thanks to support from her mother and her older sister, actress Yindra Zayas – who was the one who inspired April to open the Instagram account – as well as America’s Next Top Model star Winnie Harlow, who also has vitiligo, April said she eventually learned to accept her “love spots”.

April is now being praised by Winnie for her confidence, which April herself defines as “being yourself and never being afraid of showing anyone the real you.”

People from around the world are showing this lovely little powerhouse some love.

“You are so beautiful!! I have vitiligo too, but I have never been so confident as you are,” wrote one of her followers on social media.

And we agree.  Keep rising to the top Ms. Star!


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