Twenty-seven women who say they were sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby will speak exclusively to NBC News on Friday (Oct. 9) in a “Dateline” special titled, “The Cosby Accusers Speak.”

Reporter Kate Snow will interview the women about their “personal recollections of assault, betrayal, and emotional distress.”

“This body of women are moving the needle,” Beverly Johnson told NBC. “Not much. But we’re still moving it…and that’s the power we all feel.”


Eden Tirl spoke about the their critics suggesting their accusations are made up.

“It’s insane that people actually think that any of us would’ve got – come together to bring down some celebrity whose celebrity has already started to fade long before we came forward. We came forward to say we’re using our voices to say this isn’t ok.”

The accusers, rangin in age from 46 to 80, will respond to skepticism about their allegations and Cosby’s legal team’s denial of their claims.

Their stories span five decades but all start with the similar theme of Cosby mentoring them before taking advantage.

Watch the promo here.

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(Photo/Video Source: NBC News)

2 thoughts on “27 Bill Cosby Accusers Set for NBC ‘Dateline’ Special [WATCH]

  1. Tiredofthisshit on said:

    This Gloria Allred needs some Dick! That’s all she needs. Her and whoever is backing her have placed it on themselves to try and take down Bill Cosby. This shit started with that wack ass-so-called comedian. I believe someone went to him as well. ESPECIALLY after it was found out Bill Cosby was going to buy that network and change programming and add a WHOLE LOT OF BLACK SHOWS for the black audience! But that’s what they do.

  2. These women wait over thirty years to speak out, Mr. Cosby would be in the same predicament thirty years ago as he is now had they spoken up. The money hungry losers need to go somewhere, anywhere and let that man and his family be.

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