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Thou shalt not mess with Patti LaBelle.

The legendary R&B/Soul singer performed in Vancouver Friday night and invited a couple of audience members to have a good time with her on stage, but there’s always that one person who takes it just a tad bit too far.

While performing her smash hit “Lady Marmalade,” a fan began unbuttoning his shirt in front of the crowd and she quickly stopped the performance. In the TMZ-provided clip above, Patti loses it once the fan turns his back on her. She ends up kicking him out of the building.

Patti mentioned that she isn’t Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus, so she would not be condoning such behavior. Watch the footage above.

Happy Birthday, Patti LaBelle!
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5 thoughts on “Patti LaBelle Kicks Fan Off Stage

  1. Ann best on said:

    Like Aretha’s Respect – you respect Patti Labelle – or don’t go! She should have kicked his butt off her stage – particuarly after she asked him to stop! What disrespect!!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Well I’m not sure what his end goal or plan was but it was quickly spoiled, Patti don’t allow no foolishness. I’m sure he was a fan of Patti’s so he should have known this from the jump. He looked like he should have been at a Sam Smith’s concert, not at Patti-Patti’s. Oh and she call him a bitch? Hilarious!

  3. Whoever this person was who jumped onstage and began to twerk/grind showed a total lack of REPECT for Ms. Patti.

    I don’t blame her for the reaction she had or how she handled the situation!

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