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Although he knows he did the right thing, Ramsey Orta views filming the death of Eric Garner as something he regrets.

Orta shared his reasons for his regrets during an interview with Time magazine, saying that life has drastically changed for him and his family since that fateful day in July 2014 when he captured Garner’s fatal encounter with NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Garner’s demise came after Pantaleo refused to let go of a chokehold he put him in while arresting him for suspicion of selling illegal cigarettes on a sidewalk in Staten Island, N.Y.

With his family moving out of their Staten Island home after claiming they were regularly followed and harassed by police since Garner’s death, Orta admitted to wishing that he would have done the video anonymously.

“Sometimes I regret just not minding my business,” Orta told Time while saying that his reasons for doing the deed anonymously stemmed from sparing his family the heartache and struggle of what they are now going through. “Because it just put me in a messed-up predicament.”

Despite Orta’s regrets, his filming of Garner’s final moments made him a hero in the eyes of many as it inspired the Black Lives Matter movement and supplied concrete proof that footage of police abuse towards people of color is very important.

Still, Orta has personally experienced a difficult time since capturing Garner’s death on video. VladTV notes he has faced several drug and gun charges since last year. As a result, Orta was arrested three times for allegedly giving a gun to a 17-year-old, drug possession and allegedly selling MDNA to a police officer.

The latter incident resulted in some of the charges being reduced after proof of the MDNA being fake surfaced after testing. Nevertheless, Orta still faces 60 years if he’s convicted, despite the reduction of charges.

Orta’s state of mind has become an item of concern. According to Lisa Mercado, a member of Orta’s family, his loved ones are worried about Orta in light of him expressing thoughts of suicide.

“He walks around with fear,” Mercado shared with Time. “He was always an outspoken person. He’s not anymore. He talks about, ‘Maybe I should just kill myself. I’m just hurting my entire family.’ He said he knew he was doing the right thing, but it turned out to be hell. It messed us all up.”

While his family lives in an area where people don’t recognize them, Orta stated that a financial strain exists for the family. As it stands now, Orta’s and his family are working to fight the charges he had before and after Garner’s death.

#ICantBreathe: Protestors Demand Justice For Eric Garner
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17 thoughts on “Ramsey Orta Regrets Filming Eric Garner’s Death

  1. Guest on said:

    See this was my point with Sandra Bland and why I believe she committed suicide!! These people are pawns for the fake and phoney Black Lives Matter movement going after only police (not black on black crime). These people don’t have the backbone MLK and Angela Davis had to fight for true justice. MLK nor Angela would have NEVER said “I wish I had just minded my business!” WHAT??? Thought you were proud you made Eric’s fam and baby mama RICH while taking down police??? I have no sympathy!!!! Too many dead black kids from thugs for me to care…..

  2. specialt757 on said:

    What’s good TK and you’re right. However sometimes doing what’s right gets people harmed and sometimes killed. It’s a scary world we live it and people are so darn shady.

    Funny story maybe not haha funny but…this mentally ill guy (or so I thought) came up to my car the other day while I was in a parking lot, he read my tag (personalized) which most people ask me about, unless they are Christians, they don’t get it. Anyway, he started stuttering or broken English and said he woke up late and didn’t have breakfast (it was about 4:00pm), and he wanted to get some food. He said he was going to Chik-Fil-A which was about 300 feet in front of us. I kept my eye on him the whole time I was talking to him, but I really was in a not so good position, I could have been set up. So I told him I didn’t have any money but he kept talking retarded and I fell for it, I gave him $2 and he watched my purse the whole time. When I gave this sucka (Okay I was the sucka) the money, he practically ran in the opposite direction of the CFA. I just shook my head, big dummy. But my heart was in the right place, so my conscience was clear and God always looks out for me, so I’m more than blessed. He has to pay for his deception not me.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      I hear you. He probably just wanted to get some cheap wine or something. Plus, sounds like he could tell you are no one to mess with. Im dating myself, but I remember when you could have a fight and by the end of the week be boys again. Those days are over, aren’t they?
      I always keep a dollar in my shirt pocket so I don’t have to go into my wallet when I am on the street.
      Anyway, keep up the good work, you give $2 and God will give you back $10!!!

    • Guest on said:

      One day in DC a homeless man got my attention begging. I told him no turned around and almost got hit by a car. He said “That’s what I get for not helping me!”. I turned around and said “But my daughters would have been two rich girls while your broke azzz would have still been on this corner!” Everyone fell out laughing at him. He said nothing but I could see he regretted his comment. I learned ONLY donate to organizations. I sent checks to MD Food Bank, MD Fuel Fund. Most folks on corners use the money for drugs or alcohol sadly!!

  3. To: Mr. Ramsey Orta:

    Since reading this story, you have been on my mind throughout today; and I am reaching out to you to say: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not commit suicide! Please do “not” give this so-called power to the “evil doers.”.

    I’m sure this is not God’s purpose for you being on this earth. Please speak to a Pastor. ” Don’t Let The Devil Steal Your Joy or Your Life!”

    I am praying for a Miracle for you and your family! Blessings!

  4. specialt757 on said:

    While releasing the video of this incident was the right thing to do, he should have remained anonymous. Especially with a past criminal record. Just what did he expect would happen? I hope that he can overcome his legal woes and live his life on the right side of the law going forward. But police hate when you snitch on them, you find yourself on the wrong side even when you’ve done the right thing. But I agree with you EBB.
    Chances of Mr. Garner’s family helping Mr. Orta financially in anyway is pretty much slim to none. They probably don’t give 2 cents that he is facing these issues. Probably have not even reached out to him to say “thank you” for your sacrifice.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Hello Special.

      Where I come from, if someone helped us obtain some sort of reward monetary or otherwise, we always mad it our business to acknowledge that person.
      Shucks, as a kid if we went looking for soda bottles for money no matter who collected the most bottles, we always split the money .
      Unfortunately, I believe you are right. The Brown family would not have gotten a dime without this video, but will probably ignore Mr. Ortiz anyway. There isn’t any do whats right anymore these days

  5. Why did he feel the need to expose himself to this nightmare instead of just turning the video over anonymously? He could have done the right thing without anyone ever knowing who he and his family are. But, as usual, everybody wants that brief 15 minutes. And hero status to boot? Shoot, that was just too much to for Mr. Orta to pass up. Be careful what you ask for. You just may be unfortunate enough to get it.

  6. Who represents Mr. Orta? While everyone cheered and patted you on the back for what you did, calling it bravery, it looks like we left you hanging. That’s a disgrace. Wanting to kill yourself isn’t the answer. What can we do, as a community, to salvage the problem?

  7. Timekeeeper on said:

    I understand Mr. Ortiz’ regrets. The mean spirited reactions by the NYPD underscore how bad these problems can be. Mr. Ortiz, like many blacks thru out history have had to sacrifice ( in some cases even their lives in order for the truth and corruption to be exposed. My prayer for him is that somewhere along the line he will reap the benefits of doing the right thing and that he will eventually be able to reconcile his decision.

  8. Mr. Orta,

    You did the right thing, because if you hadn’t recorded Eric Garner being murdered, it would have vexed your spirit for the rest of your life. God will see you through your trials and tribulations! Also, remember that: “No Weapon Formed Against YOU Shall Prosper!”

  9. They probably do harass him but dang could he stop breaking the law? I am glad that he filmed the incident, so maybe Mr. Garners family who will be receiving all that money could help a brother out, he certainly helped their case.

  10. Linda on said:

    I feel sorry for Mr. Orta who was only attempting to capture the brutality of NYPD when he videotaped the death of Mr. Garner.

    The NYC Pigs are cowards for harassing this man and making his life miserable.

    I wish Mr. Orta good luck with his pending legal matters and hope they do not result in him serving a large prison sentence.

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