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Paul Mooney has never been shy about voicing his opinion on race and social injustice, and incorporating both into his controversial brand of comedy. Later this month, the comic legend will reunite with comedian-activist Dick Gregory for two special shows at Washington D.C.’s Howard Theatre (July 30) and New York City’s B.B. King Blues Club & Grill (July 31).

HuffPost recently caught up with Mooney to get his thoughts on some of the current trending topics, including race relations, Donald Trump and the future of Bill Cosby’s legacy. You can read the interview in full here. Below are excerpts:

Do you think protesting will help resolve race relations and bring justice to race related crimes?

Paul: No. Racism is going to be here until you die, I die, till everybody dies. They just get slicker with it. Back in my day, they just said what they wanted to say, nowadays they just do certain things and get slicker with it.

Speaking of politics, Donald Trump is currently leading in polls. How do you feel about the possibility of him becoming president?

Paul: I say, run. You can’t tell him, “You’re fired.”

What are your thoughts on Bill Cosby and his legacy moving forward?

Paul: The only thing that I can say about that is that he got his “N****r Wake-up Call” [Editor’s Note: “N****r Wake-up Call” is a reoccurring joke that Mooney uses in all of his comedy routines.] What’s new? Does it surprise you? It goes to show you how much power he didn’t have. They took off all his reruns – TV Land just took everything off. Do you see his stuff on TV now?

Do you think it was fair for TV networks to pull “The Cosby Show” reruns?

Paul: No. But that’s white America. But you know the old saying, he “don’t have the complexion for the protection.”

Listen to Paul’s joke below.

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29 thoughts on “Paul Mooney Says Bill Cosby Got His ‘N****r Wake-up Call’

  1. psnthersdec on said:

    Paul is right, Bill didn’t have the power he thought he had. Donald Trump around here talking about the Mexicans committing murders and rapes while the white men doing it under his nose 24/7 and he hasn’t said a word about how white folks should act and be “non-threatening” to white people. I was glad to see my boyfriend Michael Eric Dyson call him out on his elitest rant that all black folks should look, act and talk like me. Where is the white person going around the country saying white girls like Bristol Palin needs to stop having 2 different baby daddies even thought mom/dad is still married. Where is the white person going around the country saying obese white people like Mama June needs to use proper English lose weight, stop having bugs coming out of your toes and have your kids to go to school. But so called elitest Negroes like Bill think they have the license on telling us how to act because they have learned how to be proper, non-threatening Negroes and they have made it. Really well ask OJ how hw thought he was the comfort-zone made it Negro until Nicole got murdered. We all know if she was the black wife white folks wouldn’t care. I am laughing at certain Negroes on this board claiming they and their kids did all of the right things and Bill wasn’t talking aobut them because they are the GOOD Negroes and the other ones are the bad Negroes. I ask you did Bill ever invite you to lunch or gave you a personal telephone call. NO so unless you are in his circle of money/friends he was talking about you as well. If you mentioned your government job as if you was bragging like you got the best job in the world he will tell you to get out of his face with that foolishness. We all know his son got killed meeting a prostitute at 3 in the morning and his daughter went to school and became a crack addict. So what is the difference between the unproper behavior of a poor black person and a wealthy black person. NONE he oughta know since he spoke of it. So he sent Spelman some money to pay for her degree and had a building built as well to pay for her diploma she didn’t get while putting drugs in her body. That is how the rich do cover up their sins for years with money until someone check doesn’t clear the bank and they call the media and the Rockfellar monied from Spelman gave him his money back. He was talking about yall if yall stupid black folks glad he talked about the unsavory behavior of other black folks and can’t discuss his own unsavory behavior. That’s ghetto

  2. Ms curly on said:

    I’m late but anyway Mr Cosby told the absolute truth about some of these young folks today. As far as the re-runs they are all well off because of him so if they take the shows off they just have to live with it.

  3. joey on said:

    NOT to get off the subject, of Cosby but I agree with Omari Hardwick, about Bruce Jenner( catlin) or whatever he wants to be called should not have been honored with the ESPY award( I have to question) what the heck are they thinking This is an Arthur Ashe courage award. ( what has he done), that is so great that he should have had this honor, They just ruined Arthur Ahshes Name, Arthur Ashe was a different kind of Black man. and what has bruce jenner done that is so wonderful, or helped anyone in our communities??? please someone explain it to me..

  4. Doris Bryant on said:

    Has anyone noticed Bill’s type of woman. All were white or damn near it as the old folks would say. That really says something about his worth. I am glad that our girls were not desired by him.

    • specialt757 on said:

      I’m even “more glad” that he gave “our” girls a start or chance at an acting career. Like the actresses who played, Rudy, Vanessa, cousin Pam, Charmaine, Phyllicia, and the girl who played his daughter on Cosby. All brown or darker skinned women. If it had not been for Dr. Cosby, we may not have ever heard of some of them. And even his wife is brown skinned.

  5. Swan on said:

    Paul Mooney was the First to “Keep it Real/The View” so others can thank him for paving the way for being Real, Reel, The View, Keeping it 100″ however people want to spell it these days all the same different ways of spelling it.

  6. DAM I hope they don’t read this;
    My nephew bought a white girl ova the house [his parents house]. Hoe SAT DOWN! And put her feet
    up on the table. Now get this. Nephew’s father was a Doctor and his mother a teacher. So this was FAR from being in a ghetto. And nephew’s mother is from the south. She went completely off.
    Paul Mooney IS RIGHT! African Americans coming up-take note! IT DON’T MATTER what you achieve. You are still considered less than they are. My thing? Why bother.JUST LIKE THE AND CHINESE AND REST OF THE MiNORITIES IN THIS COUNTRY. Now they’ll read this and say he’s preaching hate. Bullsit, I’m just keepin it real!

    • specialt757 on said:

      “…And put her feet up on the table.” What! You lying! Hahaha, but I definitely agree, no better what we achieved or how high we rise to the top, white America still sees us as inferior, ask Magic J, to DS he was still a n-word.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    I was a single parent (I’m not bragging or complaining) at the time Dr. Cosby made those comments and I knew he wasn’t referring to me, I had a “good government job”, a car, a house (owned, well me and the bank), utilities (never been cut off) all in my name, not in my mama’s name. Never lived with a man I wasn’t married too. I never bought my son $100 anything material, not even a play station or game console. If he got them, they were gift from others. I didn’t go get my hair and nails done every week or shopped with “other folk’s” money, I didn’t sell my food stamps (one, I never qualified or received them). But I knew and still know single women who did all these things and more. So if Dr. Cosby’s comments offended you personally, you WERE who he was referring to.

  8. Tammy on said:

    Sorry but he is ain’t lying. Funny how Billy Cosby is now outcast YET Woody ALLEN is was accused and walking around with his adopted daughter and married her. OJ Simpson was accused of murder and aquitted and people went after him even giving him a civil trial and then convicted him on going after two men for his own stuff and now serving a life sentence (if this was anyone else, they would not have serve time in jail doing what he did in going after his stuff) YET Robert Blake was given the same thing and he is barely talked about and certainly not in the way OJ Simpson is talked about everything people talk about a murder case.

  9. one love on said:

    i completely agree with him at least he was honest and didn’t cut no corners about the matter of the situation when they asked him. you gotta respect a person for their honesty.

  10. Raefree on said:

    Yeah… Bill Cosby played to white folks stereotypes about us. He talked about how we single Black women buy expensive sneakers for our kids… blah blah blah! I NEVER bought them for my kids and I’m a single, college degree sportin, black woman. All my kids have gone on higher education beyond high school. They bought their own sneakers when they got their own jobs in high school. So Bill Cosby’s comments about us was a slap in my face. Now whose getting slapped?

    • I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if he drugged his mamma and paid a donkey to plug her. Every single solitary thing he said about the sorry state of blacks in this good old US of A is absolutely, positively, without even a shadow of a hint of a doubt is true. He may have been a hard dicked, horny cheater, but that does not negate the fact that observations were spot on. And if what he described doesn’t apply to you, why are you so happy to see him get his comeuppance? specialt757 said it best.

      • Tammy on said:

        Kates, I am hollowing in my chair with you comment. LOLOLO. I agree. Like I said, regardless of Cosby situation, when I heard the comments back then, Cosby intentions were said out of concern, no put down. Even On Oprah he talked about how he was surprise about how some blacks were upset. He said he was talking about the blacks who did that kind of thing and the thought since he was talking to “his people” it was ok say. This is what I heard out of his own mouth and it seem real. And what he said is no different that what we who work with black youth and families say; however, if we are to a place where we can not help some blacks and point out these “issues’, then I do not want hear about ‘what are we doing in the black community to deal with issues”.

      • specialt757 on said:

        “I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if he drugged his mamma and paid a donkey to plug her” Kate you stupid LOL!

  11. October on said:

    I agree Linda. You can’t throw stones while living in a glass house. Shame that the other actors/actresses on The Cosby Show and A Different World cannot get residual income because of him. He not only screwed, No pun intended, himself but them as well.

  12. I said it. on said:

    You have to have some awfully lowdown things going on, or allow some lowdown things in your house to have a problem with Bill’s comments. Paul Mooney is right though, Bill doesn’t have the complexion for the protection. Not even from his own skinfolk.

  13. Linda on said:

    Bill Cosby was also a HYPROCRITE and was being condescending towards the African-American community with his “holier than thou speeches” while all the time his own house was not in order!

    Now he’s finally getting his just desserts!!!!!

    • ….I second that, Linda…It was his “hypocrisy” that got him exposed…What you do in the dark will soon come to light…I do care what “color” you are, if you do “foul s***”, it will come back and “haunt” you…Like the old cereal commercial use to say, “You can’t get away with the crunch, because the crunch always gives you away”.

    • Tammy on said:

      Linda, yes, he was talking about the black community but when I heard Cosby make those comments back then, it did not come across to me as a “put down” but it was in concern about how alot of our black people were doing. Come of now, we all know many black folks in which Cosby describe. We always talk about trying to do things for some blacks and if we are going to judge based people who point these issues out, then ALL OF US are hypocrites and then we all need to stop with the “what we need to do in the black communty” bit because that means NO ONE is qualified to speak about it. NO one is perfect. I look at the INTENT when someone speak. When President Obama speaks about black issues, I know his intention are good and well intended; when Clarence Thomas speak, I know he has a silent hate for blacks (at least he come across as if he do) and seem to want to cater to whites.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Good points Tammy, especially the one about Clarence Thomas. I’m sure he curses that black suit he was born with every single day. Also, no ONE is qualified to speak about blacks because some other black person will always see the fault or the wrong in it. No ONE black person represents our entire black race. And nobody wants to accept the truth about our bullshit.

      • Tammy on said:

        Specialt757, and often time the blacks who are upset are doing these things or they are not taking the time to really hear and see what the person is saying. Again, regardless to what Cosby situations is now, I still say he was right in what he said about SOME blacks in our community; and what is sad, we as blacks as a whole gets judged.. I do not care how educated we are as blacks or how rich, if a low down, pants down, nasty headed, rude taking black person go in store and cause confusion and leave, go in right behind that black person and see how we as educated blacks will get treated due to what another black person did. I still listen to Cosby over Thomas because Cosby had done a lot for black education regardless to his troubles.

      • Oh yea?? Guess Cosby was the leading moral authority on the state of black America..please!! Really?? What good did it do??? He’s a sad ,not too funny joke now!

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