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Dear Tom,


I am so proud of my son, Nickolas because he has come a long way.   He turns 21 on august 10th.  At the age of 18 months, he was diagnosed with epilepsy which caused him to have grand-mal seizures.  Each time he would have a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions he would be hospitalized while his neurologist worked on different medications that would control his spasms.   He hasn’t had a seizure since he was fifteen years-old.

Nicholas did suffer some deterioration of his brain cells, which led to learning disabilities and he remained in special education classes until he graduated high school in 2013.    Since then, he has been in San Antonio attending a special program called DARS, which stands for department of assistive and rehabilitative services.  They work with kids that have completed high school, but need continued help in society to gain their independence.

Nickolas has learned to do his own laundry, clean his room, and ride the bus, shop for groceries and much more.  They also have a work program and he has a job at Dave & busters as a busser, food runner and janitor.   My husband of 4 years and I are full of pride as we watch him grow to become more self-sufficient.

Tom, Nickolas started writing songs and poetry while attending epilepsy camp each summer when he turned 12 and has gotten quite good at it.   He has asked for an apple mac-book – 12″ display Intel core – m-8g memory.  He would like this particular computer because he would like to make beats to his music and somehow enter into the music industry.  It was too expensive for us to purchase so nick tried to get it on credit but he was denied because he doesn’t have any credit.

Tom, if you can grant this Christmas wish for my loving son Nickolas, I would greatly appreciate it.