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Glory Johnson is 100% dedicated to raising her baby, with or without Brittney Griner, sources close to the WNBA star tell TMZ Sports.

As previously reported, Griner filed court docs on Friday seeking to annul her 28-day marriage to Johnson – one day after Johnson announced her pregnancy.


“Glory loves kids and wants a family. Family is an important part of her life. There was never a question in her mind. She will be keeping the baby,” a source tells TMZ Sports.

“This child’s health is of the utmost importance to her,” the source adds.

As for Griner’s involvement in the child’s life — Brittney has not publicly stated whether or not she wants a relationship with the child.

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8 thoughts on “Glory Johnson Dedicated to Raising Baby With or Without Griner

  1. Ok, it takes awhile to realize you are pregnant. The ladies were only married for 28 days! One lady surprised the other with the news, initial fight breaks out. They marry anyway, one lady finds out who the father is and wants an annulment, you cheated on me with a man!!!

    Just one scenario. Well good luck to the both of them and bless the baby!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Marriage definition is matrimony between a man and a woman (and yes I know it’s been changed) “Civil Union” is a better name for this type ish. But now it’s not even that it’s a big A$$ joke.

  3. Monica on said:

    These two have made a mockery out of same sex marriage. They look like to fickled, indecisive immature women.

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