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A Virginia man was arrested this week after he allegedly robbed a bank of $150,000, and walking out of the doors before posting the whole ordeal to his Instagram page.

According to WVEC, 23-year-old Dominyk Alfonseca posted about his plans to allegedly rob the bank by posting a letter he slid to the teller on his Instagram prior to the incident.

Reports say he handed the note to the teller at a bank in Virginia Beach Town Center, filming as she then handed him hundreds of $1 bills, amounting to $150,000.

Less than an hour after walking out with the cash, Alfonseca was arrested and taken to a local jail, where he is currently being held without bail.

In an interview the outlet, he tells the reporter that he does not believe he robbed the bank, as the teller handed him the cash voluntarily.

He told the site:

“If you see me in the video or whatever like that, I have a shirt on, no weapon, no mask, and she passes me the money,” Alfonseca told WVEC. “I don’t want to get her in trouble. Maybe she made a mistake. Maybe she made a mistake, and I didn’t make a mistake.”

What do you think of Alfonseca’s alleged robbery?


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