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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Two college students from Alabama’s Troy University have been suspended after authorities discovered a cellphone video that allegedly shows them sexually assaulting a woman at a beach while a large crowd of spring-break revelers watches.

Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen described the video as “very, very graphic” and called it the “most disgusting, sickening thing” he had ever seen. He said the footage shows several men surrounding an incapacitated woman on a beach chair.

The victim told authorities that she thought she had been drugged at the time, and she did not remember the incident well enough to report it.

Delonte Martistee, a 22-year-old senior from Bainbridge, Georgia, and Ryan Calhoun, a 23-year-old sophomore from Mobile, Alabama, were arrested Thursday in Alabama on Florida warrants. Martistee remained in jail Sunday in Panama City. Calhoun was released on bond.

The sheriff’s office said additional arrests are expected.

Court records do not list attorneys for either man. Calls to a phone listing for Calhoun were not immediately returned Sunday. A phone listing for Martistee’s mother rang unanswered.

Authorities have released few details of the assault, which they say happened sometime between March 10 and March 12 but was only recently uncovered while university police were investigating a shooting.

The sheriff’s office released a short video of the crowd they said was present at the time. The recording shows a seemingly normal day at the beach for dozens of bikini-clad spring breakers goofing off and standing around talking about Instagram. At one point, a few people cheer, but it’s unclear why.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Ruth Corley said the video was released “to show the crowd that was surrounding the incident and to show people, not only was it a horrible event, but it was witnessed by so many people who did absolutely nothing to stop or call police.”

The sexual assault followed a shooting that injured seven people in March at a spring-break beach house party. Beach officials have cracked down on underage drinking and increased the presence of law enforcement because of the violence.

“We have got to get control of our beaches,” the sheriff said. “It is not safe for our children to be out there on the beaches when these animals are out there.”

Back in Alabama, Troy University Dean of Student Services Herbert Reeves said Sunday that both students have been temporarily suspended. Martistee was also removed from the track and field team, he said.

The university athletic department’s official website lists Martistee as a former Bainbridge High School athlete who has competed for Troy in the high jump, long jump and triple jump. He was a Georgia high school state champion in the triple jump and participated in football, basketball and soccer in high school, according to the site.

On Sunday morning, dance music still pumped as cleanup crews mopped and swept the dance floors outside the Spinnaker Beach Club where the assault was said to have happened.

Zack Sasser, who has rented out beach chairs and equipment for the past four years, picked up beer cans, cigarette butts and the occasional condom that littered the beachfront. He said the biggest issue with spring break is binge drinking.

“People come down here and go from zero to 60, and they cannot handle it,” he said, adding he did not think spring break was any more out of control than normal, but that more people are filming every action.

At a Panama City Beach McDonald’s, teenagers Timia Bryant and Arabia Quigley, both 17, were among a group of 15 teens from Atlanta.

“I felt safe because I was with my friends,” Bryant said. “We always stayed in groups and checked on each other.”

Quigley said spring break safety comes down to personal choices.

“If you are drinking or doing drugs or not paying attention to who you are with, it can be dangerous,” she said.

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17 thoughts on “Graphic Sexual Assault Recorded At Florida Spring Break Event, 2 Arrested

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    This savagery has been going on since the 80s. It’s incredulous that people could stand around and watch. This world continues to become more desensitized. This makes me sick on so many levels. This could be my niece. My goddaughter. My young cousin. I’m actually thankful the young woman doesn’t remember too much of the incident.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    You said it right, these reality tv shows that show the coonery and buffoonery and all other adjectives that might fit the bill are destroying the way we see ourselves. Young women think of themselves as sex objects thinking making a sex tape is going to make them famous. One of the stupidest thing I just heard was Porchia from the RHOA saying she is the “queen of the THOTS”. These skanks are the role models our future leaders have to model after, it’s a sad state of affairs we are living in. Yes these young men should be punished for their crime, no doubt, but as a whole society we play a role in our destruction. We get some shows “banned” and others are allowed to exist because we call it entertainment. Unfortunately, some people cannot separate what’s real and what’s fake, because common sense is not so common. Everybody in that group was part of the problem, they are just as guilty as these two boys. If we sit back and do nothing, WE are part of the problem as well.

    • Well said SpecialT757
      The Entertainment Industry is blurring the lines of what is real, right and what is wrong. Most shows our kids watch encourage feral behavior. It is tough job raising kids to do the right thing these days.

  3. Rich Mo on said:

    The two men should be pubically cained while nude at the same location and then taken to jail for at least 3 years. That would stop this BS.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Where were this girl’s “friends”? Why was she alone drunk or drugged on a beach chair alone? Not defending these boys but I can imagine this type of thing goes on all the time on spring break. Half naked women, alcohol, drunk or high, and college age teenagers don’t make for a positive experience. This isn’t the first time this has happened, since everything is caught on video now and sent to social media, we are outraged. To the people looking at this going on, it was just guys having sex with a drunk girl, they didn’t consider this rape (I do, however, inebriated people can’t consent). I know these boy’s parents have to be livid, ashamed and embarrassed.

  5. Spring break was dangerous for me in the 90’s, Daytona Beach FL was scary after dark! I can only imagine how it is now. Girls need to always stay with a group that they trust, wouldn’t hurt to have a male friend with them too. These predators catch drunk girls alone. Hope the girl is ok.

  6. Idolizing, looking up to and striving to be like drug dealing gang banging rappers. Making mega stars out of sex tape hoochies. Supporting and elevating all manner of reality show coonery, buffoonery and tomfoolery. We have become so desensitized to human suffering that seeing a young women being brutalized by a gang of animals is no different than watching a three ring Barnum & Bailey circus. We have truly hit rock bottom.

  7. This is an example of how our current culture is so messed up. With over half of our children being born into families without fathers and any moral guidance this is what we get. MTV and BET are the parents of most of our children now. Truly sad

  8. redbone1954 on said:

    I just hope that everyone involved gets in trouble I don’t really care what color they are. And all you ignorant people need to realize that there is more than likely SOMEONE IS TAPING!!!!!!!!!! Just ask the police! Regardless the act is horrible and now you are caught

  9. Monica on said:

    Bad choices on both sides… she will never forget it and they will never be forgiven for it. It’s sad how young people ruin their opportunities.

  10. Brandon on said:

    Notice how all the stories about this only show the black men who they claim raped that poor girl. But they all purposly leave the white men that started the raping out. Just like america to do this. It doesn’t surprise me.

    • This has nothing to do with race. The report states the video has conclusive evidence those two men raped a girl. The only crime committed was by those two men. They are alone RESPONSIBLE for their actions. Turning this into blaming some white kids that might have been present is ridiculous. Those two men went feral on an incapacitated young woman, nobody made them do it but their desire to rape an innocent woman.

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