A Minneapolis cop was caught on video threatening a teen that he admittedly stopped for no good reason.

Hamza Jeylani and his friends were pulled over by officer Rod Webber while on their way home from a basketball game at the YMCA on March 18, MPR reports. The cop stopped the four young men after they allegedly made a U-turn in an attempt to avoid having a run-in with him.

Supposedly, the boys had been stopped because the officer thought the vehicle they were riding in might have been stolen. It wasn’t long after the cop approached the car, where he could then be seen leveling a threat at Jeylani, 17, and his friends.

“Plain and simple, if you f*ck with me, I’m going to break your leg before you get the chance to run,” Officer Webber could be heard saying in video of the confrontation. “I’m being honest, I don’t screw around.”

“I never said I was going to run,” Jeylani answerd.

Liban Yusuf, 18, claims that things became even more violent from there. “They had their guns drawn,” he told MPR. “I don’t know why they were so aggressive.”

The young men were allegedly pulled from the vehicle and placed in handcuffs while police searched the car and ran background checks on all of them. Reportedly, the boys believe they were racially profiled because they are all of Somalian descent, and they may press charges.

The Minneapolis Police Department is investigating the incident, but it has not provided any comment on the situation at this time.


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4 thoughts on “Minneapolis Cop Threatens Black Teen During Traffic Stop

  1. EBB, I could not agree with your more, it is as plain as day these lowlife white cops hates people of color, they must be the new Klan party. That pos cop in SC will get his due also. I hope he nevers sees freedom ever again.

  2. These police officers keep planting “bad seeds,” and ad a result, will indeed “reap bad crops.”. You say what? In other words these police officers evil deeds have cursed them and their families. ‘You will reap what you Sow.!

  3. Interesting he didn’t think the had to do with being Black,but because they are Somalian.
    “Reportedly, the boys believe they were racially profiled because they are all of Somalian descent, and they may press charges.”

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