Why You Should Reboot Your Body With A Cleanse [VIDEO]


Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” recently spoke with fitness and nutrition expert Obi Obadike, and Ahmend Dolphin, founder of DHerbs about the power of cleansing.

Obadike and Dolphin described cleansing as cleaning your “eliminative channels” which include your digestive system and colon of all of the “guck that we’ve developed over the last few years of being alive.”

Dolphin told Martin when you eat “donuts, hamburgers and processed foods, that stuff builds up in you. You have to find a way to eliminate it.”

To aid in the 20-day “DHerbs Cleanse” Dolphin suggested to follow a regiment that includes six different pills taken throughout the day and eating a healthier diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as raw nuts and raw seeds.

“We can’t eat the same foods that give us the notion to cleanse during our cleanse. You definitely got to make a dietary change,” said Dolphin.

Obadike added, “It’s important to incorporate a healthy diet. At least 80 to 90 percent of the time.”

“It’s ok to consume cheat meals, but you want to cheat means as a reward for eating healthy throughout the day,” said Obadike. He continued, “If you want to be on this earth for 80 years of more … half of your plate  should include fruits and vegetables every single meal.”

He also suggested that everyone should eat two cups of fruits and vegetables per day.

Dolphin explained the results of making the commitment to perform the 20-day “DHerbs Cleanse” saying, “you’re going to have clearer skin, you’re going to notice that your digestive system is going to totally improve as far as going to the restroom.”

Both Obadike and Dolphin have been cleansing for about 10 years. Obadike told Martin, “Exercising is obviously important to but if you don’t put the right foods in your body it’s very difficult to manage your weight as well as reduce your blood pressure and reduce your cholesterol levels.”

He later said, “As African Americans we are already predisposed to so many heart related diseases that it is important for us to understand this is not optional, this is mandatory.”

Watch Martin, Obi Obadike, fitness/nutrition expert and Ahmend Dolphin founder of DHerbs discuss the “DHerbs Cleanse” in the video clip above.   

For more information about the “DHerbs Cleanse” visit www.dherbs.com.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Reboot Your Body With A Cleanse [VIDEO]

  1. I’m on this cleanse now…on my 4th day…I’m not feeling/seeing the benefits yet…I’m getting discouraged…Granted only 4 days, but was hoping to feel SOMETHING by now…I will continue because it costs $120.00…

  2. Mac Ben on said:

    There isnt a medical professional in the country who would suggest doing this. DON’T DO IT. Diet (reducing toxin intake), exercise (sweating) and plenty of water (hydrating/flush) will rid the body of toxins!

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