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Tyrese‘s ex-wife is giving him fits again.

It seems he’s extremely concerned that she might abscond to Israel with their child.

He filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — in which he pleads with a judge to put the brakes on Norma Gibson’s decision to vacation in Israel with 7-year-old Shayla. Norma is an Israeli citizen and under the law she’s allowed to stay in Israel permanently … the country won’t do anything to help the other parent.

Tyrese tried to get Norma to sign a contract promising to return Shayla by a certain date and if she violated the deal she’d lose custody. Norma refused to sign.

The trip is planned for March 27. The matter is now before a family court mediator who will set the ground rules.

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(Photo Source: Tyrese Instagram)

6 thoughts on “Tyrese Concerned Ex-Wife May Take Daughter on One-Way Trip to Israel

  1. Debra on said:

    She never wanted him. She got her check that’s enough to set her up so she would never have to work and she thru with him. I have no sympathy for him.

  2. on said:

    Thank you Ann and Darwin. these are the consequences you face when those women are thru with you and ret ta go. they get straight ghetto wit em and show em they black side. lol. they get what they want, take the babies and see yah, wouldn’t want ta be yah. They say sista’s are gold diggers, user’s, lazy, loud, ignorant, and what they get is that lily white woman doing the same damn thang to them. so suck it bruh. hopefully she don’t take the baby from you cause every child deserves their parent in their life, especially when that parent obviously loves their child. but when you get a woman riled up and she has had enuf and she has the means and the necessity needed to move on without you, it’s a wrap.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Well, well, well…I don’t think women should keep their childred from their fathers, but this is a TMZ report so…who knows if this is even true.

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