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Dear Tom,

My name is Ann and I am a mother of two, a college student and i work a full-time job.   However, this Christmas wish is not for me, but for my son, Jayden.  At two and a half, Jayden was completely non-verbal and not as developed as other children his age.  It was then that my husband and i received medical confirmation that he was autistic.

Jayden’s autism has altered our world, but it also opened our eyes to how critical early intervention can be for a child like him.  He was placed right away into a special education program in the Bronx where he received the resources he needed.  His first victory was speaking the word—“bye” at the end of a school day to his teacher.

Recently, I was watching a film clip online about the musical play, “Lion King” with Jayden when he turned to me and said, “Mommy can you take me to see it?”   For Jayden to express what he wanted with his speech delay was such a big deal, because it shows just how far he’s come.

However, as you know Broadway play tickets are very expensive.