Making mistakes at work is inevitable. Starting a new job brings about its own learning curve, which may prove difficult. Additionally, if you are seeking continued growth in your job, you will eventually take on new projects that won’t provide the same level of knowledge and expertise as previous tasks may have given you. Mistakes are expected, but how should you handle them and how your boss or job will react to them is the question.

Here are four tips to handling mistakes while on the job:

1) Recognize and admit the mistake.

Again, mistakes are inevitable. Own up to any mistake you may have made, and admit it. When I have done something in an “incorrect” manner, most times dealing with a filing with the court, I immediately offer an apology for the mistake made and seek to determine how it may be rectified.

2) Do not blame others.

While admitting any mistake, it totally over shadows the apology if blame is placed on someone else. Pointing fingers to others does not show accountability on your part.

3) Research and present a plan to remedy the mistake.

Recognizing and admitting the mistake is not enough, you must also seek to present a plan to remedy the situation. Ok, we get it that you messed up, but how are you going to make this right? Offering a solution shows that you have problem solving skills.

4) Don’t be too hard on yourself.

EVERYBODY makes mistakes. Learn from it and keep it moving.

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