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Things got racial on Sunday night’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

After Claudia Jordan finally showed viewers her jacked-up feet she’d been hiding, she got into it with NeNe Leakes, who at one point mocked Claudia’s biracial background by calling her a “half-breed,” reports Radar Online.

As the episode began, Jordan visited a foot surgeon, telling the cameras that because of playing sports, she suffers “from a very serious problem that affects a lot of women out there” and has “wreaked havoc on [her] feet.”

Jordan said her toes are “disgusting” and “look like snowcapped mountains.”

Kenya Moore screamed when she saw the Hammertime on Jordan’s feet, complete with corns and a bunion on one foot.

Dr. Jason Morris suggested a surgical boot for the former “Price is Right” hostess.

Meanwhile, the feud between Jordan, 41, and Leakes, 47, which boiled over during a housewives’ trip to Puerto Rico. The two got into a heated fight, with Leakes saying Jordan had slept with many men.

For her part, Jordan called Leakes “the puppet master.”

“You wish you had what I have in the bank, darling,” said Leakes, author of the phrase,

“I’m rich, b*tch!”

Jordan said she’d worked for 17 years and didn’t “have to get on a pole” — a brash dig at Leakes’ admitted stripper past.

Leakes sneered, “You filed [for] bankruptcy, girl.”

“I’ve never been arrested,” Jordan pointed out to Leakes, whose mug shots have been well- circulated.

Leakes admitted, “I was arrested in my 20s, when I was in college,” and added, “I was a stripper and I liked it. That was 20 years ago.”

Leakes charged that Jordan had been “f*cked by everybody in Hollywood” and called her a “half-breed.”

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