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Tracy Morgan’s claims of financial hardship after the car accident that left him injured is something Kevin Roper can’t get with.

According to TMZ, Roper, the driver who injured Morgan, says the fact that the comic/actor could afford a limo at the time of the crash is enough to put doubt in the former “30 Rock” star’s claims of financial woes.

Roper’s thoughts are the latest development in the aftermath of the accident, which resulted in the death of one person. Morgan and other victims of the incident are suing Walmart with claims that Roper caused the accident because he was sleep deprived.

If he’s convicted of death and assault by auto, Roper could get 30 years in prison.

As it stands now, Roper has filed new legal documents, asking a judge to include him in the case so his rights are not compromised. TMZ notes that Roper is also requesting that the civil case take a backseat until his criminal case is over and done with.

Nevertheless, Morgan wants to move forward with the case in light of him needing the money from a judgment, presumably because he can no longer work, the site stated.

In his new legal documents, Roper points out the difference between his financial woes and Morgan’s. In his eyes, Morgan’s woes can’t compare to his as Morgan gets driven in a fancy limo and he makes due as a truck driver.

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