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Michael Eric Dyson is musing about what keeps White people below a certain tax bracket voting for politicians that don’t care about them.

On Tuesday night, people turned up at the polls to cast their ballots in congressional and gubernatorial races all over the country. Much to many people’s disappointment of Democrats everywhere, Republicans gained the majority in Congress.

A big part of that triumph for conservatives came from low-income voters that were essentially voting against their own interests by backing Republican candidates. Amidst all their flag waving and vitriol about defending personal liberties the Republican party is also pretty patently, not here for the working class. That is when they’re not insisting President Barack Obama is trying to ruin the nation by making sure everyone has access to healthcare.

Many of the conservatives that won last night had an unabashed anti-Obama sentiment in their campaigns. It was enough to make one viewer for “The Ed Show” wonder why poor White people have continued to vote for politicians that so often vote against their interests.

What’s really in it for Caucasian people living below a certain economic level? According to Michael Eric Dyson, not much more than racial solidarity. He argues that Conservatives have a vested interest in keeping poor people of all races from working together because poor Whites help to bolster the foundation of the party.

“The poor in the red states are blinkered by those people in high status and economic–politically speaking as well–who prevent the solidarity that can be generated between poor people,” he stated.

He continued to by arguing that many of the programs that benefit the financially underprivileged are not supported by the Republican party. Who needs access to fair wages and benefits, right?

“The policies that are being promoted by the tea party and by the right-wing have nothing to do with enabling you to have a better education for your children or to have a better time at your employment,” Michael said. “Those who fight for fair wages, those who fight for [economic benefits], and those who fight for your health care are–I’m sorry–in the blue not the red.”

Hopefully, when programs that benefit the poor are hacked and slashed in the name of maintaining a budget those voters will remember to blame the right party instead of continuing to make President Obama a scapegoat.

Why Poor White Voters Keep Backing Rich Conservatives [VIDEO]  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com